Raven models for a magazine, but is shocked when the editors put her head on someone else's skinnier body. Black women All is well, until Raven gets a vision that there's going to be an earthquake at some point during the night. Laura Perkins-Brittain & Carla Banks Waddles. Raven accompanies Cory to the dentist to calm his fears after she has a vision that her little brother needs to get a filling; Chelsea and Eddie help Victor film a commercial for the Chill Grill. Rodriquez: Rose Abdoo. Rate. Join / Sign Up Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Season Two: "Out of Control" • "Don't Have a Cow" • "Run, Raven, Run" • "Clothes Minded" • "Four's a Crowd" • "Hearts and Minds" • "Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind" • "That's So NOT Raven" • "Blue in the Face" • "Spa Day Afternoon" • "Leave it to Diva" • "There Goes the Bride" • "Radio Heads" • "A Goat's Tale" • "He's Got the Power" • "Skunk'd" • "The Dating Shame" • "The Road to Audition" • "The Lying Game" • "Numb and Number" • "My Big Fat Pizza Party" • "Shake, Rattle, and Rae"

Season 2, Episode 8. Episode found on:

Cory gets a credit card in Lionel (his rat's) name.

Surprised to discover that the whole set-up is a fraud, Chelsea and Eddie hire on, and Raven soon finds herself in the hostess seat as the hotline's spokeswoman, Miss Tallulah. Eddie steals a goat that serves as a rival team's mascot, but then Chelsea swipes it from him and puts it in Raven's yard, where it gets loose. TV Host: Paula Abdul.

Raven is shocked to find that the boy Chelsea likes is also psychic. Eddie and Chelsea try not to think about their overwhelming hunger as they help Raven out. Rate. April 9, 2004. Penelope: Phyllis Applegate. Our fall TV preview concludes with a comprehensive guide to the new and... 2013 Fall TV Preview: Our Comprehensive Guide to the Season's New and Returning Shows. Raven falls for a jock who mistakes her for the star of the gymnastics team. Raven buys an expensive top to wear one night and return the next day. Raven's big mouth earns her a parent-teacher conference after school. Labels: episode 20. In fact, with the exception of a Dave Chappelle skit and the pornographic video that hit the streets, people rarely spoke about R. Kelly’s problem with any significance. When Eddie babysits, Cory takes advantage and sneaks out to the mall. Victor: Rondell Sheridan. Sheriff Jefferson arrests Eddie, on suspicion of being the "Pink Bandit", who is responsible for a string of burglaries. So he turns to Eddie, who suggests that the 10-year-old serenade the object of his affection with a quality rap love song. and the Terms and Policies, shows. Raven and Chelsea try to solve the problem by going undercover disguised as boys in gym class in order to brand Sam with a nickname. Plus a new sketch comedy series from Down Under, The list is mostly unchanged from yesterday, Here's where you can watch and stream coverage, The director also teases what a potential Season 2 would be about. Completed Transcripts.

He is still behind bars awaiting his trial. Watch That's So Raven: Numb and Numb-er from Season 2 at TVGuide.com. Get a detailed look at every new and returning show coming to broadcast... 2012 Fall TV Preview: Our Night-by-Night Guide. Meanwhile, Chelsea's Valentine's Day date must meet the approval of Victor and Tonya. Victor learns that a local TV show wants him for a segment, and Raven tries to calm his nerves. Raven gets a vision that Devon is going to break up with her. Meanwhile, Tanya and Victor get caught by Cory's elaborate security system when trying to borrow money for pizza. Meanwhile, Eddie and Chelsea eat Mr. B's special casserole for the Mayor. Raven protests new school uniforms and ends bonding with Alana. The 'Cosby Show' alum stars as a teen who gets glimpses of---and then tries to alter---the future in a winning series that employs a good deal of physical comedy. Raven bonds with a new group of kids who are psychic like herself, but ends up caught in the middle. She makes a last attempt to talk his dad out of it while he's waiting for his bride at the altar. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices.

Season 2, Episode 20 … A vision shows Raven's science partner to be a foul smelling student. MadameNoire ® Copyright © 2020 BossipMadameNoire, LLC All Rights Reserved | BHM Digital. When Raven comes down with a 'psychic cold' she suddenly has the ability to read people's minds and must bite her tongue when Victor's judgmental mom comes to visit. Muffy: Ashley Drane. 3. When sweets are banned at Cory's school, he sells his own homemade soda. Season Two: "The Falcon and the Raven" • "Because" • "Cop To It" • "Weirder Things" • "The Missteps" • "All Sewn Up" • "Oh Father, Where Art Thou?" Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Still, for one reason or another, whether it was the fact that his victims were Black girls, or people felt the music was too good to let go, or R. Kelly had too much money and influence, what we knew never resulted in any punishment for the singer. The cute bachelor and the manipulative host soon have Raven and Chelsea willing to endure any humiliation in order to win. Raven enters a fashion contest and is told that she can't model her own designs because she doesn't have 'The Look' ... but of course, that doesn't stop her! Meanwhile, Victor takes up knitting to relax and Cory tries to profit from it. Also, Cory gets Victor into the catering truck business. Raven shows up at the campsite with every home convenience and ruins everything that Chelsea loves about camping. Maisha: Debra Wilson. This is a sub-site of DCOS Transcripts where the transcripts for the second season of That's So Raven will be posted upon completion. The following is an episode list of the American television sitcom That's So Raven. Raven accompanies Cory to the dentist to calm his fears after she has a vision that her little brother needs to get a filling; Chelsea and Eddie help Victor film a commercial for the Chill Grill. Cory gets pressured into shoplifting by some kids from school.

The following is a list of episodes of the Disney Channel Original Series, That's So Raven. You know Raven’s visions only told half-truths. seek information on a wide variety of topics including African-American hair care, health issues, relationship Eddie gets psychic powers after a comet passes over San Francisco and his predictions make him popular with girls at school.

She has to deal with stopping this from occurring, while boss sitting her boss, Donna Cabonna, from her broken heart. Raven and Chelsea are left off the guest list for a Halloween party hosted by mean-spirited Alana (Adrienne Bailon). A “psychic cold” temporarily gives Raven the ability to read people's minds just as Victor's mom comes to visit. Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) This is a DCOS Transcripts Mission . 5. Meanwhile, Victor, Chelsea and Eddie come up with ideas for a commercial for The Chill Grill.


She's about to give up on finding a date when she has a vision of herself dancing with a guy. Cory's rat Lionel wins a contest to be on a magazine cover. Perfect" • "Goin' Hollywood" • "Save the Last Dance" • "Cake Fear" • "Vision Impossible" • "The Four Aces" Devon: Lil' J. William: Frankie Ryan Manriquez. Still covered under a veil, she reassures them, ‘It’s okay guys I’m only 15.”, Then someone in the audience—someone who sounds a lot like Eddie (Orlando Brown) says, “Who is this, R. Kelly?”. Raven has a vision that she disses Chelsea on the show so vows not to do so. The only problem is The Juicer's crush has a crush on Cory. Cory and William try to raise money for an expensive new video game. Raven meets her perfect match on the internet and it's Eddie!

Raven brags about her internship then finds out it's not that glamorous. Check box if your review contains spoilers. The second season of That's So Raven aired on Disney Channel from October 3, 2003 to September 24, 2004. Raven becomes a teacher's aid in Corey's class for a day, as part of a career exercise, while Chelsea is assigned to be a detective. A magic spell meant to get them a last-minute invite is successful, but their wish for “the best costumes” backfires when the girls transform into mooing cows. Katina: Haylie Duff. Eddie hires Chantel to work with him, Raven, and Chelsea in the student store, then gives her all the easy jobs. The docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly” which aired on Lifetime ultimately caused prosecutors and the public at large to take the accusations against the singer seriously. Tony: Patrick Bristow. 4. That's So Raven Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Cory is scared to go to the dentist when Raven has a vision of him needing a filling. Don't have an account? Raven's rich and snooty cousin Andrea comes to visit, leading to a fight between the two girls. Cory is scared to go to the dentist when Raven has a vision of him needing a filling. Raven gets a vision that the Community Theatre play she's producing will bomb. 8.

Raven throws a surprise birthday party for Eddie and he believes his parents may reconcile. Raven goes on a "room makeover" TV show, but Cory gets to do the makeover. The 'Cosby Show' alum stars as a teen who gets glimpses of---and then tries to alter---the future in a winning series that employs a good deal of physical comedy. Emmett: Shane Haboucha. Season Three: "Psychic Eye for the Sloppy Guy" • "Stark Raven Mad" • "Opportunity Shocks" • "Taken to the Cleaners" • "Five Finger Discount" • "Sweeps" • "Double Vision" • "Bend it Like Baxter" • "The Big Buzz" • "True Colors" • "Dog Day Aftergroom" • "Royal Treatment" • "Art Breaker" • "Boyz 'N Commotion" • "Gettin' Outta Dodge" • "On Top of Old Oakey" • "They Work Hard for His Honey" • "Mind Your Business" • "Hizzouse Party" • "Mismatch Maker" • "Chef-Man and Raven" • "When in Dome" • "Too Much Pressure" • "Extreme Cory" • "The Grill Next Door" • "Point of No Return" • "Country Cousins" • "Food for Thought" • "Mr.

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