All the time-traveling moments in the drama mark important turning points for the story. Producer Ma talked about the audition about the cast selection, she said that Ko's eyes were very clear and haven't polluted by the environment for so many years she working at this industry, which is needed for portrayed the role of Chen in this drama. I have included a timeline below to summarize all the events and help keep track of everything: It looks like something is going to either happen in 2008 or 2019 because it looks like LZW get's attack... and just some observation, but there is that scar on his right forehead... that he doesn't seem to have in 2008. [74] Satellite TV Chinese Channel re-broadcast it on 22 February 2020, with a ratings of 1.01.

So the guy jumps into another body after his car accident?

Trapped in what appears to be the past, living another person's life, Chen Yun Ru's death in 1999 will be her death if she doesn't figure out how the girl landed in the hospital.

The rating of the premiere by the exclusive tidbits also ranked first in the same period, which was the highest-rated Taiwanese drama in the past 13 years. He hopes that when he meets HYX again in 2019, they can work together to change history (i.e.

The year is 1998. And he has this innate ability to make people feel at ease around him. Mz4jun’s Personal Favorites of Past Decade (2010-2019) - Drama Version, Let's collect all the best lines and quotable quotes from Someday or One Day, (SPOILER) Time line order from beginning to end from Li Zi Wei POV. I'm super excited to see Taiwan's most recent and future drama offerings. I think there might be two LZWs (the young LZW & the old LZW) existing at the same time, but I'm not sure???

Some fragments of this broadcast version had been cut away and split into 21 episodes, 60 minutes (including advertisement) per episode of show time. The words were exactly the same, only Huang was made up and pieced together slowly.

It's a T-drama! Title:

[13], Greg Hsu, the finalist for supporting actor of the 52nd Golden Bell Awards for the drama "Have You Ever Fallen in Love, Miss Jiang? He also believes that "Miss You 3000" was a work written mostly in "Characters Growing inside the Story".

In order to find out the scene with a sense of the generation, the house of the heroine (Chen) had been surveyed for three months, the director had seen the hundreds of houses, said that Chen's house was actually quite large. After she had analyzed the character's personality, she had found out her favorite characteristics, and did her best to show them. There’s a lot to take in and think about. CYR's and MJJ's death).

[79] It had ranked the first at the list of keyword search in Taiwanese search engine Naver after the drama had been aired on cable TV in South Korea. I've always thought lesser of Taiwanese dramas but this one outshines many K-dramas and C-dramas. Ko was resonated with Chen's role because of her own experience. On 1/2/2020 at 12:28 AM, Slyphykougn said: On 1/12/2020 at 11:18 PM, Slyphykougn said: On 2/23/2020 at 10:54 PM, crackaddict said: [Taiwanese Drama 2019] Someday or One Day - 想見你.

Someday or One Day Original TV Soundtrack (OST) (想見你 電視原聲帶) was released on May 6, 2020 by various artists, published by Rock Records. For the performance of the actors, Ke was praised Ko for the interpretation of multiple personalities of two roles, she had completed the tough challenge with solid weight; And the role of Li that portrayed by Hsu that was opposing the right way, acting with vigorous and energetic, he made the audiences were expected to see a delicate look on Wang or middle-aged Li, which were more restrained and genuine, and praised his performance as "the integration of actor and drama"; In the end, Ke said that the appearance of Shih was pleasing, and it was a surprise and a bright spot in the drama. How come no one is talking about this drama? In iQiyi Taiwan, it had also surpassed from 10 million internet clicking rates. Already I feel bad for Mo Jun Jie..

The drama has so much heart too.

The Möbius ring was the way he wanted to perform most, to let Chen meander back and forth inside and unable to get out of it, and she was always surrounded by those images. If society could be kinder and more accepting, perhaps it will make a difference in their lives. Because it seems like 2008 lzw is able to remember somehow.

Yu-Hsuan lost her boyfriend Chuan-Sheng in plane accident.

Something had to have happen because some how he is also there in 2008 after his friend got out of prison. And this is not K-drama, J-drama, or C-drama. [73] In addition, the keyword of "the finale of Someday Or One Day" was the second place at the Google search ranking in Taiwan. However, the last two scenes in episode 8 kind of threw me off. And the man by her bedside is not her boyfriend after all, but a schoolmate named Li Zi Wei. Shih had unfolded his rare early wisdom in perception at a few scenes with clash of outbreak and forbearance.[96].

The drama is shrouded with mystery. [80] The drama was subsequently well received and triggered a lot of discussion.

I tried to get the stories connected form 99-2010 to 2019 in my head but somehow I feel I lost my logic here.

Edit Translation, The year is 2019. [68][69] In order to obtain music authorization, the Three Phoenixes Production contacted several record companies, and decided to cooperate with Rolling Stone Records finally, because it had own many classic songs from the 1990s. When he learns that Yun Ru likes Zi Wei, he doesn’t make a big fuss or let this affect his friendship with Zi Wei. He stated that he was being moved deeply when he was reading the scripts and filming officially. . The audiences can see the purest form of love in him, which is haggle and the simplicity that everyone ever had.

Do Not Sell My Personal Info. [50] Japan's Family Drama Channel will be broadcast the drama at 2 am JST on every Thursday commencing from 16 July 2020, and the aired version will be split into 26 episodes.[51].

[45], The drama was broadcast on the main frequency of CTV starting from 17 November 2019 to 16 February 2020, at every Sunday night 22:00 to 23:30, then rebroadcast at 00:00am every other Sunday; The Star Chinese Channel was broadcast from 23 November 2019 to 22 February 2020 at the same time every Saturday, and replay on the next day. That's why people knew there were two LZWs. He went into a coma and his soul time-traveled forward into WQS' body.

The screenwriter Jian also revealed the reason for choosing Hsu that was originally proposed by the producer Ma, to let the leading role play by the newcomer Hsu, and he said that he had felt the charm of him when he previously worked with Hsu, and praised him as the best of Wang Chuan-Sheng and Li Tzu-Wei.

"One day" is also often used in reference to the future, just as is "someday" (which is a single word).

“Someday” is incorrect in that context. How the show treated each character was so wel.

[83][84] After the finale was aired, "Someday or One Day", the opening song had won the champion of the Western Singles Daily Chart in KKBOX, the ending song "Miss You 3000" reelected for the championship of the Chinese singles daily chart, and the song "Last Dance" also scored to the top five at the same time.

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