Borax's LD50 (median lethal dose) score is 2.66 g/kg in rats, and boric acid is similar. When these deficiencies are normalized, many symptoms of disease can be alleviated. Boron, especially together with magnesium, can rapidly relax these muscles and take away the pain. Hall, Iris et al. Newnham, Rex. He discovered that the inflammation and joint stiffness he suffered was alleviated after taking 30 milligrams of borax twice per day for three weeks. 2. Its LD 50 (median lethal dose) score is tested at 2.66 g/kg in rats: a significant dose of the chemical is needed to cause severe symptoms or death. In addition, a person should store products containing borax away from where pets can access them. Effect of Boron Depletion and Repletion on Blood Indicators of Calcium Status in Humans Fed a Magnesium-low Diet. 12. Excessively high doses of boron tend to increase the blood levels of calcium and oestrogen, lower blood glucose, vitamin B6 and zinc. Effect of Borax in Treatment of Skeletal Fluorosis. Newnham R. E. References. Borax also eases pain linked to the swelling or sores. It is quickly and easily excreted, primarily through the urine. Helpful additional measures are a) a greatly increased fluid intake, b) using more organic acids such as lemon juice, ascorbic acid or vinegar, and c) improving lymph flow as with rebounding, walking or inverted positions. Keep the bottle with the concentrated solution out of reach of small children. 16. Mutat Res. Borax and boric acid are safe and effective food preservatives. Read more on Boron as well as The Borax Conspiracy on this link. Boron tends to concentrate in the bone, tooth enamel, nails, spleen and parathyroid gland. Boron and Arthritis.
ZS read this in the latest issue of Nexus magazine and sent me an e-mail about it on June 15. Myers, Ploquin, Hans Neiper, Rex Food preservative

This can be attributed to many effects of borax on the human body. For arthritis, osteoporosis, muscle cramps, joint pain or stiffness, or low hormone production take three teaspoons of concentrate with water per day for several months or longer until your ailment has sufficiently improved. Possible impurities consist of common elements and salts such as calcium, sodium, potassium, chloride, carbonate, bicarbonate, sulphate and phosphate. 21.

So there is no "food grade" borax available or necessary, as long as the supplier has not added any perfumes, colours or additives. Borax toxicity Thanks for the warning and we are glad you didn't die. Some of the products a person should use caution when purchasing include: For those in regular contact with products that contain borax, some safety tips include: Just because borax is natural does not mean it is safe to ingest or handle frequently. Cytotechnology. It stimulates hormone production. Away with Arthritis. Manufacturers sometimes use borax to prevent or slow bacterial growth in cosmetic products, such as shampoo, makeups, and body soaps. Doctors of the 19th and 20th centuries recommended that women suffering from womb inflammation soak in lukewarm bathwater with borax twice a day. Francesco De Seta1, Martin Schmidt, Bao Vu, Michael Essmann, Bryan Larsen. Fluoride 13:30-38 (1980). 7. Elsair J, Merad R, Denine R, Reggabi M, Alamir B, Benali S, Azzouz M, Khelfat K. MNT is the registered trade mark of Healthline Media. If you think someone has ingested or inhaled borax, call the poison control center at 1-800-222-1222 or the local number in your area.

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