After Shane's emotional break a few seconds later, Lem died. Due to his role as the lead person during an assault scenario, he is equipped with a compact shotgun as his primary firearm.

Curtis "Lemonhead", , It ends with him. In one instance, Mackey found himself in a dispute between two rival drug dealers who were each claiming the other was selling on their turf.

Shield include a bonus mini-episode of The Shield, identified as "Season 6

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He was unmarried without children.[3].

These rules kept business going smoothly and crime down.

The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Kavanaugh believed that Vic killed Lem and tried to frame him for Lem's murder.

In a move to seal the rest of the team off from prosecution, he pled guilty to theft under color of authority to serve 18 months before parole of a 5 year sentence. Kavanaugh, in a bitter tone, repeatedly asked Vic if he was happy that Lem was dead (since Lem's death effectively closed the IAD investigation of the Strike Team). It also paved a way for later successes on the network such as Sons of Anarchy and Mayans. 2  Vic and his team managed to keep the city streets safe by creating a drug monopoly for a local drug dealer, Rondell Robinson. Just my winning smile! With Lem's help, the team tried to outmaneuver Kavanaugh, which successfully resulted in Kavanaugh's humiliation during a botched sting operation. I'll never forget what you guys did for me. _uacct = "UA-310107-1";


12/08/ Although he and the team came to realize that being sent to the same prison as Antwon Mitchell was an idle threat, they still had to deal with Mitchell's One-Niner gang being spread across almost all California prisons; Lem's life would be at risk either way. Viewing their disturbingly private moment on the closed-circuit television, Vic remarked that they had found Kavanaugh's weakness. Lem and teammate, Detective Ronnie Gardocki were not included in the plot by the team leader Vic Mackey and Shane Vendrell to kill Detective Terry Crowley, due to Lem's conscientious nature. kill bill pictures As Vic struck a deal with Mitchell to keep Lem safe, Lem entered the official plea, much to Kavanaugh's dismay. Lemonhead. Since the Armenian mob started looking for me. A desperate Shane tried to do anything he could so that his family is not torn apart, however his attempts are unsuccessful. 19 

The next day, Shane discovers to his horror that Lem never had any intention of ratting out on the Strike Team. | Originally, all four Strike Team members were on the photo. 20  As Vic was led away by Ronnie and Shane, Vic vowed to find and kill those responsible. His agreement with the decision to kill Margos Dezerian, his involvement in the murder of Armadillo Quintero, and the set-up of Hector Estanza are but a few.


The Shield Curtis Lemansky GIF SD GIF HD GIF MP4.


Forced to wear a suit and tie, Vic was trapped in a cubicle, completely alone (much like his former partner Joe Clark) as his family disappeared in the witness protection program, his friends are forever gone and he himself is ostracised by the rest due to all of his crimes that are now exposed. In one of the series DVD commentaries, Michael Chiklis mentioned that all the characters are from the same areas the actors are from, implying that Lemansky was originally from New Haven, Connecticut.

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05/ bruce springsteen pictures 

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When Margos broke into the fake informant's home, he found Mackey waiting for him.

Company Credits Vic Mackey The remaining Strike Team members are one of the few people, who attend the funeral of Lem, who did not receive a motorcade or police funeral as Lem's lack of a department funeral and motorcade would prevent news headlines about Lem's "dirty dealings".

05/ Trivia [edit | edit source]. After Vic angrily confronts Shane about the new information, Shane confesses to his crime, attempting to rationalize it while also speaking of his shame and remorse and arrogantly tries to excuse his actions by comparing them to how Vic killed Terry Crowley as a way to protect the team.

The Shield (TV Series 2002–2008) Kenny Johnson as Curtis Lemansky.

Shane drove away, but not without calling Vic a hypocrite. Kavanaugh decided to use this knowledge as a way to drive a wedge between Lem and Vic. They shake and Kav leaves after wishing Lem good luck and telling him to take care of himself.

The Season 5 DVDs of The Shield include a bonus mini-episode of The Shield, identified as "Season 6 Prequel." Knowing that Vic will try to murder him as revenge for Lem, Shane takes several measures to ensure his survival, beginning with a detailed description of the past crimes of the Strike Team, including names and photos, and threatened to make it public if Vic acted against him.

08/ body in the funeral home. 04/ 10/ As the investigation came to a close, Kavanaugh paid Lem a final visit to apologize and explained that he had always thought Lem would finally give up Vic; he never wanted Lem to go to prison.

Armadillo and Mackey have some serious history with each other after Mackey burned Armadillo's face for killing T.O. Here we take a look at his smartest and dumbest moves. He scattered his desk with pictures of his three children from his marriage with Corinne, and a photo of himself drinking beer with Lem. :

Lem soon became weary of just not knowing what would happen to the others, and the fears started aggravating his ulcer problem. I don't like this.


A now scarred Armadillo refuses to let the past die, returning to Farmington to sell heroin at schools.

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29  However, the sixth season premiere showed in fact that the heroin fiasco was featured prominently both in the newspapers and in a televised statement by Councilman David Aceveda, where he assured the public that the department wouldn't tolerate corruption. 12/

: 04/

In Season 5, the theft of the heroin would come back to haunt Lem. While Ronnie and Vic realized the severity of Lem's health problems and wisely backed off from attacking him for his critical comments, Shane refused to show concern for Lem and angrily attacked him for being scared. 12  Throughout its 7 seasons, Vic Mackey committed despicable crimes, so many in fact, that one could not name them all in a single article.

As the ‘point man’ for the Strike Team, Lem is the vanguard during an assault scenario. This led the remaining three Strike Team members to turn to their friend Smitty to bail Lem out, using money they stole from a small-time pot dealer as bail money. Even when on the run, the events that led him to eventually being killed stemmed from him trying to comfort an injured child, which resulted in his cover being blown and his hiding place discovered. He hadn't built a shared responsibility in the crimes they had committed, making him susceptible to be a snitch and that is exactly what Captain Aceveda was intending when he placed him on the Strike Team. Vic, however, in turn told Shane that he has striked a deal for immunity with ICE.

In a move to seal the rest of the team off from prosecution, he pled guilty to theft under color of authority to serve 18 months before parole of a 5 year sentence.

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To Kavanaugh's amusement, Lem revealed that he was not involved in the plot. Lem was first given the spotlight in the fourth episode of the first season, "Dawg Days". frank sinatra photos

During the operation at the police warehouse, Mackey was directly responsible for Kern Little's death at the hands of the One-Niners. Technical Specs. Showing all 325 items Jump to: Photos (318) Quotes (7) Photos .

Lemansky's life. 25  : In reality, Kavanaugh convinced Councilman Aceveda to go to Vic and to lie about Lem agreeing to turn against the Strike Team in exchange for a new plea bargain in order to try and track the Strike Team to Lemansky. 12/ Sadly, Lionel Phipps forgot this unspoken rule and when he did, the Strike Team planted heroin on him and had one of his smaller dealers, Rondell Robinson take his place. After selling out Ronnie to be arrested and sent to prison for all the crimes the Strike Team committed, Vic began his new work at ICE. Ronnie implies in season five that Lem's parents are "trailer trash" - very poor people who live in trailers or mobile homes.

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