The PC is made out of is a Hydrophobic Material similar to carbon fiber, and plates are seen through the cutouts of the semi-rigid frame.

You can rock this thing slick as a solo plate carrier or build it out with a ton of accessories in Ferro Concepts ADAPT Line. If you don’t have a placard system in place it may prove difficult to remove excess Carrier Accessories off the front of your plate as well.

The standard cummerbund for the Mk II is a minimalistic elastic cummerbund. Back Pannels are. It is one of the cleanest kits I have ever seen.

“The plate carrier is a simple base when you get it but it is so easy to personalize and build into the ideal plate that my job requires.

You’re definitely going to want to set some time aside to set this up. “The JPC is a great kit for short operations. This item was spray painted over with black paint giving it a black multicam look. As a work of the U.S.... We use cookies to improve your experience on our website.

Low Profile: The Slickster, LV-119 Covert The JPC 2.0 is a lightweight plate carrier that offers a skeleton cummerbund that allows pouches to be mounted on the inside or the outside. It’s super minimal with very is nice, but also it has no padding. There is solid real-estate on this kit, and with the ADAPT pouch accessories or Spiritus System chest rig this kit could be utilized for many different mission sets without a complete overhaul.

The back of the placard is fully lined with hard loop velcro for a secure fitment to your plate carrier. The OTB 5.56 Placard differs from the standard placard in that it has a webbing strap that has velcro and a snap added to it. See pictures.

With the COVERT setup, it is perfect for Law Enforcement that needs to run a Plate Carrier constantly.

You can move with ease from a tactical loadout to a low profile loadout. All PCs are not created equal.

Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Emerson MK3 Modular Lightweight Chest Rig Micro Fight Chissis 5.56 Mag Pouch, Mesh Padding for Spiritus Systems/Haley Strategic D3CR/RDR Gear, Spiritus Systems "Belly Surfer" Reinforced Front Cover Insert V3, The Mercenary Company D3 223 Chest Rig MOLLE Vest - Spiritus Micro Fight Haley, Plate Carrier Swift Clip Placard/Panel V3, NEW AVIS Micro Fight Expander Wings, Multicam V-brand. Our design philosophy calls on our own military service, user feedback and experience, as well as our advanced United States based manufacturing techniques to bring quality equipment to the marketplace.” (Spiritus Systems, 2020). If not you can use a wide variety of other products that have MOLLE backing. Comes with only what is seen in the pictures.

Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Our design philosophy calls on our own military service, user, and experience, as well as our advanced United States based manufacturing techniques to bring quality equipment to the marketplace.” (Spiritus Systems, 2020), he plates don’t slide into a pouch, like your standard PCs. The LV Placard is more than just a placard. Plate Carriers have a base price, but to get it to an operational standard they’re going to require additional accessories. With the solid foundation of the LV-119 you can utilize multiple different mission sets by changing out the placards and cummerbunds. I think they have thought of everything with this carrier. Ferro Concepts and “G Hook” placard system allows for rapid placard installment. There’s tactical trash all over the internet — some misleading, some confusing, and some completely untrue. To be fair, any PC will have issues, but due to the minimalistic nature of the JPC 2.0, it can wear on you.

What I look for in a PC is interchangeability, durability, customization, and adaptability. The placard was ”. I’ve been using Direct Action products for 3 years, can’t recommend (them) enough…” (Marc C, 2020). Direct Action’s Spitfire Mk II Plate Carrier is a stud. Learn how your comment data is processed. I dig this setup!

Ferro Concepts Slickster doesn’t come with MOLLE attachments. Stay tuned for Part II with six other Plate Carrier, The Plate Carrier Recommendation Guide – Part 2, Material: Unknown – but it’s high-quality, Cummerbund: Choose between 4 cummerbunds options. Switching out the three-row MOLLE skeleton cummerbund, which is loaded with tactical goodies, to minimal cummerbund is definitely going to be a pain. any PC will have issues, but due to the minimalistic nature of the JPC 2.0, it can wear on you.

I’m a huge fan of the LV-119 and the modularity that the Spiritus System provides.

The benefits of the Autofit Cummerbund and the Dynamic Thoracic Load Bearing Distribution System is it creates a safer, less injury-prone, and more versatile operator. Assaulters, Breachers, Medics, and even JTAC have enough room on this Plate Carrier to meet all of their needs. We spend time with users of various walks of life to form an educated and accurate picture of their needs. You can set this system up to be effective in a deployed environment and meet every mission set. The narrow shoulder straps with the swivel design ensure the shoulder straps will sit correctly on you, no matter how jacked you are. You can also cross-pollinate between Overt and Covert front and back Plate bags. I would look into the PIG brig shoulder pads, and pontoons if you plan on spending longer lengths of time in it, especially if you are going to be laying in prone. AVIS Micro Fight Mk4 Chassis Multicam shoulder and back straps. Direct Action designs and manufactures high quality running gear by understanding the specific needs of the end-users, Special Operations Forces. This webbing strap snaps into the OTB O V E R T  Front Plate Bag and the Velcro tucks inside the plate bag to keep the placard more secure when jumping into water. Switching out the three-row MOLLE skeleton cummerbund, which is loaded with tactical goodies, to minimal cummerbund is definitely going to be a pain. The Slickster has an elastic cummerbund that you can put rifle magazines or anything of that size into quickly. The ventilation is superb and the freedom of movement associated with the shoulder straps is extraordinary. I run gear very hard and this carrier will last!” (Garrett, 2020).

Pouches: Pouches come in all different shapes and sizes. The Autofit cummerbund is a dream for assaulters as they rapidly approach a target building.

Let me be your filter.

Ferro Concepts also makes placards that can be installed in an instant if you need some more firepower upfront but don’t want it on your kit at all times. Its focus is the Plate Frame Modular, designing and engineering some of the best running gear for specialized military units and law enforcement. The Sub Abdominal Carrying Kit or "SACK" is the most versatile tactical "fanny pack" on the market.

It doesn’t make for a quick process. I want to use the same plate carrier whether I’m going to the range, training, conducting single POD (period of darkness) missions, or multi-day missions. I hope this article provided some new insight into different tactical companies and what to look for in a solid Plate Carrier. They have awesome Plate Carriers, Chest Rigs, Pouches and Accessories. This webbing is used to attach the included ITW Nexus hardware, turning your placard into a Nano sized chest rig.

This allows for maximum flex and articulation and assists in eliminating the "birthing" effect  (this is where items begin to be pushed out of the pouch because the elastic tapers at the bottom). It’s not like purchasing or getting issued a standard PC.

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