Quotation [20] = " ' ...first published by the website FTVLive' - The Hill" “I’ve loved the interaction, and most importantly when I met people in person, the kindness they’ve shown me, the smiles and hugs. “It’s like, you’re going to work, but you’re not even really working. Horribly sad. Remember KHQ now has three confirmed cases of the disease, and other employees have tested positive for the COVID-19 antibody, said Patricia McRae, general manager at KHQ. Owsley went straight for Spokane. “We feel a responsibility to our workforce,” McRae said.

Longtime KHQ (Spokane) morning Anchor Sean Owsley will walk off the set for the last time at the end of May after 27 years of doing the news. From the tape-editing position, he moved into a full-time job as a KHQ photographer. “We didn’t want to shame anybody. Fall means the onset of the cold and flu season. Of the three currently infected, two felt sick, while Owsley feels fine, McRae said. “I’ve been through some really tough personal losses, (but) I’ve always found that people are so kind and supportive.”.

Quotation[5] = "'FTVLive was the first site to break the Jay Leno story' - KNX Radio"; After he graduated from EWU, a friend at KHQ let slip about a part-time videotape-editing job. Eastern Washington University’s journalism program brought Owsley back to Spokane.

Owsley will be replaced by Sam Adams, KHQ’s longtime director of sports. Not long after that, the full-time anchor job he had always wanted opened up. Owsley will take the summer off to spend time with his wife Sara and their children, dabbling in freelance work for KHQ, and regroup in the fall. (Colin Mulvany / The Spokesman-Review). “We had great anchors that were well established,” he said. In that role, he covered the B-52 crash at Fairchild and the shooting at the hospital there in 1994, both of which occurred during one week that July. That is something you take with you to whatever’s next.”. But the 2:30 a.m. alarm necessary for his early morning call times had become a dealbreaker. Here’s his statement : "It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you that my beautiful wife Kell… “So many are scared or anxious right now,” Owsley tweeted in the same hour he announced his positive test. “Back then it (the show) was only 30 minutes,” Owsley said. For other employers, McRae said being transparent is important. Sean Owsley, anchor of “The 6:30” on KHQ, tweeted Tuesday he has tested positive for COVID-19. In 1993, Sean Owsley, now a longtime morning show anchor, started at KHQ Local News as a part-time video editor. After that first KHQ job, his career would take some odd turns.

KHQ was down to 10% of its normal workforce in the building during Phase 1 of the state’s reopening plan, before inching up to about 30% of the workforce working in the building. “I wouldn’t be where I’m at without their embracing me and propelling me each step of the way.”. Sean is an emmy award winning anchor/reporter for KHQ Local News. The Cowles Co. owns both KHQ and The Spokesman-Review. “The bottom line is I’ve been blessed, I’ve been lucky and I’m so thankful for everybody that chose to watch the news and allowed me to present it to them,” he said.

Quotation[8] = "'CNBC wanted a reaction to a story someone had seen on FTVLive' - Vanity Fair "; We put in some long hours and work very hard, but, working with people that are kind to you, that care about you outside your profession, care about your families, that’s really been a highlight for me. “Working with Kalae (Chock) and Leslie (Lowe) the last six years has really, for me, been the pinnacle of my career,” he said, referring to his co-anchor and KHQ’s chief forecaster. He put his writing samples in order for station management and sent them off. At one point, he took part in the production of a local truck commercial, the tag line of which people never ceased to quote back at him: “You wanna truck, a big, bad tough-looking truck!”.

Twitter   |   “I’ve loved the interaction, and most importantly when I met people in person, the kindness they’ve shown me, the smiles and hugs. Quotation [14] = " 'FTVLive's Scott Jones one of the Most Important Media Reporters in America'- Mediaite" Quotation[2] = "'The story first broke on FTVLive.com' - AP";

That is something you take with you to whatever’s next.”, After getting up at 2:30 a.m. each weekday morning, KHQ’s The Wake Up Show co-anchor Sean Owsley is leaving the show to spend more time with his son Ryan, 18, who will be attending to Whitworth in the fall. It could happen to anyone, and it’s a scary time. // ======================================

Quotation[6] = "'The site that everyone that works in TV News turns to...' - NPR "; // ==============================================

Quotation [19] = " 'FTVLive.com, a prominent television industry website' - Lexington Herald Leader" At that point, the station will reevaluate procedures based on community spread in Spokane. KHQ had social distancing procedures ready in case they received positive test results at the station, so it will be a simple transition, McRae said. KHQ will maintain its social-distancing protocols through at least early September, McRae said. Us      @2020 FTVLive.com Owsley jumped at the chance, despite the late nights that would portend the difficult hours of his later position. “It’s like, you’re going to work, but you’re not even really working. “My bosses saw that (and then) asked me to do some fill-in sports work while I was still producing,” he said.

Quotation [13] = " '(FTVLive) is a Mad Blogger'- Piers Morgan" // Set up the quotations to be shown, below. (function() {if(window.ImageLoader) { window.ImageLoader.bootstrap({}, document); }})();Squarespace.afterBodyLoad(Y). “No sleep, of course, but it was incredible to have a brand-new story every day of triumph and tragedy, everything that the Olympics present.”. During his time in the sports department, Owsley had the opportunity to cover the Cougars’ journey to the Rose Bowl in 1998. “I just wanted to get a foot in the door and use that opportunity to learn whatever I could from all of the good people that worked there. It’s not their fault – it’s out there.”. “It’s been tremendous,” he said, expressing his appreciation for the faith KHQ placed in him over the years. // pattern, adding to the array. “It was overnights on the weekends for $5 an hour, 17 hours a week – I was thrilled, ” Owsley said. Over the course of 16-hour days leading into nights, Owsley followed the Central Washington fire from Omak to Twisp to Pateros. She said she’d emphasize to young people that wanting to get out of the house is understandable, but no one is immune.

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