"I thought my craft room was complete with the DreamBox, until the DreamCart arrived. For the cost of this table you’d think it was going to be sturdy and worth every penny.

I am not sure either is getting it now. If fits into the corner nicely, folds up and hides away, all while storing everything I have in organized little plastic holders/shelf's. We've sent you an email with a link to update your password. I was amazed how long it is when both tables are extended.

It was a nightmare to put together, but I was super excited. Just fill in the fields below, and we’ll get a new account set up for you in no time. Thank you, I really like the idea of table and I will imaging I would love doing my crafts on it- but I am certainly disappointed with the customer service. You can technically put anything in these totes, but if you’re sewing, these are perfect for fabric! Love , love , love it! A great addition to my craft room.

It’s such a clean space and has everything right at hand. Check out the incredible fold-away crafting station in action via the video below. This is very frustrating as this is way too long to wait for my table. Collapse and store the DreamCart in virtually any space. A nice compliment to my USB. Assembly instructions were easy to follow. All of my scrapbooking and crafting items are in the DreamBox. $104.60 $ 104. The instructions were outstanding, and assembly was not difficult. and then ordered the DreamCart about a week later. I really am enjoying this. Each of which have different feature and unique storage areas for all your sewing, and crafting needs. It was easy to build and works beautifully. WHY WAIT?

Unsubscribe at any time. 00. 3. It’s a shelf connected to an electronic lift that lifts up and down with a button under the table.

SEI Furniture Eaton Expandable Rolling Craft Station Sewing Table, White. Copyright © 2020 See Kate Sew  •  All Rights Reserved  •  Privacy Policy  •  Site Design by Emily White Designs. Pair the DreamCart with the DreamBox for extra storage and table space. The simple setup/cleanup. I absolutely love my Dream Cart!!! With a quick set up and all of your tools and materials within reach, you’ll maximize your time to craft. The thread holders on the side are in a pull-out drawer. I think In theory this table is perfect but in reality there are flaws, and it is very expensive. A pop up desk/workspace or a rolling storage cart… you decide! Everything fit together perfectly. Lock them together for one continuous work surface.

Dream cart is exactly what the name says , it makes crafting fun, organized and a dream to own! I wish every product was as well prepared and packaged. The table’s leg flips down easily so you can stow it away if you want! It was a breeze to put together. Get a decision in seconds with no obligation to buy.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been thrilled with the Dreamcart thus far.

2. Once it's ready, we'll email you a tracking number that allows you to track your order to a delivery hub in your area. I wish the bins had tops. Create Room also sends a custom acrylic piece to go under your machine so the surface is completely flat when you are using the machine.

One of the best places to find the Ultimate Sewing Box is at The original ScrapBox website. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better. Awesome. After multiple emails, I was finally able to get someone that was able to help me. The inside of the cabinet area is also filled with a ton more storage. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Best of all, the DreamCart locks to the See our privacy policy here.

The inserts are not high quality, but the table is. This was very disappointing and does not speak well of your quality control. Awesome. Not happy with this, as the damage was noticed after I had paid to have the item assembled. I ordered 2 the day they came out. It was all so beautifully organized and the instructions were laid out clearly. The table Space is huge allowing my son to create while I create as well. It was easy to build and came quick.

Now I am still waiting on my piece to arrive so I can assemble my cart.

I got the DreamCart in the mail super fast and it was a breeze to set up! When you aren’t sewing, you can lower the machine and then replace the table opening with the table insert for extra table space. With both DreamCart leaves up and next to my DreamBox table, I have a huge L-Shaped working space to spread out on.

It's called the Her Hobby Box, and it's a spacious, and mobile work station that makes working on any project more fun.View all crafting stations here.

Due to COVID-19 shipping times may be longer than normal. So far it’s working out fantastic. Enter your email to get the newest items sent to your inbox once a week. Thank you for visiting! Welcome to See Kate Sew! I have my Dream Cart. The Original ScrapBox recently changed their name to Create Room and sent me the Sew Station sewing cabinet to review!

Not to mention that the organization of these pieces are just amazing. It is perfection! How is the DreamCart for sewing? 60 $189.99 $189.99. As I wrote to you earlier, the Fed-ex delivery placed the boxes in an exposed area, and did damage to the corners of the tables. I can roll it out to the dinning room to do my sewing it is a little hard to push but I love it, All parts were accounted for. I regret that I didn’t open my mom’s to make sure nothing was damaged in hers before I reached out about the damage to mine. The design is brilliant. So make sure you have a friend or two on hand to help out. Best of all, the DreamCart locks to the DreamBox for a continuous work table. Unfortunately, 2 of her pieces arrived damaged as well. The Instructions were very easy to follow. It was the perfect addition to my new craft room. It’s been a couple days and I’m still waiting for a response.

Love that we can fold it up and move it to the side whenever we want to have a dance party. I am so productive when I sit down at this space dedicated to sewing! I always have a jigsaw puzzle out too and there is space for a puzzle and a project. **The term is for a loan to finance a purchase.

7 moveable shelves for any combination of InView™ tote sizes you prefer.

But the main thing the Workbox 3.0 was lacking was working table space so I always ended up at the kitchen table, so the Dream Cart was much needed. I really love being able to expand my space whenever I am working on my miniatures.

The main desk has a sewing machine holder. We purchased the Scrapbox 3.0 back in 2017. I definitely can’t wait till I can afford the dream box but I will pay someone the money to put it together for me cause I don’t think I could do it alone. Please ask me again in a few days. It has added so much more space to my crafting and planning. We take your privacy seriously. I spent a LONG time playing around with the shelving arrangement and making sure that everything was just where I wanted it to be. Items can be express shipped or shipped overnight these days.

Thank you!!! I love it so much!!

Your box will be delivered curbside. It’s amazing to have one in my own sewing room and makes organization easy. Unfortunately, I can’t do the same for the Dreamcart. Just hoping to have the missing base arrive soon so I can finally get my Cart together since I am been waiting since the day they were original released :(, Love the Dream Cart, it is a great addition to my sewing room. Each leaf is 25 1/2"x 28 1/2". Bread® loans are made by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey Chartered Bank, Member FDIC.

My area is boxed in for me and just perfect! The quality and workmanship of it all was just amazing and perfect. However, one piece arrived with a huge chunk missing that was not in the box, so the piece was damaged before it was packed. I now have 2 guest rooms and dedicated craft/office space. The freight came when I was out of town, though I had been assured I would receive an email (which I did not) when the item was ready to ship so I could make arrangements. The Original ScrapBox recently changed their name to Create Room and sent me the Sew Station sewing cabinet to review! I do like the large workspace, the casters for mobility and the ability to fold the leaf down. It’s a table with some shelving, extra leaves, and it’s basically just a nice crafting station. Then two corners were crushed and damaged and I have had to wait Two weeks for these two pieces to be replaced and they won’t ship out until early next week. We did not pay to have it pre-built. After waiting so long for delivery, I had to wait several more weeks for the missing piece. See our privacy policy here. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I am sure I will love it after I put it together. I’m not sure if the issue is in quality control or packing, or a combination of the two.

Very professional. 6. I checked out the options available and ordered the one leaf cart. I wish my space would allow for the 2 leaf version but maybe I can add it someday.

I hope someday to have the Dream box to go with it. By default, the Hobby Box looks just like a dresser or cabinet, but once you start opening it up, the crafting station begins to take shape. The spool holder stores all of your threa I see a need for extra shelves and totes of you want all one size but it works for me so far. I was also very disappointed that I bought The Workbox 3.0 in the brown knot color but the dram cart will only come in white, so now my extra room will not match and that is very disappointing to me especially since I paid so much for the Workbox 3.0 and buying from the same company. It will take 30-45 minutes to build depending upon your building skills.

It is priced at about $2,000. I’m hopeful it’s just a matter of working out the kinks of a brand new product and that I eventually won’t regret the purchase of them. I can utilize the totes on my side of the DreamCart for items that I am currently working on, which is a Disney Album, so all of my Disney papers and embellishments and tools that I am using regularly, are all right there where I can grab them without having to get up too much. I have it in my she shed and works great, looks great, love it. I like to keep a whole work-in-progress project in a tote so I can just pull it out when needed. I paid to have mine assembled by the same person that did my dreambox. I was so happy to be able to know ahead of time about a Black Friday sale and was able to also get a great promotional savings on a credit card that made it all perfect. I have the the first edition ScrapBox and have added all the amazing accessories as they were introduced.

Hello world onesie tutorial with cut file! It allows me to keep most supplies out of site instead of on the table so my room loves much neater. We will only ask you for information necessary to make the purchase process faster and easier. It starts at $499. Quality products, attentive customer service.

Although I really need a dream box but my ceiling will not allow the height,sure wish mini box was available ! My table had missing hinges and screws which took a couple of weeks to get so I could assemble it. The DreamBox also comes with 16 clear lidded jars (16 oz. The extra storage is super nice, but it has completed my office/crafting space and given me plenty of room to use my cricut, paint, whatever you need. I have two Dream carts, one for downstairs and one for upstairs.

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