Official Site of the Speed Demon 715 Streamliner - The World's Fastest Piston Engine Car. The original Speed Demon quickly established itself as the fastest car at Bonneville and the only car that consistently demonstrated the potential to advance the wheel-driven land speed record. The first five of those wins were in the Poteet & Main Speed Demon, and the latest win is in the all-new Speed Demon team streamliner. If not this week, it’s coming and it seems almost inevitable that the golden mark of land speed racing will have George Poteet’s and the Poteet and Main Speed Demon name next to it. Hunting for even more, the team lost an engine today. The perennial 400-mph team aimed to set the AA Blown Fuel Streamliner record with its newest engine, a big-block Chevy that debuted in 2019. That is in reference to Jack Trepanier who’s son Troy and his shop Rad Rides By Troy have done a lot of the work on the Speed demon car as well as Georges Blowfish Cuda. The performance by Poteet at this year’s Bonneville Speed Week resulted in the Speed Demon team collecting the AA/BFS record for 501 cubic inches or larger forced-induction engines in Streamliners. It currently has the top speed of the meet at 442 MPH which will claim the Hot Rod Trophy for a another year. A lot of it is under the skin, but these pictures show some significant changes. Your email address will not be published. If you have something to share let us know.

What makes George Poteet’s awesome Speed Demon streamliner consistently able to crack off seemingly effortless 400 mph plus runs on the Bonneville salt flats? Made 2632 [email protected] 9640 rpm @ 51 lbs of boost . There is a slight positive pressure on the body at that point.

Speed Demon currently holds the record for the world's fastest piston-engine vehicle at 439.024 mph and has won the Hot Rod Trophy a record 7 years in a row. Unfortunately, financial problems have sidelined that attempt. Photo Marc Gewertz. I chose not to go this year due to age/medical condition but hope I can make it in 2021. Liberty's High Performance Products, Inc. SCTA -- Bonneville Speed Week Records (Certified). Speed Demon photo by Zane McNary for Mike Cook's Bonneville Shootout. Bonneville 2019 Prep Slightly Interrupted.

He recorded an average of 448.75 mph.

Eventually, in 2003 after 14 years, Ron reached his goal and hit 302.674 mph with the 700 hp ‘FlatFire.’ Next, Ron switched to a GM 4-cylinder EcoTech and renamed it ‘EcoFire.’. Losing the air scoop helps make the tail more effective too. Flex A Lite, Got the full treatment Valet at Treasure Island. This was the car's fastest ever speed at the 4 mile so it was on a mission until the fuel problem occurred. Its record return run Tuesday morning netted 450.311 mph in mile five, good for a 439.246 mph record in the AA Blown Fuel Streamliner class. For more info about future events visit The Speeddemon team is locked and loaded . The car is owned and driven by George Poteet, who currently holds the record for the most runs over 400mph. (That honor currently belongs to Danny Thompson, who drove the Challenger II AA Fuel Streamliner to a 448.747 mph record in 2018.) 1st pass. See the complete history of the Speed Demon and the detailed buildup of the new car all in full color here. Next up the 555 cubic inch Big Block. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours.

We’re only go to get a 4 mile course tomorrow so we’re taking out the 555cuin big block and putting in the 258cuin small block. Got a new A/BFS record at 423mph. So much sleeker and 800 pounds lighter. Even after the record pass, Poteet wanted to run over 450 mph to have the bragging rights that come with piloting the world’s fastest piston-powered car. Thats 10.1 HP per cubic inch . Just like it does every Speed Week, the Speed Demon team came to the salt in 2020 with a proverbial quiver full of engines and its collective mind filled with lofty goals. It’s not that easy. Our team is relentless. 12 days until we roll out to Bonneville . Every year, we begin working immediately after the last run to improve the car based on what we have learned. That car ran a small-block Chevy engine but was virtually totaled in a crash that year. He’s taken more 400-mph rides than anybody else, crashed and walked at 380 mph, won the Hot Rod Magazine Fastest Speed of the Event trophy eight times and still it ain’t easy. Speed Demon’s third run looked promising, with a blistering 447-mph mile five speed and a 455-mph exit speed. We’re not sure what their intentions are in terms of engine changes and other classes to chase but as of this moment, they have a big block Chevy powered race car that is knocking on the door of 500mph.

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