These are really for racing purposes only. Also at the lower range are new Porsche transaxles from the Cayman line that are available for around $7500. Call the factory for details. Currently for sale at a bargain price Rare Car Network It’s also eligible for Time Trials, and would typically be in TTU. Rear section with molded openings for tail lights, side scoops, body locating pins, clamshell locks, etc. See the configuration tab for complete details. While visiting the H Craft Customs shop, we witnessed a GM LT4 engine nestled in a GT-R engine bay. It’s not really a drag car, but an experienced driver, and better setup could no doubt improve on that time. Includes: Windshield-area hoop with required brackets to bolt to monocoque. Constructed using CNC-bent DOM seamless steel tubing (and is completely hidden behind optional interior panels). Dual brake master cylinders (1 each for front and rear brakes), including remote-mount reservoirs and appropriate low-pressure lines to master cylinders & fittings, Clutch master cylinder, including remote reservoir and appropriate low-pressure lines to master cylinder, Front custom HD wheel bearings including wheel speed sprockets in front with heavy-duty wheel studs installed, Rear custom HD wheel bearings with splined centers for drive shaft stub axle fitment with heavy-duty wheels studs installed, Mount hardware for front and rear wheel bearings, Pair CV joint stub axles suitable for CV joints, High performance axles rated for 1,000 HP constructed with 300M material and heavy-duty CV joints. The RHD version will include a mirror-image RHD dash, the correct chassis offset, and the proper steering rack and column modifications.

The GT-R also has passive safety built in as well. Please contact Superlite for more information to see if your preferred drive train will fit. Heat and Air conditioning system, specific to the GT-R. See details in the configurator. These are good for cars with up to 450 ft/lbs of torque, depending on their condition. These seats optimize the available seating height which is especially important for taller drivers. For example, the fuel tank is located in the safest position possible- between very strong chassis members, in the middle of the car (instead of being at the front or rear of the car where it is more likely to be ruptured in an accident.) Brand new Michelin Pilot Sport tires ($1,750). The original GT40s are relatively quite small compared to the GT-R.  That’s one of the reasons that the GT-R can fit almost anyone- there is lots of interior room, much more than the SL-C, or any of the GT40 variants.

They also didn’t have the speed of the better-financed teams. In the gallery below, some pictures show owner customizations. And, of course, they had the tailwind of history at their back, racing an all-Ford product for the first time at Le Mans since the GT40s (on which their car was based) climbed to the top of the podium. Can I drive it on the street?Yes, although it is very low. Body Construction: Fiberglass or optional carbon fiber, ©2007-2019 Superlite Cars All Rights Reserved  |  Legal, Superlite Cars, 31795 Groesbeck Highway, Fraser, MI, 48026. The Superlite GT-R is a close replica of the same car that raced and podiumed at Le Mans. Mounting hardware including necessary adjustable perches etc. Careful choice of wheels and tires will have an impact on final weight, as will the engine and transaxle. Easily adjust pedals for correct heel-toe operation. Steering rack: Light weight sports steering rack with integrated adjustable ends; 2.5 turns lock-to-lock, Mounting hardware, and brackets for steering rack. You don’t need to do any welding or machining. Of course, the car would be eligible to run in airport runway races like the Texas Mile, and with careful planning, other land speed racing venues. The cars were built to meet the class requirements for the ALMS, and to be adaptable to the slightly different rules for the Le Mans 24-hour race as well. Floor-mounted triple race-proven pedal assembly (pedals for clutch, brakes and throttle) manufactured in forged aluminum with adjustable pedals to produce different pedal ratios as needed. These are a great solution for engines with under 500 HP/500 TQ. Suitable for cable or electronic throttle. Rolling and ready.

Cables for most current transaxles included- check with your order. What about the gearbox?Mid-engined cars like the GT-R typically use a transaxle, instead of a separate transmission, driveshaft and rear end. Dave and Andrea became the only husband and wife team to ever podium at Le Mans, and Andrea was, and is, the only grandmother to ever stride across the podium at Le Mans. If over 1,000 HP is anticipated or racing use is contemplated check the options list for ULTRA heavy-duty CV joint upgrades.

Rear hoop over occupants with cross bar suitable for wrapping harnesses and all required brackets to bolt to monocoque, Rear braces tied to rear suspension supports including all brackets to bolt to the rest of the cage and chassis, Engine bay cross brace including rod ends and brackets as need to bolt to chassis, Central spider section with door openings.

One way is through active means: the GT-R is agile enough to get out of dangerous circumstances, so it can avoid them entirely, instead of just plowing into them.

So what does all that have to do with the Superlite GT-R? Incredibly, the Robertsons drove their car to the podium with a third place in class in their only appearance at the race. Aluminum semi-monocoque completely TIG-welded for strength and appearance, Front chassis extension panels (sides and floor), Engine bay will accept most longitudinal engine trans packages, Engine mount for Ford and Chevy, many others available for an additional cost, Drilled and tapped as needed for installation of bulkhead, firewall and footwell inspection covers, Chassis can be done in LHD or in RHD at no extra cost, Removable front footwell inspection covers, Pair of front and rear QA1 Aluminum tube double adjustable shocks with 24 compression and 24 rebound settings; linear spaced valving for ease of set up.

©2007-2019 Superlite Cars All Rights Reserved  |  Legal, Superlite Cars, 31795 Groesbeck Highway, Fraser, MI, 48026. The new G97 transaxles from the late Porsche turbos are also great transaxles, and have withstood 600 HP in the factory race SL-C, on the way to winning the 2011 NASA National Championship. NASA would class the car in Super Unlimited for racing, or with the right power/weight numbers, in the ST classes.

If you are big, and or tall, this is the Superlite car for you. Drive: Left hand (LHD) or right hand (RHD), Weight Distribution: 46% front, 54% rear (typical, depends on drivetrain and other choices), Drivetrain Configuration: Mid-engine rear drive, Suspension: Billet machined aluminum uprights and control arms. Well, that Robertson Racing GT became the model for Superlite to create it’s new GT-R(the 'R' stands for Robertson). Like all the other Superlite cars, it’s designed to be built in a home shop or garage, with normal hand tools. There is no interior finishing needed, no air conditioning (unless you want it for the street), no concern for storage, etc., so there is just less to manage in the build. See options list for a light weight column designed for racing with no switches, plastic covers, electric assist, etc. The GT-R is designed to accept almost any longitudinal drive train. But this time, Ford had no interest in racing the car. The fight for victory was immense in scope, and took the resources of Ford, a team of the best professional drivers Ford could employ, and the management and development talent of some of the best designers in that space, including Eric Broadley of Lola fame, and some guy named Carroll Shelby. Chassis Construction: All-aluminum monocoque tubular hybrid, billet machined suspension mounts, fully TIG-welded. Over 50 years ago, the iconic Ford GT40 won the Le Mans 24-hour classic, in a momentous duel with Ferrari. You’ll need to provide tires, battery, drivetrain (see below for a discussion of drivetrain details and options), paint prep and paint if needed. Superlite’s GT-R is a home-built, high-performance machine that honors the Le Mans achievements of Robertson Racing. With all-new technology, designed for mid-engined applications, OEM-levels of refinement and durability, these are a great solution to the transaxle dilemma. This page contains Frequently Asked Questions specific to the GT-R. General FAQs are located here. How does this compare to the SL-C and other Superlite cars?The GT-R is wider, longer and higher than the SL-C. It’s a great race or track car, with lots of room, where the SL-C can be a great street car or a serious race car. What does it cost?Click on the configurator button on the GT-R page for complete details. Others, however, saw the potential in the car, and decided it would indeed make a competitive race car. The GT-R can be delivered with a very lightweight body made completely of lightweight, strong carbon fiber. This roller package is outfitted with nearly $20,000 in options including parking brake, front and rear lift assist, V8 Graziano and more. Please contact the factory to discuss your application if you have a concern about transaxles for your new GT-R. What does the GT-R weigh?Every builder customizes their car, so there is no single answer.

Some customers have sent their rolling Superlite GT-R chassis to Smith for completion. For more information about the blue car below, check out the article in Hot Rod Magazine. Top speed is a function of setup and drivetrain, but with enough power, and the right gearing, the car could easily do well over 200 MPH. Please contact Superlite for more information to see if your preferred drive train will fit. Starting at $54,995. 0-to-60 numbers are in the 3.2 second range, depending on conditions. Is there a right-hand drive version?Right-hand drive (RHD) will be an option later in the production queue. Left and right side door assemblies, including molded openings for interior and exterior door handles, and inner and outer panels pre-bonded and trimmed, Fiberglass splitter constructed of lightweight core with a fiberglass covering for strength and light weight as well as low replacement cost, Fiberglass side skirts constructed entirely of light weight fiberglass, Pair of slim line safety 2-stage door latches, Front and rear light weight latches to secure the front and rear body sections, DOT-approved windshield including factory black edging and transition tint, Custom hard-coated polycarbonate side windows, Custom hard-coated polycarbonate rear engine cover screen, Custom hard-coated polycarbonate head light covers.

It also has packaging advantages. That’s why we designed the GT-R to be able to use a wide variety of transaxles, across a very wide range of cost and performance. But we have tried to make the GT-R as safe as reasonably possible. Based on the winning car’s body, the race and Championship-winning aluminum semi-monocoque chassis design that has made Superlite cars famous, and with space for any popular V8 engine in the back all make for a tremendous platform for a track or race car, at a fraction of the price of an original.

You’ll need to provide drivetrain, tires, battery, etc. Eventually, a small, privately-funded team owned by husband-and-wife drivers Dave and Andrea Robertson acquired two new race cars built by Doran to contest the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) in the GT2 class.

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