Though Levi has step-siblings from his father’s marriage to Jane O’Meara Sanders, Levi is Bernie’s only biological child. Raised in New York, educated in Chicago, Sanders’ deep-woods idyll was over.

He was on British TV. Susan Campbell Mott. His private life, meanwhile, was complicated and less settled. Susan Campbell Mott is now Susan Mott Glaeser. While we don’t see each other very often, we remain good friends, so Deborah told Riggs where to get off. He read Marx, Lenin and Trotsky. Levi is the eighth Democrat to enter the race, with the deadline ending in June and the primary election occurring in September. She lives in Burlington. “We’ll charge $10 a head to come see the freak mayor of Burlington.” He said he was being “bombarded” by questions from reporters. For just a couple of hours, Sanders was a fun-loving grandpa knocking on doors with his adorable grandchildren — though he returned to campaigning that same evening. The mistake took root, and the record was corrected only after Sanders won national attention in his presidential race and reporters began digging into his background. The Democratic party contender for President. Susan Campbell Mott is now Susan Mott Glaeser. As national reporters scrutinize Sanders’ fitness as a candidate for president, that genteel respect for privacy that’s uniquely New England has gone by the wayside. This attitude could explain the minor role his family has played in four decades of political activism. Knowing his opinions about the media and recalling the Sweetser incident, I expected at least a lecture. The two birth notices published in a the Caledonian Record in 1969 for Bernie Sanders’ son. He said he had talked with Sanders and had answers. In 2012, 40 years after he got 2.2 percent of the vote in his first bid for the Senate, he was reelected to that seat with 71 percent. After Levi was born in 1969, so the story goes, the couple parted ways, and Sanders found a place for himself in the Liberty Union party, where he took “revolutionary” stances bucking the status quo. That more people knew his name, though, didn’t mean people knew everything about him. His biggest project was “a 30-minute color documentary videotape,” he wrote in a flier, about Eugene Debs, “the great American trade unionist, socialist and revolutionary” and frequent early 20th century Socialist Party presidential candidate — one of Sanders’ heroes. It was March of 1981. By 1974, around Vermont, from Rutland to Barre to White River Junction and all the way up to the Canadian border, Sanders was impossible to ignore. Missing out on the latest scoop? American People’s Historical Society, he called it — “a newly formed nonprofit organization producing audio-visual from an alternative point of view,” he wrote in a pamphlet he distributed. Summary: Susan Glaeser was born on 02/15/1945 and is 75 years old.

Sanders and other members had generally egalitarian sensibilities, advocating for the young, the old, the poor and the rights of women and workers. In fact, the mother of Sanders’ only biological son is Susan Glaeser. Sanders’ top aides say their man still holds a winning hand. His message was clear and unwavering.

As a child, family friend and fellow Vermont progressive Martha Abbot told VTDigger, Levi witnessed the meetings of the state’s Liberty Union party, the independent left-wing party to which the future senator belonged.

She declined to comment about her personal relationship with the senator. Deborah and I then talked. Knowing his opinions about the media and recalling the Sweetser incident, I expected at least a lecture. “It is against this background that Vermonters viewed Susan Sweetser’s hiring of a private eye to probe Sanders’ background. VTDigger is now accepting letters to the editor. © Copyright FameChain 2020, All rights reserved. We have a minimum length of 400 words. He is married to Raine Riggs, a neuropsychologist and they have three adopted children from China.

Riggs said she was just doing her job and that she had done nothing illegal. He lived with her in Stannard, too, but not for long before moving to Burlington, Vermont’s biggest city. “What may be considered fair and proper in other states leaves Vermonters apoplectic,” Graff had written. He had, already, the consistency of a piston. “He wanted to do more writing, and I think he wanted to be there for Levi and spend time with him, and there were some choices involved,” Abbott said.

He confirmed she was the mother of Sanders’ son, despite previous news accounts. On Wednesday, I sent Michael Briggs, Sanders’ spokesman, an email with a list of questions, including personal questions about the parts of his past that to this point have gone largely unknown or unchecked. It’s always been that way with Sanders. He was on Canadian TV. “When I was a little kid, I started with B. The Friday Cover is POLITICO Magazine's email of the week's best, delivered to your inbox every Friday morning. As Sanders’ campaign gains steam, the national media has turned the spotlight on his personal life. “This is a unique opportunity to listen to the hard-working men and women of New Hampshire about the issues that matter to them.”, Levi is running to replace Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter and like his father, he is fighting for “the little guy.”, “The majority of voters in New Hampshire, and around this country, agree that we need a Medicare For All healthcare system which guarantees healthcare to every man, woman, and child without out of pocket expenses. After he graduated from James Madison High School in 1959, he went to Brooklyn College for a year before transferring to the University of Chicago, where he joined the Congress of Racial Equality, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the Student Peace Union and the Young People’s Socialist League. We cover the state’s hospitals, the state’s psychiatric care system, the Green Mountain Care Board, insurers, state health care policy, Medicaid and Medicare. Berney’s article in the Vanguard, headlined Sanders on Sanders: Meet the Mayor, included a mention of Sanders’ normally off-limits private life — but what Berney wrote was incorrect: Sanders in 1981 after a thin victory in the Burlington mayoral race. Susan Campbell Mott is now Susan Mott Glaeser. Sanders moved to Stannard with his girlfriend, Susan Mott, in 1968, and his son was born in March 1969. Such a hiring would not even gain a passing mention in most states these days. In speeches in Denver, in Wisconsin, in Iowa and in Maine, he has said the same thing over and over.

We could have free medical care, excellent schools and decent housing for all. Sanders in his Outsider book devoted nearly three pages to the episode.

Commentaries are voices from the community and do not represent VTDigger in any way. He told me where Sanders met and married his first wife and how the marriage ended.

Sanders moved to Burlington, and Mott later married Hendrik Glaeser, a fellow Stannard resident. Bernie Sanders Keeps Talking About Being Jewish. In 1977, though, weary of running and losing, his hair turning gray, he quit Liberty Union. And I couldn’t swear that he actually said, ‘My wife and I had a son.’ It’s possible that he said it in a way that is similar to what you quote from his resume. All readers can browse the comments, and all Forward subscribers can add to the conversation. Democratic candidate for the Vice-Presidency of the United States. He can be reached at, VTDigger publishes a wide range of stories about Vermont’s educational system from early childhood education issues to public and private K-12 schools to higher education.

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