And since all I think about is Iris in this goddamn fandom, I'm gonna talk about her...kinda! Akitaru asks Shinra to bring Arthur and Iris long to try to recruit him. Forget about her for a second, though, cause we're gonna talk about Shinra and Iris' relationship first. She wears a habit, which consists of a tunic, covered by a scapular, and a veil, light sandals, long light gloves, stockings and a brooch with a cross-like symbol engraved on it. There's a simple answer: "On the orders on the Preacher, Jonah impersonated Raffles I to create the The Holy Sol Temple in order to guide humans to Adolla.". When Iris carries out a purification ritual, she dons a revealing light dress. However, I really firmly believe that this can't be the case and, if it is, really feels like a half-baked tact-on plot twist. I had an after thought before what my final conclusion came to that maybe Hitohashira-me was created or is just controlled by Haumea, as she has some sort of funky mind powers. Of course, that is only my hunch and, like I've said, I could be totally crazy, but that's just my opinion.

Through the Adolla Link, Shinra sees a woman who looks exactly like Sister Iris. Plus the fact that Iris is depicted literally and metaphorically as an angel, while Shinra has been fighting the nickname "devil" his whole life. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share.

Iris' favorite type of music is gospel music. Though Shinra easily defeats it, it furthers doubt among the sisters who continue questioning their prayers' purpose. Huo Yan reveals that even some of the more devout followers are becoming disenchanted with the Holy Sol Temple, prompting Shinra to ask his thoughts on the Evangelist's involvement. The members of Company 5 and 8 get together for a cookout, ostensibly to celebrate a successful nighttime training exercise. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Shinra also tells her and the rest of his allies about his encounters with Joker and that is brother might have survived the fire 12 years ago. While settling in his new room, the force is notified of an Infernal and departs to the scene.

When in civilian clothes she tends to wear conservative yet cute dresses and blouses. Shinra Kusakabe was just a child. When the church caught fire, she and Hibana looked on as all the sisters were incinerated, leaving the pair as the only sisters to survive the incident. It's kinda a small, underlying, not-that-really-important detail, but is still worth mentioning. Rate. She is the doppelganger of Amaterasu and the Eighth Pillar. When he is under the control of the Adolla Link, he sees a woman resembling Sister Iris.

Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, While jogging, Shinra inadvertently disturbs Iris's purification rite, and sees that she is troubled. Alongside her teammates, Iris listens to Obi and Hinawa recounts the founding of Company 8. When Shinra returns, Iris welcomes him home and congratulate him for his work. Shinra and Arthur sleep. Yū introduces Lisa Isaribi to the trio. Vulcan teaches Yu a lesson in the importance of forging things that cannot be broken, and his hope to create similarly unbreakable family ties.

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