I want to have words with him about leaving an infant on a doorstep in the beginning of a cold November," growled Charlie. Unfortunately he didn't have any and it looked like whoever had left him there hadn't bothered to include a diaper bag. Of course there was the slight issue of the crazy cat lady Arabella Figg paying a little too much attention to Charlie and Jamie, but Charlie put an end to the rumors that he was dating her by pointing out he was a happily widowed man who had a grandson to spoil/train. It was the news of the neighborhood. "TIME!" Let's found out! Before they left the Alley, Charlie did make a final pit stop in Gringotts for the name of his grandson's godfather. "So where did they say they were heading this summer?" Everyone in the neighborhood liked him to a point, despite the fact that he had all his old guns stored in the basement and still tested them occasionally. "Why the hell is everyone making a fuss about me being alive?! All through Harry's pov. Latest Fan Fiction Short Stories. Short Stories 101 © 2008-2020 by Pura Web Design, This is Drarry- Draco and Harry. He had moved to Little Whinging to live out his retirement because nothing much happened in Surrey. In the end they decided on Hogwarts, though it was with the agreement that Jamie would be allowed to change schools if he felt that Hogwarts wasn't up to their standards. Strange folk though...kept using these polished sticks to get most of their work done. Had the people in the Cauldron seen you, you would have been mobbed for sure. She didn't need to hear any more about such a blatant act of child neglect. There was only one option.

It was a summer program designed to give the cadets a chance to see what life was really like working in the military. asked Jake.

He never let the children see them or took them out of the basement. ", "Hold on a moment. And don't get me started on the things they wrote with...". ", "First we need to confirm it really is you before we do anything. They never reported it because, well, the man was a retired sniper and he had explained two years ago that he was only testing them. He could set a broken bone and place a tourniquet with expert ease.

Plus there was the fact he had already signed up for the two month stint on a British airship carrier as usual. He was apart of the prophecy to save the entire wizarding world, but she wasn't.

And there things too a turn for the bizarre. Any idea that randomly pops in my head will likely be posted unless I have more than four chapters. "Yup!

Don't know about you, but that doesn't seem right to me," said Charlie, his tone saying exactly what he thought of such people.

Everything was above the board and entirely legal.

"First things first, what do you remember of the year 1978? Or die? "We're in position here. ", "Now who is the boy you brought with you?". And why is everyone making a fuss about me today?". This Dumbledore expected Petunia to care for her nephew without bothering to ask her? Jamie had, from the first time he had participated in the mock battles with paint ball guns and markers in place of knives, beaten anyone he came across. Please rate. On his right shoulder was a patch that labeled him as a senior cadet. Will also include older works. The woman blinked, then noted he had a child. The woman, a mother of two, blinked then her eyes hardened. Looking back at your happiest moments never felt so sad.

Someone is coming back...Anastasia has a suitor well who is it? All through Harry's pov.

First thing Charlie did was load up on any books he thought of use, occasionally calling his friends in the VA for advice. He could kill and gut a rabbit in five minutes flat. Normally he was a sound sleeper, but when the lights abruptly go off and you hear people talking in the middle of the bloody night followed by the sound of an engine that definitely needed maintenance along with the loudest sobbing you ever heard, well you tend to get up to see what was going on. I swear i'll update soon. 2M94.3K32.

"It was a stupid rule …

yelled the Teacher.

"You got three letters. "Hmm? He frowned, and got his slip-on shoes to walk across the street. Alex and John end up in a tree and Jefferson's an asshole. "Hawk, what's your position over?" Where do they even go?" But that's not the only murder and every single one has a poem. "Can't tell ya...it's part of a simple trick to weed out the unworthy," said Jamie.

However that was all about to change on this cold November night. Warning= this is very gay. The thing was, Charlie had no idea who the man was. He always tried to get me to join him and Bones for a pint, but I never had time," said Charlie. Jamie had many stories about the neighborhood bully Dudley Dursley. Can you come over to this other room so we can get this over with? Charlie even tried to keep the boy in, since he was of the opinion that the boy needed a firm hand in order to avoid being the waste of space he already was. "Yep. One of the other veteran's lent him a baseball cap to cover it, saying the poor boy would be mobbed otherwise. Because he had done it so many times, he was Senior Cabin Boy. See you later Paulie!" "So you signing up for Cabin boy again?" She leaves a poem behind. <3, Chapter 24 Pushy Engineer Introduces Himself, What Happened to Me? cheered the red team. Even the nosy Dursley family across the street respected him for his service during the war. "Followed them a couple years ago to this small building full of them. No one wanted to be on the opposite team when he was the leader, they always lost. All they left was some half-assed note. They left that day nursing a headache and with a new pet. asked the woman bored. And he said that the child had to stay whether or not they wanted him, some farce about blood wards.

"Looks like it's that time of year again... Why anyone would use messenger owls is beyond me," he said. Once they learned that he was magical, they had all sorts of tips for him, some not so friendly.

I love being on those big ships, even if I do have to keep the others in line," said Jamie. "First off, you are a veteran of the Second World War.

Jamie didn't particularly like owls, as he had to help clean out the Owlry at his school, but he was partial to snakes and dogs. Charlie parked his car at the Veteren's Association, which is where he went for his monthly meetings with old friends. Charlie was surprised to be able to see it, considering he had never gone with Longbottom or Bones for a pint before. A series of one-shots or random ideas I'm not sure how will go over with the fans. However Charlie knew his grandson, and he had little doubt that the boy would find a way to sneak his German Shepard puppy into that school. This is Drarry- Draco and Harry. October 3, 2018 norrie.

Boyfriend Scenarios.

"The owls coming again? He still had no idea what his instructors meant when they said it would come in handy once he turned eleven. Jamie would rather be working in the Royal Air Force for the summer, but those slots were only available for age fifteen and up, and those kids had to have a good record in the Navy first. Aside from occasionally going to see some old war buddies in London twice a month, Charlie didn't go out much.

Vernon never did like having that pointed out. said Jamie, placing his paintball gun inside the cabinet.

A loud horn blared into the forest. You get a one-week leave for home in order to discuss this with your guardian. ", "Aside from enlisting in the Royal Air Force after some Colonel found me wandering the side of the road, not much. This was because every time he played he always took a spot that was damn near impossible to see and sniped everyone on the opposite teams. Charlie gave a shark-like grin in return.

He chuckled...that would prove entertaining. Something about not turning out like our neighbors," said Jamie. There wasn't even a wicker basket to help the poor kid retain warmth. He got his first knife from one of Charlie's old platoon. He never tried anything with Jamie around because every time he tried, even when he had his gang, he always ended up with his ass kicked and a pair of black eyes. An hour's drive later, and they were in London. The 'Fluff Break' is in this part, so enjoy it! Some of them seemed a mite disappointed that I didn't react like the others had.". I was a gunner in one of the planes before a lucky shot took us down and I became a sniper until I retired over a decade ago.". Part two.

said one of the squat creatures behind the tellers. "Potter, James!" Short Story Drabbles Hawk-Eyed Charlie Chapter One, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction.

Can you direct me to the toddlers and infants section?". Invisibility Cloak ( a Drarry One Shot) Story by Lemon Drop.

Audiences. Here is the address to the Alley that will explain everything for you, I would advise you to check it out," said the sergeant. Pretty much the same description as before. We had to make an argument in either the witch is or is not innocent. Ever since I've been stuck going to extra classes," said Jamie, making a face.

"...Mind if we do it where the goblins can get a good view? "y-you've never kissed anyone?" That sort of advice Charlie always took with stride, because as he always explained to his friends, he was still loyal to his wife. Charlie left the store feeling a hell of a lot better about things now that he could properly take care of the kid. Hawk slung his paintball gun around his shoulder after unloading it. Supposedly has the best roast with onions and potatoes this side of Hogsmeade, wherever that is. Which meant arrangements had to be made so that he could catch up once that was over and transport to the school. Because of the head injury he took, all he could remember of it was that it started with a D and her maiden name was Black. Stories are copyright of their original authors. This will mostly be for Harry Potter and HP crossovers. Jamie looked up when he saw the owls flying above. After an abrupt end to her steady college relationship, twenty … "Didn't you work with some people who could do odd things during the war?" He tried to get Dudley into the same military academy Jamie attending, but less than a month in, and Dudley was kicked out.

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