Yes!” Rae said. Looking for LaToya debuts on all podcast platforms on Sunday. Crissle and Fran discuss the interesting dynamic between Issa and Daniel as she goes from claiming him as her side piece to playing wing woman.

Ready for the run down? Log in or link your magazine subscription, WELP: Guess How Many People Voted for ‘President Kanye’, Steve Kornacki Has at Least Been Forced to Take a Break, Savannah Guthrie Interrupts Trump’s ‘Not True’ Speech, Watching CNN on Election Night Felt Like Being Dipped in Boiling Oil. Editor: Ty Worley She stays behind to help Issa clean up but insults her in the process: “You know your life doesn’t have to be this messy, right?” she tells Issa seconds before she texts Andrew, apologizing for “trippin’” and admitting that she likes him more than she realized. “Wow, that is significant,” Condola says before abruptly canceling their romantic night in, which would have included a “Looking for LaToya” binge (is it just us or is Ray J the perfect person to play LaToya’s boyfriend?). Engineer: Dwayne Crawford, Issa Dee isn’t the only one who’s Insecure. Join the conversation with hosts, Crissle & Fran using the hashtag #InsecuriTEA  and don’t forget to follow @InsecureHBO and @LSNPodcasts.

And then she looks at Tiffany, who knew that Condola went on at least one date with Lawrence and never said a word about it. Issa Rae Is Still Giving You Everything She’s Got, Wish You Could See Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae in. “We mock up a dream cast list and then just go out to those people and see if they’re down,” Rae said of the parody show’s casting process. Bernie Sanders’s 2020 Election Prediction Is the Only One That Matters, Celebrities Also Don’t Know How to React to the Election, “This is like being awake during your own surgery.”, Here Are a Bunch of Celebrities (Safely) Voting This Year. Terri Juanita Vaughn is an American actress, director and producer.

Her children are named Lola Riley, Daylen Ali Carolina, and Kal’ El Joseph Riley.The actress has been married twice as of 2019.

“What role do you play in that friendship, and what happens when your friends look at you through old eyes?”, While Issa’s career goals are clearing up, though, her romantic life is still a question mark. Pop the tags.”, By the time the mixer happens, Condola and Lawrence have had their own awkward conversation. Things are heating up in episode 6 and Crissle and Fran are here for it! “TSA Bae”) over-enthusiastically embraces his role as event bouncer; Kelli loads up the drinks with alcohol (“The bigger the libations, the bigger the donations,” she tells Issa); Issa’s brother plays Khia’s “My Neck, My Back” — horrifying potential investors — at the request of Trina, one of Issa’s, uh, quirkier tenants. Executive Producers: Chris Morrow, Matt Raz It is a production of Raedio, Tenderfoot TV and HBO. Crissle and Fran are back to talk about mean-spirited scavenger hunts, supermarket scams and other relatable content. As always, “Self-care Sunday” is over too soon. “Who is responsible? Crissle and Fran get into music fest etiquette, parenting goals and discuss the likelihood of one of the wildest fan theories we’ve heard so far coming true. 3,706 Likes, 96 Comments - Terri J Vaughn (@terrijvaughn) on Instagram: “In the midst of going stir crazy stuck in the house I’m still so thankful and bubbling with…” Tenderfoot, Raedio and HBO have made a commitment to support the Black and Missing Foundation, which aims to help bring awareness to missing persons of color around the nation. Don’t forget to join in on the conversation and follow along on social media with the hashtag #insecuriTEA

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