Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The two synthesis essay questions below are examples of the question type that has been one of the three free-response questions on the AP English Language and Composition Exam as of the May 2007 exam. com, that I affirm abolishing the penny, yet with some restrictions. Penny Synthesis Essay The United States of America draws its strength from its honored traditions. One of the greatest founding fathers of the United States of America is continually placed on a completely worthless piece of change. This reason proves to be untrue considering that the small reminder of Lincoln in our pockets does not change the fact that the penny has no worth in our society.

Safire writes “10 million shiny new useless items punched out everyday by government workers who could be more usefully employed tracking counterfeiters”. Hire a Professional to Get Your 100% Plagiarism Free Paper. But why would someone want to find them? On average people spend about four hours per year looking for pennies (Kahn). If we decided to get rid of them, a lot of our time would no longer be wasted! Are You on a Short Deadline? ( Log Out /  Four hours isn’t a lot of time, but is completely ridiculous to think that time could be wasted on pennies. According to a poll taken from source e, it was asked if they’d be in favor of abolishing the penny. Weller says they want to “avoid the systematic rounding of prices” to accommodate for the loss of the penny.

For instance, in this synthesis essay outline template, we want to show them how gaming is changing the future of science education. Pennies are small. The penny should be eliminated, it is no longer useful by any means. This gives time for manufacturing companies to find other means of work besides the penny. Bargaining would fail as people would claim the trade wasn’t fair, thievery would explode across the globe, lazy people would do nothing, and people wouldn’t have motivation to do anything but help their own family and selves. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Synthesis Essay Rank 1:The Elimination of The Penny In our ever evolving economy, we’re always looking for ways to pinch pennies –and this time we’ve gone to the extreme: eliminate the penny entirely. Due to their decrease in value, time wasting ways, and ability to get lost quicker than the speed of light, they need to be abolished.

They also clutter sidewalks and pavement where people no longer take the time to pick them up. The most obvious reason the United States shouldn’t abolish the penny; is because one of our most beloved presidents, Abraham Lincoln graces the front of it. It is an embarrassment to the beliefs of our country that such an influential man would be memorialized on a coin that is lost more times out of ten than it is actually used. Penny Synthesis. It is largely recognized as a preservation of the United States’ most important and influence presidents. Penny pinchers are a thing of the past, bring on the dime diggers of the 21st century. Others may argue that the penny holds a very significant purpose in American society. Obviously one doesn’t fit. They used to be very useful years ago, but that is slowly diminishing. The penny, the smallest denomination of our currency, embodies the ideals that define Americans. Doctors could use that time to save lives, parents can spend more time with their children, and students can study towards a future career. As the cashier hands out change, the ever present temptation to just say “keep the change” washes over people each and every day. But abolishing the penny is a ridiculous change that would cause unnecessary stress Pennies are no longer needed in our society. The correct answer would be no. Pennies are lost quickly because they aren’t worth the trouble of finding them.

Most people in the country do not even want the penny abolished, no matter the income level.

Considering that adults (capable of voting for president) within the United States want the penny abolished, the government should listen to the people and act on the obvious majority opinion. He had accumulated a total of 1,308,459 pennies which turns into a tidy profit of $13,084.59. We all were once fascinated with the clink of the penny going into the slot, and anticipating the time when all the pennies could be counted to see how much money was collected. Nickels. I realize that people like change now and then, especially when good change is happening in the country.

When was the last time you bought something for a penny? As the cashier hands out change, the ever present temptation to just say “keep the change” washes over people each and every day. It is a constant reminder of what he gave for his country, as Michael Bishop said “the penny is perhaps the most visible and tangible reminder of Lincoln’s significance in American history” (source f).

Marie Curie. Abolish the penny synthesis essay and who writes scholarly journal articles Dvds, textbook, and solutions in order to create simulation environments as a joke some funny sounds and repeating is called building beauty contest; articles journal writes who scholarly students had engaged with the aim project well as providing technical skills. Synthesis Essay #1: Pennies.

Purchases would no longer total up to any random number that cause us to rummage though coin pouches and pockets. Not everyone is going to be on board with the whole penny elimination. The penny itself has shown to be irrelevant to country’s financial system. Those four hours could be filled with a more beneficial action if the penny were to be abolished. Change ), Writing Process Analysis- King vs. Lamott, Introverts and Extroverts, Research Paper, Here is my first post. Unfortunately the United States will continue to waste time and money delaying the inevitable decision. Mentioned, as opposition to this bill, is Tennessee who is rich in raw zinc. Eleanor Roosevelt.

Quarters. Our smallest coin is the Penny;  it was the very first currency to be authorized by the United states, in 1787. Abolishing the penny is preposterous. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

They have become more trouble than they are worth and draw too much attention away from bigger issues. com, that I affirm abolishing the penny, yet with some restrictions. Even vending machines don’t accept pennies to purchase anything. (2017, Feb 19). ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Abolishing the penny would not bring immediate changes, but will improve the quality of transactions and economics within the country. The penny is the Kim Kardasian of the group. ( Log Out / 

3: Synthesis Essay- The Penny We all are familiar with the sound of loose change clinking in our pockets. Susan B Anthony. What do you want them to know? Many years ago, a penny was enough to buy candies and small items. The penny, which ultimately preserves the founding principles of American culture, is essential to both the American populace and our country; without it, society would regress through the loss of an artifact that emblemizes the heart and soul of our nation’s progression; therefore, the penny coin should not be eliminated but remain in circulation for the betterment of mankind. Synthesis Essay #3 – Pennies Money is the crux of society. The feeling of pulling out the small, copper change out of our wallets and seeing Abraham Lincoln shining his face on the penny is something we’ve known all our lives. The ever apparent irrelevance of small denomination coins is not unique to the U.S. currency. ( Log Out /  ” It is a better economical strategy to gradually eliminate the penny from circular use. Without it, anarchy would break out. But now all we can get with a single penny is a ride on the mechanical horse at Meijer’s. The penny also wastes resources. Pennies are annoying.

This coin even plays an important role in the large economy. Our smallest coin is the Penny; it was the very first currency to be authorized by the United states, in 1787. The people who make these accusations are obviously not very good savers.

They have become a waste. ( Log Out /  We don’t have all the time in the world, and the penny is simply not worth wasted time. Yes our price system would have to change, but hasn’t it already? Get custom paper. Let a Professional Writer Help You, © New York Essays 2020. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

Kim Kardasian. Pennies. Representative Kolbe’s idea is to make the nickel the country’s lowest denomination coin.Interesting enough Kolbe’s state of Arizona is rich in copper, which makes up most of the higher denominational coins. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. It was signed into law that four newly designed tail images would be put onto the back of the penny to commemorate Lincoln (source f). ( Log Out /  We’ve all experienced that awkward moment when you are digging for coins in your wallet while an entire line is waiting behind you. According to Source A, since 1982 penny manufacturing has been produced from 97. The penny should not be eliminated. All rights reserved, Penny Synthesis. Penny Synthesis Penny Synthesis Essay To “… not ban pennies, but merely discourage their use by establishing a system…” It is because I agree with Mark Lewis of Forbes. As a democracy, it is important to take into account the opinions of the country itself and not just the government. He was a courageous man who helped pull the country out of the age of slavery, and he should be commemorated. Even the general public can agree that the penny should be traded for the nickel as the lowest-value coin, showing that them penny should definitely be eliminated. How about receiving a customized one? The penny is more than just a little brown coin, its a part of America. The New York Times reported, the British and French discontinued the use of their low-denomination coins over 30 years ago. Penny Synthesis Essay To “… not ban pennies, but merely discourage their use by establishing a system…” It is because I agree with Mark Lewis of Forbes. These pesky little coins always find their way between couch cushions, behind cabinets, and into fountains.

The value of the penny has plummeted within the past few years.

Obviously one doesn’t fit. “Despite this, the U.S. Mint keeps churning out a billion pennies a month.” (Source C) The production of this obsolete currency is a waste of both labor and natural resources. As Jeff Gore explains in an article published by the College Board, “The point of a currency is to facilitate a transaction.” There are no longer any transactions dependent on pennies, even without considering the ever increasing use of credit and debit cards.

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