The 12-Round magazine also ships with an additional baseplate that can be easily installed in order to fit the P365XL.

While the vast majority of holsters will not require ANY modifications, other holsters may require some. We're working to fulfill magazine orders as quickly as possible.

(Something the plastic upgrades from manufactures like Pearce can not achieve) Choose from a great variety of colors. I thought we had gotten real. The greater kinetic energy offered, round per round, from a longer barrel, might have more to offer a particular user than a couple of more rounds if one is already using a 12 round magazine. MADE IN USA.CNC machined (NOT a MIM part), © Armory Craft - Patents Pending - Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions, IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ - SHIPPING ADVISORY. ⚠ Not bad.

The addition to the capacity is only one reason; the addition to the size of the grip would make the gun even more ergonomic. Step 1: Click the Add to Cart button Step 2: This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Since the P365 is predominantly used as an EDC firearm, this magazine release button is extended only 1.5 mm) vs stock and the angle is adjusted for better ergonomics, yet it provides vastly improved handling vs. the smooth/non-textured and shallow stock magazine button.

The Honor Guard: A Single Stack that Really Stacks Up. Gunmag Premium Vintage Tri-Blend Logo T-Shirt, Recover Tactical Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm Magazine Clip, 10 Pack of Magpul PMAG GEN M3 LR/SR 308/7.62x51 AR-10 10-Round Magazine, X-Grip Smith & Wesson M&P Compact .45 ACP 10-Round Magazine Grip Adapter, ETS Sig Sauer P320 9mm 30-Round Extended Magazine.

The 15 round extended P365 mag and a 12 round.

If you haven’t seen our article on the new P365 XL, check it out HERE. A hiker might want a spare 15-round magazine for her sole backup, who knows? The 12 round magazine ships with an additional base plate to be compatible with the P365 and the P365XL.

The 4.3″ height will extend to 5.5″.

Grand Power Stribog: “Best In Class” 9mm?

* High Capacity Magazine Restrictions: High capacity magazines are not legal in all areas of the U.S.

Those with large hands and thicker fingers will find the extended magazine allows the entire hand to be on the firearm.

IMPORTANT:Please accept our apologies, but we are not able to accept any discount coupons for this product. The Sig Sauer P365 is a sub compact polymer frame pistol geared towards individuals that want a low print, easily concealable firearm for their every day carry 365 days a year. o answer the question how this button will fit 'YOUR HOLSTER' is not possible by us. Extended 12-round steel magazine for the P365 and P365XL micro-compact pistols. There are dozens of holster manufacturers with a VERY large variety of holsters out there. $19.95, Special Price 365!) I am all for flexability, but these new developments are starting to pedal backwards very hard on the initial innovation(s) of the P365. Drop-in installation at it's finest. The Sig Sauer P365 XL is a very small gun that holds the same amount of rounds as the big boys.

Those who look critically at all of the available compacts, though, see guns with excellent capacity that are, literally, fractions of an inch wider than the single-stacks.

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