Brand associations: When founders Baldwin, Bowker and Siegl first founded Starbucks, the initial secondary brand associations were based on a geographic area, Italy. Below both brands building program approaches are compared from my point-of-view.

This leads to indifferent approach from customer towards brand. Marketers some come up with right mix of above strategies to convey right brand knowledge to consumers. Because of this linkage consumers may assume or infer that some of the associations that characterise the other entities may also be true for the brand.

The advertising used ultimately increased sales. Personal Selling: As stated in the case study and videos, “the key to Starbucks success and appeal has always been the employees, who knowledge and dedication always attracted consumers to return to the stores.” The focus on employees transcended into fostering positive customer relations. Any organization would be lucky to have Staci on the team.” January 18, 2012 - Frank Ciccocioppo, Bath Fitter. %PDF-1.3 Above listed of association within current company’s infrastructure, however association can also be developed with brand from different company. These options are association with companies, countries and distribution channel. So choice of right character as shown by Sony is important. Marketers have various options available to them to facilitate leveraging process. Both used Keller’s suggested relevant criteria in assessing the collective impact of their programs. :�t���b�� A �� �d��ȁ���+���ٝě޹p�(V}�Ճ�fp3���o|�z�������vea��/m���ݛ]�)ƨe��z���!�9g���Î�" �d���ȳw������t��nHfN2��aG���}[��a�%n��xv4`1�>�wL��:�m�%��bf=���m�������,sNM1 I found her to be an honest, caring and mission-oriented supervisor.” January 24, 2012, Christine June, Advertising and Public Affairs Specialist, U.S. Army. Brand associations: When founders Baldwin, Bowker and Siegl first founded Starbucks, the initial secondary brand associations were based on a geographic area, Italy. Privacy Policy, Similar Articles Under - Strategic Brand Management, Brand Association - Meaning and its concepts, Leveraging Secondary Brand Association to Build Brand Equity. The concept of this renowned coffee house was built on Italian’s love for coffee and socializing. Furthermore, you can also use the positive brand awareness that the parent brand already has. �u�6�����'T��f�B���hv)oVہd T �P��,j�_���ö�����)hN��m�h�s����:)Ƴ)�$х�q��.�HĴ|{��t`� 0�@ q��Pdu���N��[2'�{b���~� But strategy has a drawback, sometimes popularity character may last just for a movie or a season, in that case, brand has to undergo another round of association. Brand elements offer many alternatives style, logo unique selling proposition etc. However, unlike Intel, a limitation to Starbucks strategy is coverage as I believe that the marketing programs could have reached a broader audience is there were some advertising mixed in. The emphasis of Starbucks marketing efforts over the years has been on publicity and word-of-mouth marketing.

Secondary associations are when the brand is linked to other entities that have their own knowledge structures in the minds of consumers. Another valuable association is through channel distribution; if company already has a strong retail level penetration then introduction of new brand will have its benefit. But what would be course of brand building for brand extension?

�B)�MS���C�0ǐ�L�0��P��*����C �9��|���d/&7S�R�sM{�+N���OAL԰�҉�ߛ�yN�SZW�>9 The key to both companies brand-building success; ultimately creating unique brand identities is consistency – staying consistent with the use of brand elements and programs (Keller p. 174). The intent was to change consumer perceptions and behavior about an impersonal technology company. According to this presentation, consumer brand associations are corporate related including confidence, innovative, trusted/reliable, leader, and precise, focused and high quality. <> Starbucks has also recently leveraged brand associations through co-branding with Brayers Ice Cream, borrowing experience and expanding brand meaning into related categories to increase access points (Keller, p. 289). There are various ways to create brand equity. In other words, you can leverage secondary brand association in your favour and establish strong brand equity. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Both companies only focused on two to three marketing options to building their brands potentially limiting brand recall and recognition. Next set of options relate to brand image and they are in form of brand ambassador, event sponsorship and other related activities. That gives you a running start.

Now Starbucks has introduced new branded coffees based on the parts of the world the beans come from, creating secondary brand associations with these parts of the world from which the beans are grown. Due to her direction and assistance, I now have invaluable skills in Social Media, marketing and advertising. Create a free website or blog at Brand building for brand extensions is easier than starting from scratch.

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