The technique I used to identify the learning style of myself and colleague was the Honey and, projects inspired by Gardner’s theory of MI. © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. EVIDENCE/EXAMPLE: For example, we do seem to learn in a number of ways through association in real-life (e.g. I have identified my strengths and weaknesses in relation to learning by completing a SWOT analysis based on my experiences in a work environment (See attached SWOT Analysis V2). Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses in everything, including learning. Her passion is researching, studying and investigating the attributes related to self-directed learners. She is a teacher, having taught from elementary school to higher education, holding degrees in elementary education, masters in higher education and continued on to a PhD in curriculum design. This learning style is personal to me because not only do I process given information visually I perceive everything as a visual learner. It focuses on a new behavioural pattern being repeated until it becomes automatic. The examples are clear and concise! Allowing learners to monitor and manage their own progress will encourage an insatiable appetite for learning (Ballard & Butler, 2011). Source: (Alessandra). Wood, D. (2017). The final strength of the theory of MI is that it challenges the current education system to constantly re-evaluate how it teaches children.

For example, Gardner breaks down the learning styles into eight, more specific, multiple intelligences, which allows us, as educators, to more properly identify the unique learning needs of our students. The DISC Platinum Rule breaks out into four dimensions of behavior.

Since there is no evaluation in the traditional sense, the student may not be creating knowledge as the theory asserts, but just be copying what other students are doing. A “learning theory” is not usually “presriptive”, that’s what instructional (design) theories are for recognised technique to identify the learning style(s) of yourself and another member of the team. The result should be an effective practise to reach my goal. She has published several titles, including The Art of Learning Journals, Calais: The Annals of the Hidden, Lemosa: The Annals of the Hidden, Book Two, Rachel’s 8 and Securing Your Tent. SUCCESS! It is quite effective for those students who have special needs like sensory processing disorder or those on the Autistic spectrum. Lemosa: The Annals of the Hidden, Book Two, MBTI Learning Styles: The Eight Preferences – Course Overview, Learning Style Versus Learning Preference, Social and Psychological Foundations to Education.

Once they understand the strengths and weaknesses of each Learning Theory, they can optimise their use. Taking the VARK learning style questionnaire I have come across that I have two learning styles, student achieve success in the classroom setting.

Unlike stage models of child development, social learning theory doesn't hinge upon a distinct progression of learning and growth that is chronological or age dependent. 3 years ago • Business & Marketing Theories, Design Theories & Models, Learning Theories & Models, Media & Technology Theories, Tools • 0 Summary: SWOT is an acronym that stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. To do justice to this mandate, an Instructional Designer must first understand the Learning Theories in order to apply them. Once they understand the strengths and weaknesses of each Learning Theory, they can optimise their use.


Lastly, educators, with generally good intentions, determine to strengthen the weaknesses of students. It focuses on construction of knowledge when the information obtained comes in contact with the knowledge acquired by experiences. A visual organiser was designed, which allowed the learners to explore the topics relevant to their knowledge levels. Tracy Harrington-Atkinson, mother of six, lives in the mid-west with her husband. Although not every child matures at an identical rate, some of the standard milestones and markers may still occur regardless of the environmental setting. The one place I see MI having an impact on my personal cognitive development is in my career path.

As one learns they normally don’t take into consideration the style of learning intelligence they are using in their learning experiences. HUL: The Pestel Analysis Of Hindustan Unilever Limited, The Hershey Company Case Study: Dairy Milk Chocolate, The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Liberal Education, Argumentatives Of The Treaty Of Versailles.

It also removes grading in the traditional way and instead places more value on students evaluating their own progress, which may lead to students falling behind but without standardized grading and evaluations teachers may not know that the student is struggling.

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