What were the directors of There's Something About Mary thinking? Someone get him a bag of seeds and point him toward the most duck-filled pond in the state of Ohio. In the final scene, he is shown waking up to intruders who want to keep him from playing against their beloved New England Patriots (we assume). Lyle Alzado, former Super Bowl champ, stayed in great shape after his NFL career was over. Roy Williams made a cameo as a coach for Midland Lee in Friday Nights Lights the movie. Best baseball players on Cameo. Jim Brown was the most dominating football player of all time. | Robert Altman gets under my skin. Stone Cold was a B-grade action film to any and all. At least he left us with this gem in a classic movie, Ernest Goes to Camp. It's rare when a former player and coach can perform individually in the movie itself.

Failure to Launch was a terrible movie already, so no skin off Bradshaw's bald head. The first NFL player to make a forgotten about cameo on the big screen comes in the form of longtime quarterback Brett Favre. Man 1: Kicking and Screaming sucked, but Mike Ditka did a decent job alongside Will Ferrell. The weight of the costume meant this poor — um — life-sized puppeteer (?) This has to be one of the most famous moments in all of comedic cinema.

The Player is, as much as Short Cuts, a quintessential Altman film.

Luckily, he still made it back for the big game. Paramedics were called immediately after this.

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Favre made a cameo in the hit comedy There's Something About Mary. Mardi Gras was canceled.

The one where all the legends act completely disrespectful to their local catering staff and beat each other up? Watching the clip might make you feel uncomfortable similar to how you feel when you see a guy get turned down after a marriage proposal.

In the theatrical version there was a frontal nude scene of Tim Robbins at the hotel in the desert. OK, everybody, quiet on the set. Quiet on the set. Brian Bosworth was one of the biggest flops in NFL history. The 2005 version of The Longest Yard sucks. Big Bubba Smith was a two-time Pro Bowler and one-time Super Bowl champ before he hit the screen in a comedic way in 1984. This film recorded digitally in a THX Sound System Theatre. The league brought that basic idea back for 2020, only instead of a banquet, it’s a never-ending game of touch football led by a child who can teleport across both time and space. The Making of ‘The Godfather’ Getting the Scripted TV Treatment with ‘The Offer’, 15 September 2020

Man 1: His injury-inflicting block on the Mean Machine running back rallied the inmates to a major upset in a great movie. Scene 1, take 10.

A Hollywood studio executive is being sent death threats by a writer whose script he rejected, but which one? As the former florist Moses Hightower, Smith was just one of many hilarious characters in the hilarious Police Academy series. Smith made quite a career with the series, playing in six of the seven movies. Ray Nitschke was one of the guards in the epic guards versus inmates football game in the original The Longest Yard. Rent it at your local Blockbuster...hahahahahaha. THIS IS WHY YOUR STADIUM CAME IN $2.5 BILLION OVER BUDGET. While some of the cameos on this list are actually examples of decent acting, others were so bad that you can't help but watch them over and over laughing your head off. Howie Long is a great Hall of Fame lineman. On a related note, some elements in the movie-within-the-movie Habaes Corpus, (including the original ending), are very similar to The Life of David Gale (2003), which opened to negative reviews. He ran for 12,000 yards and made Mars Attacks briefly tolerable. 16 September 2020 This sounds somewhat similar to Sofia Coppola's movie Lost in Translation (2003), which was praised by critics as one of the best movies of that year. He seemed to be just as dominating as an assistant coach in the immortal Any Given Sunday. Anna Nicole Smith was quite a beauty back then. You remember that one? had his or her poor head smashed into the cobblestone thanks to the weight of their oversized dome. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. His films are worthy of great respect, yet they are frequently as irritating as they are brilliant. The 49ers could lose by 50 and this might still be the most damaging interaction Garoppolo has Sunday. Man 2: The Godfather Creation Story To Get Scripted Series at Paramount+. The 5 best player cameos from the NFL’s ‘Next 100’ Super Bowl ad In advance of Super Bowl 54, the NFL gave us their spiritual successor to last year’s “NFL 100” ad. Marker. Best Movie by Year on Rotten Tomatoes (1985-2016), Best Film Adaptations Written by the Author (Part 2), View production, box office, & company info, Michael Tolkin (screenplay), You can even have a conversation with him. Alex Karras, the former Detroit Lion, made his mark on Blazing Saddles with this excellent right jab as the idiot character Mongo. His turn in the hilarious trilogy The Naked Gun was just a small example of what could've been for the Hall of Fame running back. Deion "Primetime" Sanders didn't quite live up to his self-imposed nickname with his Celtic Pride cameo.

As with virtually every category on Cameo, you can waste hours going through the baseball section and marveling at the long-forgotten names and surprising prices. Also, there’s no way that chain is OSHA certified. IF.com.au Simpson was a rising star in Hollywood. "The Player" is one film that sets out to skewer Hollywood and actually succeeds. Or something. With the NFL lockout set to end any day now, why not have a little fun recounting some of the NFL's best contributions to Hollywood? Take a look at his turn in the video link. Brett Favre was quite terrible in his role as the former love interest of the Mary. Like last year’s NFL ad, this was chock full of solid cameos from NFL vets. One of his better movies was Quentin Tarantino's 1996 horror film From Dusk Till Dawn. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

David Kahane is said to have written a low-key screenplay based on his experiences in Japan. This is still better than Young’s reaction, which was “give him a tip.” Young does not know who the 49ers current quarterback is. cameos from dozens of stars that make this Robert Altman satire on Hollywood the memorable movie it is.

Dan Marino was neither good nor bad in his brief appearance after being kidnapped. Michael Tolkin (novel), The Making of ‘The Godfather’ Getting the Scripted TV Treatment with ‘The Offer’, The Godfather Creation Story To Get Scripted Series at Paramount+.

Bill Romanowski was pretty badass though in his 'roid-fueled rage. While not much of a NFL player, Carl Weathers made big splashes in Hollywood with stints as Apollo Creed in the 1976 Oscar winner Rocky among other movies. Williams is an alumnus of Permian, the rival of Midland Lee as well as the subject school for the move.

Indiewire 10 All Access to become Paramount+, 15 September 2020

The 21 Best NFL Player Movie Cameos in Cinema History 0 of 21 With the NFL lockout set to end any day now, why not have a little fun recounting … 124 min Keep in mind that the term "best" is used very loosely.   |  Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. But rather than try to top Spencer Hall’s 2,000-word missive on the “NFL 100” spot, I’m just gonna roll out the top five player appearances in what’s been the best of an underwhelming crop of Super Bowl ads so far. P.S. It has Ben Stiller following his high school prom date around, played by Cameron Diaz, to the point that he hires a private investigator to keep a close eye on her. Terry Bradshaw, while a great quarterback, is one of the worst co-anchors in NFL history. He just assumes the San Francisco Marriott has employed the most handsome bellhop in the world. | Hawkins from Vietcong returns at the very first level of the second game's US campaign.

Seriously. In this classic about the touching friendship between Chicago Bears great Gale Sayers and his rival, friend, and cancer-stricken running back is legendary. Brown doesn’t have to say a thing to make a good Jim Brown cameo (even if he did this time, imploring our young star to “take it to the house”).

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