Remember that financing is available for most Sonex Aircraft models. Our best comparison to the modifications we make to the Jabiru Engine to make it better is the after-market Auto Market. AOPA Pilot Editor at Large Dave Hirschman joined AOPA in 2008. Sonex is proud to have been a partner with FAA and industry in developing the NKET system. Generally, performance increases will happen in very small increments when using different propeller makes and models. Terms & Conditions for ownership transfer. Can regular (1/8″ diameter) bucked rivets be substituted for the blind (1/8″) rivets where both sides are accessible? There is no question higher propeller efficiencies can be reached using a reduction drive.

Glide ratio: 24 Engine: 80 - 120 HP For sale for: USD 20,495 / EUR 17,420 Watch 1 Video about the Xenos Motorglider. Payload w/full fuel | 232 lb Problem is when you get in the pattern with some yahoo flying a super wide pattern and you have to adapt.

Do you have any advice for me? No. We have an immediate expression for the aerodynamic efficiency: The aerodynamic efficiency characterises the "aerodynamic output ". VFE (max flap extended) | 125 mph

3 - view drawings - … More than seven decades after they were invented, jets are still synonymous with modernity and speed. Aerodynamic properties are directly related to the choices of the aerofoils so as to obtain the best value for the lift/drag ratio. They have generated a database of recommended propellers playing to the strength of the Direct-Drive Jabiru 2200 Engines and other direct drive VW Engine conversions. Approach on final with plenty of altitude to make the runway. Builders will have to get their projects to a defined “starting point” for conversion. How about a Xenos Wing on a Sonex/Waiex Fuselage? Are there any special considerations for installation of Rotax 912-series engines? Also eliminates vapor lock: Anytime we can eliminate another mechanical system on an aircraft that can fail, we jump at the chance. Failure to complete and properly document each annual condition inspection can jeopardize the safety of your aircraft, your insurance, and your piloting privileges. Factory Demo Rides are not offered for liability and prototype licensing reasons. that can be registered as a motor glider or an experimental light-sport aircraft (ELSA). The AeroInjector is for those who love simplicity and want to maximize the performance of their Jabiru Engine.

The fuselage is longer and it has a much larger tail to fly the longer wing.

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