Find below a 200-word short essay on a simple living high thinking lifestyle for students of Classes 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. Moreover, gluttony leads to disgrace.

Your life will not get any better if you continue to look for ways to impress other people. placement: 'Right Rail Thumbnails', Mahatma Gandhi’s Life Exemplifies Simple Living High Thinking All our prophets advise us to lead a simple life as it gives more pleasure than the life of rich people. The Simple Life of Silas Marner The life that could be lived in a village at 1861, which was so near of the time of the Industrial Revolution, is a simple life. He could have lived in a lavish bungalow and driven expensive cars. Now, this does not mean it is wrong to be ambitious and earn money to lead a comfortable life.

Those who prefer living lavishly only think about fulfilling their own desires one after the other and there is no end to it. This way we shall be able to spend more time with our family where the true joy lies. Simple living high thinking is the mantra to lead a happy life.

google_ad_slot = "1982849078"; Simple living high thinking is a common proverb used to emphasise the significance of leading a simple life and having high thinking. Man is supposed to live in harmony with nature and not to go against its laws by imbibing the spirit of the verse from the scripture, along with carefully chosen morsel, may add glory to lives of many a million. If each one of us leads such a life, the world would become a much better place. Essay Sample: Simple living and high thinking is a way of life.

ADVERTISEMENTS: The adage, “Simple Living and High Thinking”, implies that cultivation of mind is compatible only with a simple and austere style of living. The lifestyle of simple living high thinking is not an easy one to achieve.

Mahatma Gandhi is undoubtedly the first name that comes to mind when we hear the proverb – Simple Living High Thinking. Mahatma Gandhi is one of the best persons to exemplify this proverb.

This way we shall understand that the things that can give us happiness and help us live a wholesome life are simple. Some of us have money, some of us don’t and some of us have that in plenty and still, our peace of mind is not as much as that worker who sleeps on the footpath with no worries.

You have a greater sense of control over your life. But true simple living high thinking lifestyle is followed by the unprivileged and financially weak section of our society. _taboola.push({ We all look for happiness outside. You are no longer under constant pressure to earn more than your siblings, friends and neighbours. google_ad_width = 300; You will thus be able to get home on time and spend time with your family. Only by living a simple living high thinking lifestyle can you blur that line and cross the other side of the fence and experience that joy as well. To start with, let me say that it is our thought process that makes us rich and not how much money we have in our bank accounts. On the other hand, those who do not stay active are considered rather dull and boring. You no longer need to immerse yourself in work to earn more and more to pay off your loans and bills. Ltd. | 2017 All Rights Reserved. People visit exotic locations, go out for lavish dinners, party with friends, buy new stuff and all this is uploaded on the social media within no time. So showing off and talking highly of oneself has actually become the need of the hour. There are two sections of people in our society, the privileged and the unprivileged. Self-purification demands that our thought, word and deed ought to be disciplined so as to attain spiritual and intellectual acumen and maintain consistency in both precept and practice. Simple living is a concept that is a bit hard to describe. But we need to remember that the happiness that comes from having materialistic wealth is playing on our minds is in reality played by businesses and their brainwashing us day in and day out. Before publishing your Article on this site, please read the following pages: 1.

Should I quit earning money to live a simple living high thinking lifestyle? It indicates that one should devote one's life to the pursuit of knowledge and culture instead of We should think big to bring about positive changes in our lives as well as that of those around us. There is no one established rule for a simple living high thinking, but it depends on what makes you happy.

He had a loving family and all the luxuries of life. I enjoy being busy all the time and respect a person who is disciplined and have respect for others.

Simple is actually considered as boring. Do whatever little you can to help the poor and needy. window._taboola = window._taboola || []; “From the very beginning, the word was with god… The word was the source of life and this life brought light to mankind.”. You get closer to your family members and the love showered by them brings immense joy. He did all his personal tasks on his own. You no longer want a bigger house, bigger car or greater bank balance to feel good about yourself. The world has literally become a place to show off. However, when it comes to thinking, it must be big.

Answer: No, earning money and making a livelihood out of it is necessary given the structure of our society. Question 1.

You will no longer toil too hard in your office to get to the top.

A short format of the essay on simple living high thinking with a 200-word limit is also provided for the student’s understanding and benefits. The stress caused due to this constant pressure will all be gone when you chose to lead a simple life. No one wants to live a simple life. Only those who believe in living a simple life can think high and do great deeds in life. These Village Life Essay have been written in simple and easy language, elaborating all the details of a village life and its pros and cons. Very few people lead a simple life today others are busy running after their desires and trying to impress others by their latest possessions. Many learned people in the past have followed the preaching from this proverb and have made a mark in the history.

We must not think only about ourselves but also about those around. Disclaimer Simple Living High Thinking Essay 5 (600 words) Introduction. Inner peace and happiness can only be found if we lead a simple life and have a high thinking that inspires us to do good for others. Answer: Not necessarily. Everyone would like to strive for true happiness but the miasma of worldly pleasures prevents one from achieving it. His aura was so strong that thousands of Indians got inspired by him and joined him in his struggle for freedom.

His lifestyle was extremely simple but his thinking was high. In other words, an austere mode of life is more conducive to higher reaches of thought and con¬templation. Those who do not keep abreast with this new lifestyle are often left alone.

In order to lead a simple life you must only keep the things of necessity and not run after acquiring and attaining every materialistic desire. Popularly known as Bapu, this great man led an extremely simple life. target_type: 'mix' Question 3. A passionate writer, writing content for many years and regularly writing for and other Popular web portals. There are many rich people around the world who lead a simple life and possess high thinking. Remember your needs are limited but wants unlimited. He led a simple life and dreamed big. This is so because when a man lives by the word of god, it gains primacy and all other things become subordinate to it. That is how a good book becomes the “precious life-blood of a master spirit”. To have peace of mind and live a truly blessed life, we need to follow this simple living high thinking theory in life. }); Copyright White Planet Technologies Pvt. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});