The Alien Containment is a large, cylindrical aquarium which can be filled with Fauna that have been caught or hatched by the player.

Wenn der Spieler die Rampe in den Hauptraum hoch geht, geht das Licht der Rampe an und beim ersten Betreten spricht eine Stimme, dass die Versorgungssysteme und alle Forschungseinrichtungen deaktiviert wurden. This section contains bugs related to Alien Containment. Nachdem der Spieler durch das Tor gegangen ist, muss der Spieler in das riesen Aquarium gehen und der See-Imperator wird ihn freudig begrüßen. Keep in mind that egg-laying fish will keep laying eggs (so long as there are two or more) and hatching them until the population cap is reached, as stated above.

(they are so cute) Thats really all i do with alien containment. Placing fauna infected with the Kharaa Bacterium into the Alien Containment will infect the other fauna after some time. Five Sonic Deterrent devices can be found in the area around the base, preventing attacks on the facility from the native fauna. Make sure to only post reproducible bugs, and use appropriate system template ( , , / ) depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on. Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material. so do gasopod eggs.

In order to get inside the Alien Containment, the player must build a Hatch on one of the sides. Works for bioreactor, aerogel and as food.

Once the Alien Containment reaches a population of ten fish, the reproductive process will stop.

Um weiter zum Aquarium des See-Imperators zu gelangen, wird noch eine Blaue Tafel benötigt, welche der Spieler sich selbst herstellen muss. Bulb Zone WreckMountains WreckUnderwater Islands Wreck. However, this is just an aesthetic change and has no effect on the fauna. Gefängnis) bekannt.

In order to get inside of, or put fish into the Alien Containment, the player must build a Hatch on one of the sides. Select carefully which lifeforms you bring onboard - they may also be studying you.

(btw sorry for my poor english, I'm still learning hehe). That sounds like a blast, Team Vladof!

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They were really helpfull!

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I already have two Stalker Farms (that's how I call them lol), and believe me, if you want to have tons of titanium but you're lazy to go exploring, tame Stalkers so they give you Metal salvage.

- Never tap the glass: you don't know what will tap back, or how hard.

- Organisms raised from birth in captivity often exhibit unusually passive behavior, Warnings: That's why we built the alien containment unit.

I was hoping that the crash and crabsnake would end up "planting" their respective homes in the aquarium, but haven't seen that. Do someone have an idea?? If two or more Multipurpose Rooms are stacked on top of each other, building Alien Containments inside each room will cause the Containers to merge into one bigger tank. This can be used as an alternative to the Exterior Growbed for farming aquatic resources. The blueprint can be retrieved via a data box. Fun things to do with an Alien Containment? For a tiny outpost an exterior growth bed of gel sacs is a better choice than a fully-featured alien containment. Subnautica Wiki ist eine Fandom-Videospiele-Community.

Why peepers instead of reginalds? I got a pretty big base. Location If two or more Multipurpose Rooms are stacked on top of each other, building Alien Containments inside each room will cause the Containers to merge into one bigger tank.

This can be done by simply dropping the Eggs inside the Alien Containment.

Well the reefback eggs spawn very cute, tiny reefbacks. basewaterpark The Alien Containment with a hatch built on it, A two layer Alien Containment containing larger fauna, Flora growing on the floor of the Alien Containment, A three layer Alien Containment containing. Principally to tame Stalkers.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Interior Pieces Tiger Plants will attack certain fish if planted in the Alien Containment, potentially killing the fish and damaging the base. I tried planting a Creepvine in there but it gets too big and you can't see all the fish, plus once the Seed Clusters sprout the yellow light is kinda blinding and gives the fish weird coloring. They will not attack other fauna inside the Alien Containment, but will do so if released into the wild, even other fish hatched inside the Alien Containment. Neue Spieler sollten diesen Artikel umgehen oder mit Vorsicht lesen, da sonst der Spielspaß getrübt wird!

I like to put a Purple Brain Coral in the planter section (along with other plants) to give it that true aquarium feel (like how aquariums have bubblers to keep the water oxygenated).

The Primary Containment Facility requires the Blue Tablet to unlock, which is found in the Alien Thermal Plant. Sie ist auch unter dem Namen Primary Research Facility oder Prison (deut. Dieser Artikel enthält unmarkierte Spoiler. Category

Category Subnautica. Add a hatch to enter. Um in die Primary Containment Facility zu kommen wird die Blaue Tafel benötigt, welche der Spieler im Wärmekraftwerk der Aliens finden kann. An Alien Containment can be found and scanned in the Deep Grand Reef Degasi Base. Okk, thanks to all the comments!! Ampeels will still deal touch damage even if raised in an Alien Containment, and Crabsquids are just as dangerous as wild ones. One for peepers(food). © Valve Corporation. Non-edible fish can be added through the use of their respective eggs. Debug Spawn Subnautica Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. - Units may be connected between rooms stacked in a column Die Haupsicherungsanlage war die Haupt-Forschungseinrichtung der Precursors auf dem Planeten. I guess it doesn't really matter. Alien Containment

you can even pick them up! But, apart from creating Stalker Farms and having animals to use them for Bioreactor fuel... What other fun things can I do with an Alien Containment?? Non-edible Fauna can be bred this way to be used as fuel for the Bioreactor. Non-edible fish can be added through the use of their respective eggs.

- Infections may be transmitted faster between specimens in artificial environments The main reason I have them is for long journeys in the seamoth or PRAWN suit where I have them cured.

Placing a Peeper carrying Enzyme 42 inside will cure all infected creatures in a containment.

Seabases The unit is designed primarily to breed larger or more dangerous species.

Grabbing crash eggs and manufacturing IEFDs. - Eggs inside the unit will hatch over time The player can then enter the Alien Containment and release caught fish into it.

Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Yeah, I"ve heard aiming is pretty rough, 4and4squared. In der Einrichtung kann der Spieler den Ionen Würfel Fabrikator finden, der dem Spieler unendlich viele Ionen-Würfel gibt. Description I never thought of some of this above stuff (i did not even know you could harvest brain coral). When hatched, the fauna within the eggs will create smaller versions of said fauna, and will grow inside the Alien Containment. What a great idea!

- Units must be installed in multipurpose room modules

- Environmental controls may fail if the unit is overpopulated You don't get Nest I think you just need to get live Crashfish in the tank but I have not tried.

Wenn der Spieler die Rampe in den Hauptraum hoch geht, geht das Licht der Rampe an und beim ersten Betreten spricht eine Stimme, dass die Versorgungssysteme und alle Forschungseinrichtungen deaktiviert wurden. So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas. Die Einrichtung liegt in der Inactive Lava Zone kann nur mit dem Krebs-Anzug und dem Krebs Tiefenmodul Stufe 2 erreicht werden. - Provided sufficient time and living space, organisms of the same species should mate and reproduce Eggs will take about three to five in-game days (sometimes less) to hatch. aaronitco.

Flora can be placed inside the Alien Containment, via a Planter UI with sixteen slots that appears when hovering above the soil. The Primary Containment Facility, like the other Alien Bases, was built a little under one thousand years ago. Aquariums provide an ideal opportunity to study alien fauna up close. You can slash a gel sac twice to produce two seeds before harvesting it and planting the seeds.

Edible Fauna, such as the Peeper, will reproduce approximately twice a day once mature. Creepvines and Bloodvines will not grow to their full height without stacking Alien Containments. Data Boxes

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