As soon as you get up here, a marker on the map for a large enemy. Still, he manages to flee with the Elve Ship. Strange Journey Walkthrough: Carina Sector. Back to Irving to learn more about that Findite Forma. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. East more for the stairs going up. Go to the east end of 4F to find a door that you can go east through. Why do my passwords are coming back as invaild? South for AC Carite x2 and north for a Haunt Plasm x1 and Bead x2. Head north, west and south. Back to the dark area. This page has been accessed 13,481 times. Helps to have that Doppelganger to reflect it for 100 or so damage to Horkos.

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Stairs going northeast, so climb them to a different part of Carina 2F. You can say whether you trust Mastema or not, and then re-enter to see that Mastema is just going to hang out here for the time being. If you are going back to Antlia, go to the far north wall on Antlia 1F.

Return this to Irving for him to examine.

Space Manipulation point confirmed…Error!

And some of them are just light-hearted entertainment and comedy relief. Doppelganger is nice to have around because any attack at him by Horkos will just be reflected. route.

New EX Mission: The snowman’s revenge. Up the stairs again to 4F.

Main Mission: Mastema’s Request complete. West all the way then south three spots. Follow this phase area south and take the southwest route. Return to the dark area entrance by the stairs going up. 18 comments. Death Omen x1 is your reward.

After this there is a scene with Mastema and Zelenin.

Head west for a Miracle Core x1 forma. I already had a Hathor in the Compendium to buy but had to input a password to get Wilder Jueyuan.

This will allow you to go down staircases on the west end to 5F where there are two Unlock type B doors.

Go visit Mastema in that room on 1F of Carina. To fuse Tyrant Mitra you will need to be level 25, and have Fallen Bifrons (16), Night Fomorian (16), and Jaki Ippon-Datara (14). //
Within is Mastema.

South all the way and west all the way to see good old Jack Frost. As you leave, Zelenin sends in that Horkos has moved to the room above (where Mastema previously was). // ]]> Arthur interrupts to say he found the location of Ship 3. This is a long battle as he has 1800 HP but stay healed and go through your demons if you have to; focus on Fire and Elec attacks to get group beat downs.

Immediately go west as far as you can, then south a few spots until you see a door. Might be a good time to return, you may be able to buy something decent now like a Gustible Vest. West of here for an AT Carite x1. Meanwhile, head north and take the Mental Drink x2. Take that southwest route to see Horkos, still barely fused to that Elve Ship.

East more and you have a few options. Now return to Carina Sector.

He goes in hiding while the Elve is destroyed. Strange Journey Redux has 20 normal save slots in addition to a single field save slot that allows you to save anywhere on any map. 78% Upvoted. This page was last edited on 28 December 2019, at 22:46.

Anyway, in this big area as you go south you will see a few more locked doors, and then a path going west (at the far south) that leads to stairs going down.

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