The movie Carpetbaggers starring the hot guy from Breakfast at Tiffany's was very lifetime original...and this book reads like a Sweet Valley High Novel circa 1930's. And kept it hidden from my mother of course. My grandpa gave me this book before he died. they were divorced, and they talked every few years.

Start by marking “The Carpetbaggers” as Want to Read: Error rating book. We used to rent a renovated barn-like house on Douglas Lake in Michigan for a summer vacation and there were a ton of paperback books downstairs in the "livingroom." I mean, in some of it i can see where they get the ideas, but, they left out a lot, and changed scenes from the book, made different turn outs from the book. Yes, it's trash, but it's entertaining trash. It took me ages to finish because I kept finding something better to do. The strength in The Carpetbaggers is that it's really 3 novels in one: a western, a soap opera and … In any case I enjoyed the book, the story line was good, I read it avidly, but I have to admit my motives for reading it were not literary, well I was 14/15!! In an interview with Dick Lochte, Robbins said "The airplane manufacturer in The Carpetbaggers was Bill Lear, not Howard Hughes, by the way."

Lear, developer of the Lear jet and the 8-track t… “Every man has his price.

Everything you need to understand or teach she had been through a lot. Very Popular Novels of Mid-Century America. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The Carpetbaggers is, however, the fourth most read book of all time for reasons that transcend theme. The plot is very dramatic to say the least but dramatic in a dated way where they sort of hint around all the scandal. I had rarely seen paperback books, as my parents had hardback books in their library as did my grandparents. in the book, she wasnt, and if she was, you didnt get that through the reading. .i dont want to get into too much of it to spoil it. Confused about the timing of David's birth? Born as Harold Rubin in New York City, he later claimed to be a Jewish orphan who had been raised in a Catholic boys home. From what my dad has told me, this book is based on the life of howard h. I thought the book was a great read. So sometimes you pick up a book thinking, "Wow, this is going to be really awesome and trashy!" The novel is a roman-a-clef of old Hollywood featuring movie star Rina Marlow, and cowboy turned movie star, Nevada Smith whose lives are intertwined with Jonas Cord's career. i was reading a different book at the time, but once i started it was a really good book. Harold Robbins was a natural storyteller (although he later severely over-estimated his abilities), and his powers of narrative drive reached their peak in this novel. Fictionalized life of Howard Hughes as everyone knows by now. I would sneak down and grab one and then read it under the covers upstairs with flashlight in hand. ), the resources below will generally offer The Carpetbaggers chapter summaries, quotes, and analysis of themes, characters, and symbols. Inconsistent characters, tone, pacing, graphicness, length.. somehow. Jonas Cord (sort of a Bruce Patman 1.0) has some daddy issues.

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