The series was nominated for numerous awards, winning several, including three BAFTA awards, four RTS awards and a Peabody Award.

On the down side I fear to live in a world of cold calculation where everything is of weight and measure, let us experience love as it is, let us not quantify it into meaningless attachment for procreation. My favourite section was the one depicting how alcohol reacts with your brain and makes you do things that you probably shouldn't have. There is absolutely NO reason for any debates on religion to be posted on this doc. There are several ways to be notified about new content on TDF. The Human Body Pt2 An Everyday Miracle Divx505 Ac3 Mvgroup Org.avi (700.60 Mb) Subtitles: [chi] [eng] [heb] An Everyday Miracle – The drama of conception activates the most sophisticated life support machine on earth. There are numerous graphical presentations which delve right inside your brain to show in different colours what each section of your brain is responsible for. Technicolour journey.

Which it is. Read about our approach to external linking.

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The large surface area makes it easier for this to take place and to get the oxygen where it needs to go. In short, an embryo is more technically akin to a parasite than a human being. To answer your question, Religious people confuse facts with belief and vice versa for the same reason you assume to. Raise your children to appreciate how marvelous it is to be alive. Using new techniques and equipment, the programme looks and feels like a rollercoaster ride through the reproductive organs. We know an astonishing amount about the human body because of science. And freedom to have children and dedicate a life to them instead of working the whole day and leave them in a baby school. The pre/trans fallacy should be noted here, and to one who has eyes to see it, this debate is a perfect example. The flip-side to that coin is that religions generally DO claim to have all the answers, and instead of facts (or at least well established hypothesis), you just need faith.

A summary of Part X (Section4) in 's David Hume (1711–1776). This episode looks at death and follows one man on his final journey. Our eyes can distinguish up to one million color surfaces and take in more information than the largest existing telescope.         // IMPORTANT: Replace EXAMPLE with your forum shortname! people live an average of 55 years in africa what the hell ? Philippa says her body seems to have taken over. Thankfully we have the arts and our human experience to keep the question on the table and up for debate. 1. in 1998 - English narration.

Did you know that only one sixth of all pregnancies actually make it past the first eight weeks? Documentary narrated by Robert Winston and

If I had to pick whose world I'd rather live in I'd go with Rodrigo's or Tyler Durdens anyday. The Human Body is a seven part documentary series, first shown on 20 May 1998 on BBC One and presented by medical scientist Robert Winston. Also it isnt true that `you just need faith` as you state it does. Religion, mainly its extremist side which claims to bear the Truth seems to be nearly 50% is still a far cry from acknowledging its limitations and continues to desecrate life by continuously engaging in the murders and wars and massacres of other human beings. BICD 134, Kalodiah Toma Notes BBC The Human Body An Everyday Miracle The fetus heart beats 120 times per second Sperm is 100X smaller than the egg It is a struggle to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

The adult human brain is the most complicated – and mysterious – object in the universe. This documentary openly states at many spots that it is NOT just about numbers and biological quantities.

Sure it can process in info many times faster, but it can never take available information and come up with a completely new idea; like an apple falling on your head and deriving that with the presence of gravity.

However only a few scientists believe that science can answer all questions and only a few religious adherents belief God is a man with a long white beard. We should never accept any one way as the rule, least we all revert to fundamentalist anything. Prof Robert Winston takes a look at the human body during the teenage years.

Some people think they’re not all that special and believe their lives don’t have much meaning. :).        

Between his roller-coaster ride to symbolise the ups and downs of puberty to a visit to the oozing hot springs where life began, you know it's going to be an incredible ride. But there’s good news: We have to lose over 50 percent of our scalp hairs before anyone notices. Science has happily allowed the general public to back scientific theory by not correcting people who gloriously state `... if I can`t see it I don`t believe it...` and making it clear that that statement is itself unscientific. I did read back your comment and it made more sense.

Viewers who were taught the facts of life through technical pictures of the internal organs of rabbits in grey biology textbooks will be amazed at how science has moved on. Learn why conception is the most dangerous part of your life, and the struggles that you must go through to even reach the first step. Life Story – Every second, a world of miraculous microscopic events take place within the body. BUT here is what fools most people: the deduction is faultless ... but the argument is completely flawed because the PREMISE does not stand upto scrutiny. Communicate this wonder to your teenagers. Robert Winston reveals the secrets behind the human biology series. First Steps – In four years, the new-born child learns every survival skill.

Being a sociologist/anthropologist, I will often and definitely use religion to explain the social group we are studying. To oxygenate blood, our lungs are filled with thousands of microscopic capillaries.

I know precisely where to put one piece of flesh and sew it to another piece, what not to touch, what to avoid etc ... but, once I do that it is the miracle of the human body that then does the healing. Offering clear voice of Dr. Robert Winston allows 10-year-old child even gain knowledge and understand the human body than ever before. Presenter Robert Winston says: "Having a baby is a common enough experience and we feel we know a lot about it, but more than half of what's actually going on inside our bodies is a mystery, even to doctors.". You went all the way trying to prove me wrong on something that has (as you said) no foundation and that myself realize how wrong it was. The latest hypothesis is that there was not a big bang and the string theories don`t add upto a theory of everything either ... so the idea is that parallel universes does answer a lot of scientific problems including the inconsistencies of how much gravity there is ... the notion being that it leaks from another universe. The Secret Life of the Brain, a David Grubin Production,... Why do we think and feel as we do? The human heart creates enough pressure to squirt blood 30 feet. As a parent, you probably suspected this already, but you and your children are living miracles. What emptiness lies in the soul of science fanatics. You also gain a greater understanding into why our senses such as hearing and sight start to deteriorate when the couple leave the farm and take their first trip to the big smoke (New York).

You and your children are wonderfully made.

Radio? I adore seekers of truth/reality and have been pre-occupied with the Big Question `who are we what is the universe, how did we/it happen, etc` since a child :) There is so much prejudice in every field (incl. Use stoves? Covering the first four years of development, this is a compelling insight into our involuntary reflexes and their evolution as well as some interesting topics such as an explanation of how babies can breathe and drink milk at the same time (which would probably be the best time to teach them the didgeridoo). People blink once every four seconds.

All theory goes out the window, all concepts fall short of what you have experienced. The Human Body Pt4 Raging Teens Divx505 Ac3 Mvgroup Org.avi (700.32 Mb) Subtitles: [chi] [eng] [heb]

Cant wait to watch the rest.Thank you guys for posting this. Matriculation, girls, pains of adolescence, complex activity of the brain and eventually death shown in steps with detailed explanation.

incredible understanding of the human body and its complex workings.

I agree -and I never said otherwise. Both of these sets of people are clearly held in bondage to false reflections of what they declare they stand for. BTW, @Anne, No one in their right mind is FOND of Abortion, I don't know any woman who would go through that for fun or looks back on the experience with nostalgia. Either way you cut it they are both succeptable to extremism and if we aren't careful we could lose everything. Where did I say that being religious imply automatically “GOD fanatics” I would have prefer that you asked “ Jake what do you mean by this”, instead of assuming that I was referring that all religious person were god fanatic “My dad and my wife are religious and I don’t see them as a fanatics”.

They all came from the division of one single cell. The hormone-driven roller-coaster otherwise known as adolescence! :0 Damn she always win that way. The majority of groundbreaking scientific advancement have come from scientists that fundamentally dont fit into the norm ... they use their current knowledge as a starting point ... they are excellent thinkers - by that I mean able to differentiate between linear and creative, and use both, and are also wonderful individuals who have stood up against a lot of flack hurled at them by their contempories who cut them down because they were proposing hypothesis outside of the then belief systems of the science community. And your fingerprints are your own unique bar code indicating the true miracle you are. Maybe one day religion will be a thing of the past, as it is slowly replaced by a different form of new 'religious' thinking, one that perhaps will be scientific all around but will also involve a much more sophisticated way of discovery which for now is considered intangible and will also highly value differences in faiths without ever denying common sense, reason nor proof as this new 'religious' way of thinking will never claim a truth, but an insatiable curiosity to explore. being religious does not equal God fanatics. Your lungs have a surface area the size of a tennis court. Also, hair is virtually indestructible. @Rodrigo - Why is it religious people so often confuse facts with belief and belief with facts? There is no need for me to state this from an `I` perspective because it is not an opinion, I am highlighting that `evidence` used was not relevant because it brought together the notion of religious individuals being man in a cloud with beard (which altho` may apply to a good percentage does not stand up to being used as a reason to dish religion. To have qualms over this means you should also have qualms with brushing your teeth as both kill living cell formations which can both quite accurately be considered as biological organisms. Drive a car? Terrible quality video.

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