3), Ta Tong Books (11F, 162-44 Hsin Yi Rd., Sec. /FormType 1 The Republican period (1919-1949) witnessed an outpouring of poetry in a bold form and style that were entirely new to China, written in the common people's language--baihua ("plain speech"). Central, Central, Hong Kong), Kelly and Walsh (Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Central, Hong Kong), Beijing Foreign Language Bookshop (235 Wangfujing St, Dongcheng, Beijing, China), China Book Import Center (35 Chegongzhuang Xilu Beijing), Maruzen (Many shops throughout the country), Kinokuniya (Many shops throughout the country).

/PTEX.InfoDict 25 0 R The selections trace the development of the new form of verse that arose during the May Fourth Movement, as part of a transformation of Chinese culture. Our membership in ETAS has temporarily doubled our digital collections, adding 3 million additional items. COVID-19: Updates on library services and operations. Poetry Journal (诗刊, Beijing, China) was founded in 1957 with an emphasis not only on the publication of contemporary Chinese poetry, but also the publication of classical poetry by living poets. Please check the HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS) for your item. The May Fourth Movement of 1919 launched an era of turmoil and transformation in China, as newly-arrived Western ideas and Western-style education encroached on ancient Confucian traditions. /Matrix [1.00000000 0.00000000 0.00000000 1.00000000 0.00000000 0.00000000] Innovative writers produced a new poetry written in the common vernacular, baihua, meaning "plain speech"--thus breaking with centuries of literary tradition that prized the classical form.

130 St. George St.,Toronto, ON, M5S 1A5

/ProcSet [ /PDF /Text ] The flowering of modern Chinese poetry : an anthology of verse from the Republican period / translated by Herbert Batt and Sheldon Zitner ; with introductions by Michel Hockx.

>> endobj >> Artland Books (B1 #122 Jen Ai Road, Sec. Try to … >> Tell us about a web

traditionandmodernity.pdf ", "What makes The Flowering of Modern Chinese Poetry indispensable and unprecedented is its coverage: fifty of the most important Chinese poets of the first half of the twentieth century, several of them women…The anthology allows both the novice and the expert to enjoy the founding moments of modern Chinese poetry in their full splendor as no previous book has done.". /Length 3013 Batt, Herbert J., 1945- translator.

added author. /Subtype /Form 2, Shuang 10th Rd., Banciqo City, New Taipei City), Swindon Books (13-15 Lock Rd., Hong Kong), Hong Kong Book Center (25 Des Voeux Rd. ETAS items are listed as print-only in our catalogue. All rights reserved.

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The flowering of modern Chinese poetry : an anthology of verse from the Republican period / ... Chinese poetry--20th century--Translations into English. Terms and conditions. The New Poetry broke with the centuries-old tradition of classical poetry and its intricate forms, and the rise of China's modern poetry reflects the rise of modern China. Montreal ; Chicago : McGill-Queen's University Press, 2016, 0773547657, 0773547665, 9780773547650, 9780773547667, Representative Poetry Collection – Library Use Only, "This is an anthology of vernacular verse written in China between 1918 and 1949, which has been translated into English by Herbert Batt and Sheldon Zitner. Over 200 poems from more than forty authors are presented. /PTEX.PageNumber 1 endobj

While ours is not a history book, the momentous social and political transformation in early twentieth-century China is the backdrop (in a sense even the engine) of the rise of New Poetry.

An enjoyable read for anyone interested in understanding Chinese modernity through the lens of poetry. 2016.10.06 The overall goal is to try to read and think these poems without completely understanding what they mean! /BBox [0.00000000 0.00000000 612.00000000 792.00000000] /Resources << /PTEX.FileName (./final/15/15_Paper.pdf) �!3;�6��oC�M꛶�t�n�r1��m+����?�z�|_�D�k=v��5����������C�l�f���`Y�Y'��[email protected]�ٛ�z�w�*��I����!K�0�%RqŻ��zm~h�.�]wB���&�b��$��� aW�`�:�3��`�V ?�=�+K96z]i�gލ�o�%�����k��|���DTkd��}�3�A����&�헽��>����w"YF眀¢���]�=�q��X�F�Z5+煵�K���9ycQ�ˌ���k���q|I���ʚ�g{��a���:���>�Bendstream

. Terms and conditions.

Chinese poetry. 3, Taipei), Caves (New Taipei City, Xinzhuang District, Zhongzheng Rd, 510號), Knowledge Books (4F, No.

The founding of the People's Republic of China web accessibility. << /S /GoTo /D [6 0 R /Fit ] >> ���N��$�6z�d�h��O ЈDU%�4S�S0���Y> i�e:L�0D,�n�a�Fb994;��+WAc2cw#�ڙ����}iX�u˸��_vc{,q�@�yGӮ����S��ٳ9v!e��g��Cw{=�K ߊ_��,o��N�y���)�[email protected]�n�O��u����I�$MJ�q�,A4����CP4��N�4��Эa �^�l��r2Nt�xD3�,ny�ˈ�l'}TS*|��T�. Send Email. /Type /XObject

stream The Flowering of Modern Chinese Poetry An Anthology of Poetry from the Republican Period Translated by Herbert Batt and Sheldon Zitner Introductions by Michel Hockx Welcome to our website, with resources for students and teachers. online privacy and data collection.

"The Flowering of Modern Chinese Poetry provides a comprehensive picture of the rise of modern poetry in vernacular Chinese and its first golden age from the 1910s to the 1940s. A Night Walk Through Jurimatsubara 夜步十里松原, Spring Rivulets (春水)24, 25, 33, 66, 105, 112, 118, 153, 169, 182, On Hearing the Ritual Chant of Repentance at Tianning Temple, Changzhou 常州天宁寺闻礼忏声, Spring Landscape with a Small Temple 小庙春景, Sonnet 1: Deep Down We Are Preparing 我们准备着, Sonnet 2: Whatever We Can Shed 什么能从我们身上脱落, Sonnet 16: We Stand on a Lofty Mountain Peak 我们站立在高高的山巅, Sonnet 18: Occasionally We Have Spent an Intimate Night 我们有时度过一个亲密的夜, Sonnet 26: We Tread Our Daily Path 我们天天走着一条小路, Sonnet 27: From a Stretch of Formless, Overflowing Water 从一片泛滥无形的水里, To a Friend at the End of the Year 岁暮怀人 (二), Our History is Rushing Forward (i) 我们的历史在奔跑着(一), North China is Ablaze (iv): Cities 北中国在燃烧, 四部: 市, Impromptu: At the Tomb of Xiao Hong 萧红墓畔口占, Five Short Poems, no. /Font << /F35 30 0 R /F37 33 0 R /F38 38 0 R >> stream "The rise of vernacular verse in China in the early twentieth century coincided with a period of intense social dislocation. The Libraries are open to serve you, even while our physical collections are unavailable during the COVID crisis. modern Chinese poetry (Lin, 1973).

/Contents 12 0 R © University of Please let us know: The flowering of modern Chinese poetry : an anthology of verse from the Republican period /. Tradition and Modernity in 20th Century Chinese Poetry modern Chinese poetry” (Lin, 1973). Many of the poems were written in response to political and/or social events: imprisonment, battle, Japanese burning of villages and bombing of cities, wanderings through the war-ravaged countryside, and the deprivations of the poorest peasants of the great northwest. %PDF-1.4 translated by Herbert Batt and Sheldon Zitner ; with introductions by Michel Hockx. 416-978-8450

The goal is to give a nuanced picture of the astonishingly rapid development of vernacular verse in China from its first appearance during the May Fourth Movement through 1949, the year of Mao's takeover and his imposition of censorship."--.

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