But just like many products, it has changed. A forum community dedicated to professional painters. He has a company account there and gets a decent discount. Correct and consistent prep work is more important then loosing sleep over paint brands.

Really do appreciate it! Discussion Starter • #1 • Nov 6, 2015. Regarding finishes: Flat - Easiest to touch up Egg shell, satin, and Semigloss are for ware and tear. To put this in perspective, Behr Marquee at $43 gets a score of 83. quote "To put this in perspective" consumer reports, but whose?

... that I went back and painted the trim after the walls and the trim paint had some adhesion problems when going over the duration paint. It was the highest grade exterior paint offered by Sherwin-Williams for many years. aren't up yet. The roller it self should be stiff. I just looked at the BM "strip" to look at your color "Wilmington Tan" and with the Powell Bluff they look beautiful together!

I have used both on my own homeowner projects, as a contractor on client projects and for subcontracted professional painters. If you don't hit the sale you are over paying. Thanks so much, Linda! For more company information, select the button below! During my 4 decades of paint contracting, I was primarily a user of Ben Moore products, mainly because customers wanted to see a big name brand. No problem, from what I have heard, it is true , I have never used the exterior, but was never impressed with the interior product.

Duration or Aura - neither one is essentially "better". - When touched up, the touch-ups are easily spotted.

2 Posts . It's either one or the other. Can anyone tell me which of these is better. Now I know Duration is a great paint and I have used it many times, but I am a little skeptical when it comes to a "lifetime warranty" vs a 25 year warranty. Maybe I need to be clear on "my" warranty vs "their" warranty. Funcolors pretty much said it all.I'll add two points for the DIYers who may read this thread.Duration needs to be stirred FAR MORE than Aura while you work with it. The painter said it come down to the proper sanding and good lacquer product.

However, with gloss finishes the consistency seems to be a bit watery. We use Duration........call it liquid caulk........two coat everything when doing exterior....... Benjamin Moore, PPG, Sikkens, TWP, Wood Defender, Airless Sales and Service. Every room except the dining room only took one coat. We will cover performance and other key points. For the next few weeks, we are going to cover various interior and exterior painting products. Duration Matte is shinier than Aura Matte. I found several that used lacquer, (as I've heard it's the best). I wasn't too impressed with it's durability though. In our experience, this exterior house paint doesn’t start to cover until it has thickened in the bucket used for application or (cut bucket). Aura is so easy to paint with...at least that is my experience and I only tried it recently. Here's how to use it, Whether soft and sleepy or bold and splashy, see why blue can be the perfect hue in your bedroom, Scoring the best deal on paint for your home may have nothing to do with advertised specials, Choose a paint with some heft and a little sheen for walls and ceilings with long-lasting good looks. When applying the second coat HOURS later the first coat was pulled off the wall in clumps - sticking to the roller and brush. When you think you could get it done in one coat, you should have told them............one coat, two coats where needed. The Professional Painter: What Paint Is REALLY Best And Why? Doing it in a finished space will involve taping off everything and requires a huge amount of time and labor. So I gave her reasons why such as proper build, uniformity, proper application (warranty) ect. I couldn't put as much paint in the pan as I would with Aura and this slowed me down.Duration Matte is NOT Matte. Copyright ©2020 A Touch of Color Painting & General Contracting LLC.

Having worked for a paint company once upon a time, I can answer this fairly succinctly: 1. Wonder if he'd be open to a compromise. If you mix brands, Aura Matte and Duration Matte, the gloss levels will not match. Best advice is ask questions, do samples, be patient/don't get in such a hurry, COMMUNICATE, don't assume your contractor knows what you want. We changed a formerly navy blue room to a creamy yellow. Also, no matter what anyone says, two coats always look better than one.

Thanks so much and would love to see a picture of your rooms! The performance, considering hide and coverage was above average. Expensive paint that doesn't perform. If you're selecting regular Ben Moore colors from Classic Colors or Color Preview, maybe let SW take a shot at matching those colors. We are in the process of building a house and are getting ready for the painter.

I love this color!! This was a pretty big nuisance for me. Current prices have surpassed this by more than doubled. Bathroom - Is it a half bath or a full? Peggy. You might just as well use some cheap off-brand. However, these colors lack coverage and flow in satin and gloss finishes. However, neither product addresses both issues. Thanks "funcolors" for understanding my "pickle"! Not a big stretch there. I came out great but I am having a hard time getting past the smell, I had the windows open with fans in them all day and 2 days later can still somewhat smell it. And it looks fantastic on almost any home, Set off wood tones, highlight architectural features, go minimalist ... white trim is anything but standard when you know how to use it. Take the first step to having the best quoting experience! 270 locations nationwide! Truly pro professional painters can paint with absolute crap paint and it looks like Michael Angelo just left the building. 3. The reimbursement of that one gallon wouldn't have justified the cost to redo these shutters. Ahh well, at least SW is cheaper! Really? If it flexes then you will tend to get lines in your paint.

If you refer to Consumer's Reports, Aura consistantly scores better than the SW products. The other kicker is that I have been choosing the Bemjamen Moore paint colors for the whole house but have been assured (of course by Sherwin Williams rep) that there is no problem with "matching" their paints.

The dining room took two. On a scale of 100, Aura comes in at 74 pts, Duration gets a score of 61. The cost to paint my living room, dining room, hall, breakfast room and family room was only $1100 and worth every penny! Aura, As posted, if the painter wants to charge more, find a real painter. For example if I mount a fixture and move it by slightly it takes off the paint. I oil primed them and two coats of Resilience. However, both of them are very, very cleanable to the point that touch up might not even be a concern. Its low temperature capabilities allow us to paint during the cooler months.” BOB MERIAM, OWNER MERIAM PAINTING, SUMMERVILLE, SC “On the higher-end paints for interiors, Sherwin-Williams’ Duration matte performs well and can be purchased for less than $50,” he says.

The key is in finding a real professional. However, months later they did dry but it really taught me what the warranty means. Opinions on that? That $30ish a gallon "lifetime warranty" paint really didn't matter.

Lacquer Vs. BM advance for Kitchen cabinets? What do you think? Need help choosing between Sherwin- Williams and Glidden paint. Thanks for your help and the sooner the better as we are meeting for the final time with our painter on Monday to get him started. Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting, Benjamin Moore Floats Breath of Fresh Air as Its Color of 2014, Dreaming in Color: 10 Beautiful Blue Bedrooms, Get the Scoop on Finding the Best Paint for Your Money, Bulletproof Decorating: How to Pick the Right Kind of Paint, Color of the Year: Off-White Is On Trend for 2016, Trim Color Tips: Get Your White Trim Right, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, Matching vs. contrasting window trim with casing/siding, Help with Trim and Cabinet color with Origami White Walls. The splits get caulked after primer usually oil, and that caulk will discolor like mildew under the top coats. I, too, have textured walls. I have used Sherwin williams duration paint to paint the whole house.

Coverage was crappy. Super Paint has been Sherwin-Williams’s bread and butter for years. Ona beach house on pilings they are usually 6x6 or greater treated. A friend used a painter that charged her twice what I pain and Chips. Specific technique is needed or a entire wall to repaint. The smell is awful. It took one gallon of primer and one gallon of paint to get an OK cover. It’s difficult to stay current with the changes of painting products unless you are a painter, contractor or a retailer. I wouldn't mix the two paints in any sort of open floorplan environment where the two finishes would meet on adjoining walls. In conclusion, Super Paint is a product that has paved the road for the introduction of many lines of exterior paints by Sherwin-Williams. I recently painted over some shiplap that was stained about 4 years ago with a oil based stain. I'm sure she did some research and saw "one coat on repaint for lifetime warranty." Easy to do touch ups yrs later and have them be invisible. An Exterior Paint Condition Checklist for sellers! If you go there when no sale is going on, you are still over paying, IMO. And, Aura Matte will touch up more seamlessly than Duration. Doesn't make any sense what so ever. Thanks, again! He didn't even need to tape the ceiling or baseboards. Yuck. Our painter mostly uses Sherwin Williams but has on one or two occasions used the Benjamen Moore "Aura" which he finds to be more time consuming and harder to work with (which we antipate him to charge more for putting it on).

- The paint marks up easily and the marks don't come off easily. compared to normal paints which have a count of 100 (not sure if this is true). Whatever the reason he likes SW, it's always a good idea to make the painter happy if you can. A high quality 1/2" nap roller cover for latex paint will have a better "lay" to the paint. I will never use it again! Not mine for sure. The whole reason I used to love Aura was for it's levelling out properties. My house is definitely not a showcase so the Cashmere may be overkill.

Part of what gives the Affinity colors that final, chic look is the finish of the Aura paint - matte is my favorite. Here are the issues I ran into with it. Don't try to save money here. Here is why... 1. Sherwin-Williams Exterior Super Paint: Then and Now, Interior and Exterior Paint Color Selection, Fastest Way to Paint Home Exterior Siding, The Easiest Technique to Paint Exterior Trim, Choosing Exterior House Paint with Confidence. The color seemed to lose depth and richness. Case in point, I just did a job last year painting trim where I painted an addition in 2008 with BM Aura semi-gloss and there was still a half gallon left from 2008 so I was able to compare the 2008 version with the 2016 version and it was a night and day difference. Now I know Duration is a great paint and I have used it many times, but I am a little skeptical when it comes to a "lifetime warranty" vs a 25 year warranty.

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