When Terry finally returns home he discovers that his father has been murdered and that the police think The Jokerz are responisble. Later, Terry was confirmed to take over as Batman on Earth-12 and Earth-992. Hand to Hand Combat Though Terry was a largely original character, he had many qualities that draw allusion to others that existed at the time, and even a few that have come about since his creation. I'm so sorry to hear of Terry's passing. He investigates on his own and discovers that Derek Powers is actually the one responsible. Shortly after taking his medicine Bruce Wayne fell asleep and Terry decided to snoop around. After his father, Warren McGinnis was murdered, Terry took up the mantle of Batman from Bruce Wayne. Ironically while Tim lost his mother shortly after he began his time as Robin, leaving him with only his Father, Terry lost his father prior to becoming Batman, leaving him to support his mother and brother. After his talk with Dick, Terry leaves. Both also had a civilian life he had to balance with his with his super hero activities. Relationships Bruce Wayne.

Terry McGinnis is Batman several decades into the future, also known as Batman Beyond. His history of juvenile delinquency, albeit unwitting, draws comparisons to Jason Todd, as do the anger issues he displayed early in the series. Despite his role as the second Batman, Terry leads a very different, far less privileged life than Bruce. Also of note, following the DCNU relaunch, the accents on Grayson costume changed to red.). https://www.wrestlingdata.com/index.php?befehl=bios&wrestler=6897 Because of this, he always tries to find a way to make up for what he's done – trying his best at school, joining athletic teams, and helping others, in the hope that someday people will see him differently.

Terry McGinnis is Batman several decades into the future, also known as Batman Beyond. They were in a sorority together.

After avenging the death of his father, Terry continued to fight crime in Neo Gotham, as Batman.

Terry pleads with Bruce to help him confront Powers because he thinks he can prove who was really behind the death of his father. As he does so, the real Dick Grayson shows up in the Batcave to get equipment. Real name: After this happened, Terry would break into Wayne Manor and steal the batsuit in order to avenge his father’s death.

She was one of the most helpful, friendly and kind women I have ever had the pleasure to know. He noticed a bat stuck in an old grandfather clock. When Bruce discovers that the suit is missing he shuts it down, with Terry inside, in the middle of a battle.

The costume is also very similar to later versions of that worn by Dick Grayson, during his time as Nightwing. He is the successor of Bruce Wayne and protector of Neo-Gotham. Upon hearing this Terry begins to head out to stop Hush. Hush decides to leave Terry alive for what he has in store for Gotham. Bruce was furious with Terry when found him snooping around the Batcave, and kicked him out. Terry originally assumed the role of Batman for his father, but eventually sees it as a chance to help people and to look like a worthwhile human being again, in his own eyes if in no one else's. Terrence "Terry" McGinnis, AKA Batman, is a superhero from DC Comics.To differentiate him from his main universe counterpart, he is commonly reffered to as Batman Beyond.He appeared in the 86th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Batman Beyond VS Spider-Man 2099, where he fought against Spider-Man 2099 from Marvel Comics. The Bat-Wraiths were for a backup plan if Terry died, or if Bruce takes the suit from him, when a wraith finds Hush, Bruce quickly sends it towards Hush. While Hush escapes, Terry meets up with a retired and old Dick Grayson. He is the successor of Bruce Wayne and protector of Neo-Gotham. Each also had two love interests, which held personal conflicts. Alan BurnettPaul Dini

He serves as Gotham City's latest caped crusader, after his father was killed after stumbling upon a corporate conspiracy at Wayne-Powers.. History Edit. Published: 15:30 EST, 25 … The history of this Terry McGinnis follows the same history as that of the DCAU with the addition that this universe had a Batman Incorporated. Terrence "Terry" McGinnis aka Batman is a superhero of the future Gotham City and is the main protagonist in Batman Beyond comic books and TV series. Hush is then seen hacking a monitor and he reveals his plans to destroy Gotham.

Eventually, Bruce and Terry's partnership begins to become strained, as Bruce is trying to strive for perfection out of Terry. Share Terry's life story with friends and family. As Terry regains consciousness and he makes his way to the Bat-cave where Bruce stitches him up. Terry grapples with Hush as he accidentally shoves him down a large hole in the ground as a Bat-Wraith is flying out, it spears Hush and they both fall down the hole where an explosion occurs killing Hush.

Batman A quick fight between the two ensues and Hush stabs Terry in the stomach, and he stands over Terry ripping the Gauze from his face revealing as Dick Grayson. At some point in his life, Warren met and married Mary. Bruce reluctantly releases control of the suit to Terry. With Bruce speaking through comm link, she patches Terry up with some med supplies in the suit's belt. Published in Albuquerque Journal from Jul. Terry Lynn McGinnis Terry Lynn(Russell) McGinnis, Age 67 years went to be with the lord June 25, 2019. First appearance: Rebirth: Part 1. He is then greeted by Micron who asked Terry if he would like to join up with the Justice League, only to be turned down by Terry once again. After returning to the Batcave, Terry mentions to Bruce about Micron, whom Bruce says to say no to if he ask about joining the League, saying that he never felt at home when he was serving as Batman on the team. He was somewhat reliant on a suit that was heavily laden with technology, which is similar to the first Azrael Jean-Paul Valley, during his time filling in for Bruce Wayne after Bane broke his back. In the DC Animated Universe Terry has succeeded Bruce Wayne as Batman, the protector of Gotham City. Terry and Catwoman interfere in the fight and begin battling the Wraiths and Hush along with Dick.

He serves as Gotham City's latest caped crusader, after his father was killed after stumbling upon a corporate conspiracy at Wayne-Powers. Terry McGinnis is Bruce Wayne's successor as Batman. After Powers' criminal identity is revealed to the public and he finally brings retribution to his father's killers, Terry decides to continue his role as Batman to make up for his past sins, in hope that his heroic role is his chance at redemption. His elderly mentor, the former Batman, Bruce Wayne, serves as the deuteragonist. Will Friedle (Voice)

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Terry decides to search for Hush on his own, Bruce activates the Bat-Wraiths. He was employed as a research scientist at Wayne-Powers at the time of his death. Batman Beyond "Rebirth" Terry is unable to stop the murder of Calendar Man by Hush. She was the patient and I the doctor with my new stethoscope at what looks like a birthday party when we were about three. Bruce later removed the cape, rather having himself get shot instead of someone else. Also of note, Terry is later revealed to be Bruce's illegitimate son, much like the later introduced Damian Wayne. As of Batman #700, Terry had been established as part of the DC Universe and will take up the mantle of Batman after an elderly Bruce Wayne, who is his mentor in this continuity.

Her mother and my mother were friends. Terry's fighting style is far more acrobatic than his predecessor's which further compares to Grayson, or for that matter most of the Robins. Dick tells Terry the reason why he quit as Nightwing and the reason why Bruce removed the cape from the batsuit; The cape was worn for two reasons: it helped instill fear and a tactical reason: it caused misdirection.

Terry McGinnis is Bruce Wayne's successor as Batman. After chasing down and stopping the villain known as Spellbinder, Terry drops him on a bus which goes by Neo-Gotham's ninth precinct.

Share to let others add their own memories and condolences. For good. Will miss our shopping and lunch times. General Information Upon overhearing the GCPD reports, Bruce's begins to worry that from how they keep say the number "two" the killer might be a resurfacing Two-Face. Send your deepest condolences with fresh flowers.

He rushes back to Wayne's mansion and asks his assistance in bringing Powers to justice, but Bruce reminds young McGinnis that he has given up the cape and cowl. Bruce later delivered Dick to a hospital and rescued Alfred, allowing him to remove the bullets from Dick's body. Top Gun bombshell Kelly McGillis, 62, steps out in rare public appearance amid buzz for sequel to Tom Cruise blockbuster.

Convinced that there is still a need for a Batman, Bruce hires Terry as his "personal assistant" and begins secretly training him for his new role as Batman. The look on her face is priceless. In addition to coping with his father's death, Terry struggles to keep his double life secret from his mother and younger brother. Abilities: Not one to give up Terry then decides to take matters into his own hands and sneaks into Wayne Manor to steal the Bat suit for himself. Catwoman leaves the team while Dick destroys the rest of the Wraiths and he himself leaves.

https://batmanbeyond.fandom.com/wiki/Terry_McGinnis?oldid=4081. Terry and Bruce begin checking up on old Batman villains since they are the ones this possible Hush is targeting.

Warren McGinnis was the ex-husband of Mary McGinnis and unknowingly the legal, though non-biological, father of Terry McGinnis and Matt McGinnis. Terry returns to the Batcave where he talks with Bruce as a new understanding between them is laid out. Terry joins him and Catwoman to stop Hush from destroying the city with an armory of explosives in Mad Stan's hideout.

I have a photo of her and I in my living room. 8 Bred For The Job Though it is originally believed that Terry is the son of Warren and Mary McGinnis, it is later revealed to Terry that he had been systematically bred in order to take up the mantle of Batman after Bruce inevitably grew too old to continue as Batman. Perhaps the greatest similarities are those with the mainstream Tim Drake who, like Terry, had to convince Bruce, who was reluctant due to how things turned out with his previous partner, to allow them to take their respective role. Batman Years ago, the Joker had kidnapped Alfred and when Dick and Bruce showed up, Joker attempted to shoot them. She was not having it! 7, 2019.

Warren McGinnis (father), Mary McGinnis (mother), Matt McGinnis (younger brother), Dana Tan (long term girlfriend), Bruce WayneMax GibsonAceBarbara GordonJustice League, Voiced by: Will Friedle 5 to Jul. Both lack the cape typically worn by members of the Batman Family, instead possessing wings under the arms for gliding, and are primarily black, save for a coloured symbol on the chest.

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