Learn skills online Learn to DJ & … [28], In April 2020, Shad indicated he was working on finishing a new album. Some named in McCain’s filing are unhappy about being outed. That it was never given out seemed to make no difference. Those who know him speak in terms of Melanson as a fictional character. But other patterns emerged: initial excitement followed by questions. One arts insider is aghast: “It’s damaging to Jeff, it’s damaging to the TSO, it’s damaging to the Canadian arts community and it’s damaging to the McCain family. “It’s a challenge to find the complete package, particularly in Canada where the talent pool is shallow and we’re bad at cultivating the next generation of leaders.”. It gets more sickening as it goes on.”, Melanson’s skills of professional seduction extended to the media, which overheatedly referred to him as an “oracle,” “cultural wunderkind,” “arts visionary,” “Canada’s cultural turnaround man” and “cultural rock star.” Melanson denied McCain’s charge in her filing that he had an “extensive network in the media.” Yet there’s no question he was skilled in cultivating connections, even friendships, with highly placed editors and writers. “It certainly wasn’t a date,” McCain told Maclean’s in an email. Melanson’s attention-getting innovations included building the Royal Conservatory of Music community school into the largest of its kind in North America, adding world music, jazz and hip hop to the curriculum, as well as outreach to marginalized communities. It’s a train wreck.” Lawyers are chattering: one shudders at “the abuse of the legal system to try to ruin someone’s career.”. 3 (Frame of Mind)" and "The Stone Throwers (Gone In a Blink)" were released in prior to the album's release. Based on some online reports, her current estimated net worth said to be $23 million and her annual salary is somewhere around $1 million at present.Observing her body physics, Sheinelle has a height of 4 feet 11 inches and weighs around 54 kg. Melanson was executive director of the National Ballet School from 2006-11 (Fernando Morales/Globe and Mail/CP), As one insider told Maclean’s, to make change, you have to break some eggs. “The guy in the office never matters.” But Melanson knew how to burnish his mythology, seen in his mention of studying voice under legendary Richard Miller of the Oberlin Conservatory. Read Full Biography. Most orchestral scores get done by eastern European non-unionized orchestras because they’re cheap. That was never a worry for McCain, who grew up in privilege in Florenceville, N.B., headquarters of the McCain empire, now estimated to be worth $7 billion. Stepchild - Skratch Bastid 7. “My lawyers felt it important to get the facts.”. . T. LO: Website: www.shadk.com: Shadrach Kabango (born July 18, 1982), better known as Shad or Shad K, is a Canadian alternative hip hop recording artist and broadcaster. Accelerated Program Begin your DJ career today Can't Visit Us? A pair of EPs arrived in 2015. At times the 34-page legal document reads like a plot out of Henry James or Edith Wharton: the heiress duped by the duplicitous cad, complete with chapter headings such as “Jeff Seeks Out Eleanor” and “Jeff Relentlessly Courts Eleanor.” “Had [Eleanor] known the truth about Jeff, she never would have married him,” the filing states.

(The $25 target will be reached in 2017.). Eleanor McCain’s legal battle dovetails with a new professional venture: her cross-country tour, “True North: The Canadian Songbook.” On March 6, The Globe and Mail ran a story with a generic “staff” byline about her “recording 32 famous Canadian songs, newly arranged for 10 symphony orchestras starting with the Edmonton Symphony on March 22 and ending June 13-14 in Ottawa with the National Arts Centre Orchestra.” The next week, the paper broke the story of her court filing. “It’s the sort of charismatic aura that exists in digital and high-tech industries,” says one arts administrator. Her first marriage lasted four years, her second, five-year marriage, ended in 2004; the next six years would be spent in custody disputes over their daughter. Within days McCain and Melanson were in a long-distance relationship, an “aggressive courtship,” according to McCain, a “mutual romantic interest,” according to Melanson. On April 28, 2014, a joyful Eleanor McCain shared her love for Jeff Melanson on Facebook, posting a photo of the two of them sitting next to one another on a stone bench. While an undergraduate student at Wilfrid Laurier University, Shad won $17,500 from 91.5 The Beat's Rhythm of the Future talent competition. 65K. “He throws these fantastic parties of ideas. Does the film industry want it?” He thinks not. “He’s gifted, he has the commitment, the passion, the core belief.”. McCain’s 34-page legal filing against Melanson reads like a Wharton novel (Keith Beaty/Toronto Star), That Melanson, who studied opera as an undergraduate, is enmeshed in the soapy version of the genre is only one of the many ironies of Canada’s ongoing War of the Roses, a mutually assured destruction destined to expose the underbelly of the Canadian arts scene. “This is about our marriage, not Jeff’s career.”. . (The pre-nup was signed two days prior.) Poppa Large - Ultramagnetic MC’s / Space Funk - Manzel 4. “We were acquaintances catching up.”, At the time, Melanson was months into a formal separation with his first wife, Jennifer Snowdon, who was known around Banff as the “absentee wife” because she was studying graphic arts in Toronto while the children lived with their father.

A high profile is a plus for fundraising, but Melanson edging out music director and conductor Peter Oundjian as the TSO’s face bothered some: “Is it Jeff Melanson’s orchestra?” one symphony goer griped. His Power Point presentation to government and industry showed “recording for motion pictures, digital media, and gaming that requires large-scale orchestral sound,” a “media and music lab and accelerator,” and an “e-learning content studio and workshop” for schoolkids (“further expansion across Canada and the world could follow,” it suggested). That truth, according to allegations that have not been tested in court, paints Melanson as a seducer, personally and professionally. Melanson downplayed the price tag, saying it wasn’t exceptional compared to multi-billion-dollar cultural builds in Hong Kong and Dubai, even Toronto. On Twitter, Melanson called the claims “inaccurate and undignified.” The damage had been done. The sorts of jobs Melanson has held require a broad leadership skill set: management, financial acumen, fundraising, marketing and communications, says Daniel Weinzweig, a managing partner with Searchlight Canada, a headhunter for cultural institutions.

Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew was given a residency; Melanson sang backup on a recording project. [6] He attended London Central Secondary School. Melanson’s resignation from the TSO, one that resulted from “significant media attention,” he says in his filing, has not been met with sympathy in arts circles. . Focus shifted from presenting cultural works to creating content accessible through technological channels, or “the prioritization of dissemination,” as Melanson called it. Melanson checked all the boxes, appealing to a younger audience in a way older donors could appreciate. The final expense account Melanson filed at the Banff Centre in early May included the $2,134.16 four-night hotel bill. That’s when McCain’s lawyer contracted a private investigator to dig. [1][2] Shad hosted Q on CBC Radio One from 2015 to 2016[3][4] and hosts the International Emmy and Peabody Award-winning documentary series Hip-Hop Evolution on HBO Canada and Netflix. McCain, for her part, had been divorced twice. She was deceived, she alleges: Because Melanson “lied to her, deliberately misrepresented himself to her and tricked her going through a ceremony of marriage with him, she did not give her free and enlightened consent to be married to him,” the statement reads, claiming Melanson ended their “fairy tale” union “abruptly” in January 2015 via email, two months after the couple’s Nov. 23 public reenactment of their wedding. The album was recognized for Shad's honest lyrics[9] and focus on social causes—for example, the track "I'll Never Understand" examines the Rwandan genocide and includes poetry written by his mother Bernadette Kabango. It was more a sense of shame that they had been duped into submission by this fast-talking guy and then abandoned,” says one insider.

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