He is white, about 6 feet tall, with a thin build, I have to admit, he's a handsome merlad with his beautiful.

She said Reggie Brown appeared to be a man with a moral compass, but one who had ignored its guidance when he received payments for work he knew hadn't been done. With large, brown eyes and dark hair, she was toned and tall, a model's body with an extra layer of muscle. Their colour is usually some tone of yellow with dashes of red, brown and green, and they frequently emit a pungent odour. Brown, in Monographs on Education in the United States prepared for the Paris Exposition of 1900 and edited by N. They are covered with a fur to which they owe their chief commercial value; this consists of two kinds of hair - the one close-set, silky and of a greyish colour, the other much coarser and longer, and of a reddish brown. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow.

"Each and every time you received a check, you knew it was based on a lie," Howard said. Near at hand, upon the topmost spray of a birch, sings the brown thrasher--or red mavis, as some love to call him--all the morning, glad of your society, that would find out another farmer's field if yours were not here.

F, Section through the surface tissue of the Brown Alga Cutleria multifida, showing the surface layer of assimilating cells densely packed with phaeoplasts.

The Burmese are fond of bright colours, and pink and yellow harmonize well with their dark olive complexion, but even here the influence of western civilization is being felt, and in the towns the tendency now is towards maroon, brown, olive and dark green for the women's skirts.

Long brown fingers loosened and removed the tie and then unbuttoned his shirt.

ferox) is regarded by some naturalists as a distinct species and by others as a variety of the brown bear, to which it is closely allied. He had black hair and dark brown eyes that never seemed to look directly at anyone. Tired of 'the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog?' By the progressive elimination of oxygen and hydrogen, partly as water and partly as carbon dioxide and marsh gas, the ratios of carbon to oxygen and hydrogen in the rendered product increase in the following manner: The resulting product is a brown pasty or gelatinous substance which binds the more resisting parts of the plants into a compact mass.

Their pdle was close and well-manufactured pottery, varying in color from dark brown to russet, and covered with thick, lustrous glazes black, amber-brown, chocolate and yellowish grey. In Scotland, Brown so far won the sympathy of the students that riotous conflicts took place between his partisans and opponents. Brown, one of the most eminent of American scholars, S. These form themselves naturally into two broad but very distinct divisions - the dark and brown races; the first division being represented by the Melanesians, and the Polynesians and Micronesians together forming the second.

Moreover, park-cattle display evidence of their descent from dark-coloured breeds by the retention of red or black ears and brown or black muzzles.

The personal appearance of Stevenson has often been described: he was tall, extremely thin, dark-haired, restless, compelling attention with the lustre of his wonderful brown eyes.

The tetraiodide, TiI 4, is a reddish brown mass having a metallic lustre. Brown's Oliver Ellsworth (New York, 1905), an excellent biography. Bauxite, probably derived from the decay of lavas, is found between Glenarm and Broughshane, associated with brown and red pisolitic iron-ores; both these materials are worked commercially. In mineralogical collections rounded nodules of brown glass, varying from the size of a pea to that of an orange, may often be seen labelled marekanite. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. The filly was mostly white with a few brown spots – almost the opposite of her mother. He glanced up and met her startled gaze with eyes the color of fine amber - not brown, not yellow, but an indistinct mixture of both. The once - green fields were now uniformly, 15.

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I'm an ectomorph with medium ash brown hair that I'm always ruining by dyeing it, Her sudden honking laughter, her craziness, her rich, throaty and slightly metallic voice, her high campery and her beautiful, Her sudden honking laughter, her craziness, her rich, throaty, slightly metallic voice, her high campery and her beautiful, He is described as having delicate feature, large, I was dark with a round museau of a face and thick lips and a pug nose and high cheekbones and deep-set.


Melanin is the dark brown pigment of the hair, skin and eyes. The judge underscored the separation as she explained her sentence, saying that “the defendants’ positions did not in any way facilitate the offense.” There are provisions for harsher sentences in cases involving public corruption, she noted.

Former Jacksonville City Council member Katrina Brown must serve 33 months in prison and her council colleague Reggie Brown will serve 18 months for dozens of felony convictions, a federal judge said Thursday. ), a very full collection on the anthropology and ethnology of Europe, and more than 10o,000 volumes on the history, biography, geography and literature of the United States. It may be obtained as a dark brown amorphous powder by placing a mixture of io parts of the roughly powdered oxide with 6 parts of metallic sodium in a red-hot crucible, and covering the mixture with a layer of well-dried common salt. Chocolate or dove-colored grounds with delicate diapers in gold and engobe; brown or black faience with white, yellow and pink designs incised or in relief; pottery curiously and deftly marbled by combinations of various colored clays these and many other kinds are to be found, all, however, presenting one common feature, namely, skilful finger-moulding and a slight roughening of the surface as though it had received the impression of coarse linen or crape before baking. To brown is defined as to cook or bake something until it becomes brown.

Many of the older buildings are of a brown sandstone, quarried in or near the city. Having a naturally dark or tanned skin; dark-skinned. The eggs of the female give rise to embryos within the body of the mother; her other organs undergo a retrogressive change and serve as food for the young, until the body-wall only of the mother remains as a brown capsule.

Outside this are three arcs of large cells showing characters typical of the endodermis in a vascular plan.t; these are interrupted by strands ofnarrow, elongated, thick-walled cells, which send branches into the little brown scales borne by the rhizome. A white precipitate rapidly turning brown indicates manganese. Osmium disulphide, OsS2, is obtained as a dark brown precipitate, insoluble in water, by passing sulphuretted hydrogen into a solution of an osmichloride. It is about the size of the brown bear, is covered with long, black hair, and of extremely uncouth aspect. Brown or even blood-red stripes have been observed in the North Atlantic when swarms of the copepod Calanus finmarchicus were present; the brown alga Trichodesmium erythraeum, as its name suggests, can change the blue of the tropical seas to red; swarms of diatoms may produce olive-green patches in the ocean, while some other forms of minute life have at times been observed to give the colour of milk to large stretches of the ocean surface. 13. 3. Of Captain Brown's men, four were killed and two were executed. In the sentence 'The woman who I met was wearing a brown hat', 'who I met' is a relative clause. some bulky Brown Seaweeds, where assimilation is strongly localized, some of the deep cells are highly specialized for the latter function. Brown wrote a criticism of Darwin's Zoonomia (1798), and was one of the first contributors to the Edinburgh Review, in the second number of which he published a criticism of the Kantian philosophy, based entirely on Villers's French account of it. The bark, very dark externally, is an excellent tanning substance; the inner layers form the quercitron of commerce, used by dyers for communicating to fabrics various tints of yellow, and, with iron salts, yielding a series of brown and drab hues; the colouring property depends on a crystalline principle called quercitrin, of which it should contain about 8%. Accounts of these manifestations will be found in Swettenham's Malay Sketches (London, 1895) and Clifford's Studies in Brown Humanity (London, 1897).

A third oil was obtained by heating the liver-residues to above the boiling-point of water, whereupon a black product, technically called "brown oil," separated. The door is a dark brown. The general ` brown' has a greyish cast, as far as the under fur is concerned, and is overlaid with rich lustrous blackish-brown in places where the long bristly hairs prevail.

(bag) " I'll buy brown rice at the grocery story. " (chocolate, reddish, light, dark) Used with nouns: " She brings her lunch in a brown bag. " U.S. District Judge Marcia Morales Howard ordered Katrina Brown to pay $425,334 in restitution and said Reggie Brown owed $411,752 for his part in a series of frauds that grew out of a doomed plan to open a barbecue sauce factory with a federally backed loan.

"Browns" is a lapse of the pencil for "brown eyes.". 244. A small woman in a brown robe rushed to remind him of the rules. The ground of these cameo glasses is most commonly transparent blue, but sometimes opaque blue, purple or dark brown. (dark, deep, light, golden) " He painted the walls chocolate brown. " Auric oxide, Au203, is a brown powder, decomposed into its elements when heated to about 250° or on exposure to light. Verdant forests stretched to the steely sky, a swath of green, brown, and grey. One recommendation of the system was that it favoured a milder system of treatment than was at that time in vogue; Brown may be said to have been the first advocate of the modern stimulant or feeding treatment of fevers. was found a brown chat, with a good deal of white in the tail.

Titanium dichloride, TiC1 21 obtained by passing hydrogen over the trichloride at a dull red heat, is a very hygroscopic brown powder which inflames when exposed to air, and energetically decomposes water. A great shock of rough, dusky, dark hair; bright, laughing, hazel eyes; massive aquiline face, most massive yet most delicate; of sallow brown complexion, almost Indian-looking, clothes cynically loose, free-and-easy, smokes infinite tobacco.

G, Section showing thick-walled cells of the cortex in a Brown Alga (seaweed). mystacinus), the flying and the common squirrel (Tamias striatus), the brown, common, field and harvest mouse (Mus decumanus, M. See C. Brown's Lives of Nottinghamshire Worthies (1882), pp.

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