They may never achieve the riches they long for. It seems like he does not care. John 1:17 – Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given. He selflessly gave what he had. As we see in this passage, this was optional. Ruth and Boaz have a baby named Obed, and Obed becomes grandfather to the great king David and an ancestor to our Lord Jesus Christ. There are many instances of complaining in the Bible where people lament loud and long against God and their own circumstances. Jesus redeemed us publicly on the cross.

Application: If you set your dream on riches, you will be disappointed. “It shall be that the firstborn whom she bears shall assume the name of his dead brother, so that his name will not be blotted out from Israel. When there is important things to be done, he doesn’t procrastinate and wait around until the last possible moment. Here is a girl who grew up in a culture of idol worshipers, so depraved that they sacrificed children to their gods. He also invites ten of the city elders to join him. Once Jesus saves us, we are saved. They could not both redeem Ruth. Not By Accident Ruth 2:3 by C. H. Spurgeon "She gleaned in the field after the reapers: and her hap was to light on a part of the field belonging unto Boaz, who was of the kindred of Elimelech." When it is clear that a course of action is from God, then do it and don’t waste time. As Naomi sees it, she has nothing more to offer the other two women. Boaz was willing to pay this price. These characters are people like us, or people of the sort we can be. He loved you so much that He left all the comforts of heaven and came down to this world to become your kinsman redeemer. In the same way, there are times when each of us need to voice our complaints, to gripe, grouse, whine, bitch, and moreover, be heard and taken seriously, not only by God, but by at least one human listener.

He did not have to. In Israel his name shall be called, ‘The house of him whose sandal is removed. Naomi complains that God’s hand has turned against her, that the Almighty has slapped her in the face. He realized this was a very important decision and he wanted to make sure it was done properly and in agreement with Scriptural principles. To prolong this time of uncertainty for them, would be cruel and selfish.

The final result for this guy is that he is forgotten. Check out these helpful resources Biblical Commentary Sermons Children’s Sermons Hymn Lists. So Boaz was humble enough that he was willing to submit himself to the wise counsel of his elders. This takes a lot of time and hard work as well as the growing expense of running the website. Do not guess what is in the other person’s mind. Just as Boaz could have legally said, “no, I am not going to redeem you” Jesus could have done the same. By any of these measures the love story of Ruth & Boaz is worth knowing. A fire burned there continually to burn up all the trash the city produced. Boaz receives a great blessing from all the people who witness this. He does not beat around the bush. Notice that throughout the passage Boaz is taking initiative. Have you prayed about it and received wise counsel? The decision was final. He chose to. Naomi packs up and heads back home to Judah; she’s heard that the famine there is over.

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