One reason for this is clear, says Sarah Tornai, 33: “You know what they do to black leaders? It’s a nightlife Mecca, where spirits flow and music throbs. ©2020 FOX Television Stations, from THU 1:00 AM PST until FRI 1:00 AM PST, Mason County, LIVE MAP: COVID-19 Cases in Washington, Around the World, Seattle police arrest 10 people during Saturday protests, Sources: Person of interest found dead after Seattle homicide is prolific repeat offender, DOJ disputes report that AG Barr considered charges against Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan over CHOP, Father of teen killed near Seattle protest zone files $3 billion claims, Mother of teen murdered near CHOP takes legal action against city, Molly Moon's Ice Cream bans police with guns, officers respond, Detective on leave over Facebook posts about Seattle protest, Artists upset with effort to preserve BLM mural in Capitol Hill, The CHOP may be gone, but it seems protesters aren't going anywhere, Father of 19-year-old killed in CHOP says he got condolence call from President Trump, but not Seattle's mayor, 25 more arrested overnight near former CHOP zone after clashes with police, Owners say police presence following CHOP sweep is hurting business, Pushed out of East Precinct occupation, 'CHOP' protestors eye next moves, Dismantle of Seattle's 'CHOP' zone brings some relief to area residents, businesses, Demonstrators insist message eclipses CHOP, US Attorney General William Barr praises Seattle police chief for 'restoring rule of law', More than 30 arrested as Seattle cops clear CHOP zone, Durkan asks Seattle City Council to investigate, potentially expel Kshama Sawant, Calls to end Seattle's 'CHOP' zone increase as protestors say they won't leave, Seattle officials, protestors discuss future action plans on 'CHOP' in closed-door meeting, Election 2020: Lawsuits filed in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia by Trump campaign, Election 2020: Twitter, Facebook kick efforts against disinformation into overdrive amid vote count, Santa Claus to bring holiday cheer as organizers make major changes to 'North Pole at the Fair' amid COVID-19, Election recount rules, processes vary by state, US surpasses 100,000 COVID-19 cases in single day for 1st time, Seattle man on unemployment says he was blindsided by overpayment notice from state, How to track your ballot in Washington state, Culp out of a job after Republic City Council votes to defund one-man police department, Washingtonians react to comprehensive sex ed passing by a wide margin in the state, Pierce County hits record high number of reported COVID-19 cases.

As many as 40 people with the City of Seattle’s Department of Transportation began cleaning and restoring the former Capitol Hill protest zone, 'CHOP' early Wednesday morning. Along the street, the collective mood runs from calm to contemplative, festive to mournful, the energy punctuated by the rhythmic call-and-response of today’s call-to-arms: “Whose lives matter?” “Black lives matter!”. “And that seems to change daily.”, Jason Beverly, 23, says that relying upon one figurehead is counterproductive to the movement. Pet owners bring emotional support dogs to share with folks in need of a canine cuddle, while drones operated by unidentified visitors swoop and buzz overhead. Street art adorns the pavement. The mother of 19-year-old Lorenzo Anderson files a lawsuit against the City of Seattle, claiming they failed to protect and medically assist her son.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has asked the City Council to investigate socialist Councilmember Kshama Sawant, calling for her to be punished and possibly even expelled from her position over a series of actions surrounding police protests. SEATTLE – Protestors said they believe they are not to blame for the violence that has unfolded at the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone, known as CHOP.

“I call it the growing-pains stage.”, In contrast, some conservative media outlets portray a growing rebellion. In November 1985, several black activists employed similar tactics when they occupied the abandoned Colman School, a two-story brick building they wanted transformed into a black cultural museum. The energy has changed, from people engaged in conflict to those supporting a movement or looking for a good time. Sources say the person of interest in what’s being called a domestic violence homicide is Travis Berge, a homeless man in downtown Seattle known for his love for meth and his eccentric behavior. Learn about fiction, nonfiction, journalism, and memoir from the former editor of The Stranger. Just about anything you want to find in Seattle, you can find on Capitol Hill – and lately, that includes what some call the city’s only “cop-free zone.”.

Jordan agrees: “It’s a bit of a sanctuary.”. A handful of businesses are reopening after shutting down during the pandemic, including a ramen restaurant offering indoor, sit-down service and a local queer bar whose door-person, after checking IDs, directs people to an outdoor patio. Indeed, those identified as leaders by some community members tend to shuck off the label, claiming they speak only for themselves, not for CHOP as an entity. One option from SDOT allows thru traffic on 11th and 12th Avenues, limiting CHOP's street presence to a block of Pine. CHOP residents Nim and Jordan want to ensure any potential threats are defused. Real estate investor Ron Amundson, speaking for property owners, called for a return to "normal.".

In President Trump’s ongoing practice of governance by tweet, he labels occupiers “terrorists” and “anarchists.” If Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan didn’t “take back” the city, he warned, “I will.” After reminding the president that sending U.S. military troops into the city would be illegal, Durkan replied, “There is no imminent threat of an invasion of Seattle.”. Seattle Fire Chief Harold Scoggins, one of the few public leaders who seems to have earned the trust of CHOP residents, led the meeting. The pair, who identify as white and use they/them pronouns, have settled in one of the more than 80 tents pitched in an adjacent city park. Acolytes of Fox News detect a raging cauldron of antifa-led insurrection. “One of our real challenges there is trying to determine who is a leader or an influencer,” Best said. Will the area wind up as the headquarters for a revolution? The facility lacked running water and heat, yet protestors stayed for months. But as everyone – from eager participants and perplexed city officials to strolling curiosity-seekers and right-wing firebrands – tries to assemble CHOP’s image to their advantage, local activists agree on one thing: This puzzling new area was born out of a call to create a space, and world, that protects and respects black and indigenous people of color. In March 1970, some 100 unarmed indigenous people and supporters, seeking the restoration of indigenous treaty rights, attempted to claim part of an 1,100-acre decommissioned U.S. Army post called Fort Lawton. The protesters were amenable to negotiations, but seemed to prefer one proposal much more than the other. You can hear his impersonations of Bernie Sanders and Jeff Sessions on Blabbermouth, and you can read his poems at, Sign up for the latest news and to win free tickets to events, The easiest way to find Seattle's best events, All contents © Index Newspapers LLC

Since the precinct has been deserted, he says he hasn’t heard of any major trouble or witnessed medics respond to serious injuries or assaults. Carmen O’Toole, who represented business owners, expressed concerns about road repair, blockades hampering "a lot" of early morning deliveries, and first responder access, among other things. Jr., an African-American man in a clear plastic poncho and Seattle Seahawks facemask, who’s participating in a daily info session known as a general assembly. They’ve set up a command center on the outside tables of a popular Mexican restaurant, where Frank helps coordinate their actions. Terms of Use | Those representing the protesters included CHOP garden operations director Marcus Henderson, live-streamer and artist Chai Adera, protest organizer Shannon, rapper Raz Simone, and barrier security guard Cove.

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