"[30], In February 2013, Schmidt along with 74 other Republicans co-signed an amicus brief to the Supreme Court of the United States in support of overturning Proposition 8. This is hu g e. A lifelong Republican strategist, Steve left the party. Bio Steve’s loyal sidekick. (It reminds me of a Simpsons episode where ancient tycoon Monty Burns decides to get a physical. Steve Schmidt’s Pineapple.

[44], Schmidt is portrayed by Woody Harrelson in the HBO film Game Change. Steve Schmidt is a Republican who thought John McCain would make a better president than Obama (who was pretty damn good), and one of the GOP’s thought-leaders until the GOP gave up on thought altogether as entirely overrated, driving Schmidt so far out of the party that he wants it burned to the ground and a new conservative party to start anew. This is an assault on objective truth. Steve Schmidt is an American communications and public affairs expert/ strategist. Stephen Edward Schmidt[2] (born September 28, 1970)[3] is an American communications and public affairs strategist who has worked on Republican political campaigns, including those of President George W. Bush, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Arizona Senator John McCain. [23] From there, he became a partner in Mercury Public Affairs, part of Fleishman-Hillard International Communications, in charge of Mercury's operations in California. In 1998, Schmidt ran California State Senator Tim Leslie's unsuccessful race for Lt. Speaker Bio at Leading Authorities. Senator Barbara Boxer. But that doesn't mean that all of what he says about the President above is wrong. [11] He joined the Delta Tau Delta fraternity,[12] was a member of the campus Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) program, and did field work for Republican candidates in Delaware, sometimes wearing campaign buttons to class. [16] This Kentucky campaign's advertising strategy was featured in the second edition of George Magazine. He may have secretly been a Trig Truther", The Silver Bullet: Steve Schmidt Makes Sure His Candidate Knows Exactly What He Is Shooting For, Steve Schmidt: Renowned Political Strategist and MSNBC Political Analyst, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Steve_Schmidt&oldid=984167111, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 October 2020, at 16:10. [49], National Republican Congressional Committee, 2020 presidential candidate Howard Schultz, "GOP strategist Steve Schmidt denounces party, will vote for Democrats", "Birthday of the Day: Steve Schmidt, vice chairman at Edelman, MSNBC political analyst and Bush, McCain and Schwarzenegger alum", "At His Ranch, John McCain Shares Memories and Regrets With Friends (Published 2018)", "Republicans Press Celebrity Attack on Obama", "Republicans abuzz over Schmidt's divorce from GOP", "GOP Strategist Quits 'Corrupt' Party Of 'Feckless Cowards', Will Vote For Democrats", "The Lincoln Project: Career Republicans call on Americans to vote out President Trump", "The Silver Bullet: Steve Schmidt Makes Sure His Candidate Knows Exactly What He Is Shooting For", "University of Delaware Delt plays pivotal role on McCain campaign staff", "Another kingmaker has links to Delaware: McCain strategist was a student at UD", "Steve Schmidt: The driving force behind John McCain", "Republican congressional exec quits for private work", "While Senate Debates, It's Fund-Raising as Usual", "Governor's team adds former Rove protege", "A dose of discipline for McCain's campaign", "McCain Puts New Strategist Atop Campaign", "Schmidt takes control of day-to-day operation", "An Adviser Molds a Tighter, More Aggressive McCain Campaign", "McCain's Outraged and Outrageous Campaign", "McCain's Top Strategist Addresses Log Cabin Republicans", "Republicans Sign Brief in Support of Gay Marriage", "Same-sex Marriage – Issues – Election Center 2008", Steve Schmidt: There is blood on Trump's hands, "Steve Schmidt: Why I Quit the 'Vile' Republican Party", "Steve Schmidt Hits Trump Voters: 35% of US 'Has Checked Out, "Howard Schultz makes political hires as he mulls 2020 bid", "Steve Schmidt returns to MSNBC, with plenty to say", "Steve Schmidt Storms Off Own Podcast When Asked About Advising Howard Schultz", "The Circus – Season 5 Episode 17, Crisis Mismanagement | Showtime", "Game Change: Sarah Palin and the Confessions of Steve Schmidt", "HBO's 'Game Change' Charts Sarah Palin's Revenge", "The Immoral Minority: The reason that Steve Schmidt soured on Sarah Palin so quickly becomes more clear. We are seeing the allegation of conspiracy, the ‘Deep State,’ hidden, nefarious movements that only the leader can see. A set of tests is run.

No affiliation with Steve Schmidt or the Lincoln Project. [4] He specialized in "message development and strategy".

Here’s why: 1-He jumped ship. "[35] During an August 2018 television appearance, he characterized Trumpism: We’re seeing somebody go to mass rallies, constantly lie to incite fervor in a cult of personality base, we are seeing him make victimization honorable – they’re all victims, right? [13], Schmidt attended the University of Delaware from 1988 through the spring of 1993, majoring in political science. Founder of The Lincoln Project, Steve Schmidt, argues that the President’s own careless actions are the reason Joe Biden is so far ahead in the polls. Washington Post; Steve Schmidt: Renowned Political Strategist and MSNBC Political Analyst. '"[31], While leading the 2008 John McCain presidential campaign the McCain campaign states that "gay adoption is a state issue and does not endorse any federal legislation." He served as the communications director of the House GOP's campaign arm. [40], In August 2018 Schmidt launched a podcast with Elise Jordan focused on the Trump presidency. Steve Schmidt is currently single. She also provides in-depth reporting while delivering up-to-the-minute breaking news to viewers.MSNBC delivers breaking news, in-depth analysis of politics headlines, as well as commentary and informed perspectives.

In 2001, he was the spokesman of the National Republican Congressional Committee,[22] becoming the Communications Director by 2002. Find video clips and segments from The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe, Meet the Press Daily, The Beat with Ari Melber, Deadline: White House with Nicolle Wallace, Hardball, All In, Last Word, 11th Hour, and more.Connect with MSNBC OnlineVisit msnbc.com: http://on.msnbc.com/ReadmsnbcSubscribe to MSNBC Newsletter: http://MSNBC.com/NewslettersYouTubeFind MSNBC on Facebook: http://on.msnbc.com/LikemsnbcFollow MSNBC on Twitter: http://on.msnbc.com/FollowmsnbcFollow MSNBC on Instagram: http://on.msnbc.com/InstamsnbcSteve Schmidt: Trump Is ‘The Worst President The Country’s Ever Had’ | Deadline | MSNBC "We call it 'Three Stooges Syndrome,'" the doctor tells Mr. Burns. Yes, Schmidt is someone who has made no secret of his distaste for Trump. "The die is cast on this issue when you look at the percentage of younger voters who support gay marriage", he was quoted as saying.

Now, Schmidt is without question a leading voice in the "Never Trump" movement. Schmidt said of Trump, "We have in America—right now, at this hour—to understand that you have a lawless president, a vile president, a corrupt president, a mean, cruel president, who is seeking to remake the world order."[34]. Wallace leads dynamic discussions on the political stories driving the news cycle with Washington insiders and well-sourced journalists. 2. [17] Also that year, he was the Communications Director for California State Treasurer Matt Fong's unsuccessful campaign to unseat U.S. All posts about Steve are welcome. They are obedient to the leader.[36]. This is not someone who has had an on-again, off-again relationship with the Republican Party. He said: "I just wanted to take a second to come by and pay my respect and the campaign's respect to your organization and to your group. Rick Davis retained the formal title of "campaign manager". They are obedient. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Steve Schmidt. Schmidt has been partisan fighter for the bulk of his professional life. In 2004, he was a member of the senior strategic planning group, led by White House adviser Karl Rove, that ran President George W. Bush's re-election campaign; Schmidt oversaw the reelection "war room". [10], The son of a schoolteacher and a telecommunications executive, Schmidt grew up in North Plainfield, New Jersey, where he became an Eagle Scout, a tight end on the high school football team,[11] a two-year member of the National Honor Society, and senior class vice president. He is a Republican and has worked on several political campaigns. He was married to his ex-wife, Angela Schmidt. Romano, Lois (August 21, 2008) "The Silver Bullet: Steve Schmidt Makes Sure His Candidate Knows Exactly What He Is Shooting For". And yet, Mr. Burns is healthy. Founder of The Lincoln Project, Steve Schmidt, argues that the President’s own careless actions are the reason Joe Biden is so far ahead in the polls.

[47], Steve Schmidt and his ex-wife, Angela,[48] have three children. Always prickly. Tweets 1,7K Followers 2,7K Following 145 Account created 20-05-2020 00:40:30 ID 1262905833437839360.

He has been a Republican for a lot longer than Donald Trump has been one. Yes, he takes credit for everything and blame for nothing. They have joined a cult.

Or should be ignored. It is corrupt, indecent and immoral. When that happens, you are no longer living in a democratic republic.

Yes, he operates without any sort of blueprint or plan, choosing instead to wing it. Yes, he says (and tweets) things that no past president would ever utter publicly. For all of the words that have been written and spoken about -- and by -- Donald Trump, it's often difficult to put a finger on what makes his presidency so incredibly abnormal. [45] Schmidt himself voiced his approval of the film, saying that "it tells the truth of the campaign"[46] and that watching the film was tantamount to "an out-of-body experience". [28], Schmidt criticized the press on September 22, 2008 calling the New York Times "a pro-Obama advocacy organization that every day impugns the McCain campaign, attacks Senator McCain, attacks Governor (Sarah Palin)" and saying "Whatever The New York Times once was, it is today not by any standard a journalistic organization.

He is a Republican and has worked on several political campaigns. [37], On January 28, 2019, it was reported that Schmidt, along with Democratic consultant Bill Burton, had been hired to help shape a potential presidential run by former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. We see the scapegoating of minority populations, vulnerable populations, and lastly, the assertion that ‘I need to exercise these powers that no president has ever claimed to have.'

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