(and any " in' mah !" One of the Scout's lines is "Need a dispenser here". The line itself is provided by.

A conversation between the Heavy and the Medic. One of his cries which is often misheard as "Helloooooooo". 4w Reply. View replies (5) brandallabeling. There are no words on God’s green earth that can describe how spectacularly erect I am. Used semi-often when commenting about The Spy, especially when complaining about facestabs. While this happens with a lot of class-specific updates, the fact that Pyro is a contentious character in and of his own, and is notoriously unfun to fight in packs, has led to a lot of anger and jeering from other players. 174. The girl (who the Spy refers to as a "fried chicken tramp") says yes. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Said targets have been a recurring abomination in the. Usually followed by the Soldier's version from "Now THAT is what I wanna see! The name is also a trade request, with the Stout Shako referring to a hat wearable by the Soldier, and the refined referring to Refined Metal, a crafting ingredient which unofficially doubles as, When the Engineer's facial muscle sliders are set to a strange position, the Engineer's mouth twists into something resembling a vagina. 62567. imcubo: “epidemic” ongoing project. Overtime! 4w Reply. Large groups of players may be seen doing the Conga together in the middle of a map, often growing to both teams forming a giant Conga line. Explanation An image of the Engineer with a shocked expression with the quote on the image stitched together from various words . ", (X) has been kicked/banned from the server for hacking due to (Y). These bots would act as a normal Sniper aimbot until a vote is called to kick them, which would trigger it to lag out the server, booting everyone back to the main menu.

In Watergate, whenever a player gets lifted by the UFO's beam, a text-to-speech voice says either one of these lines.

Well, i cant find Grand Zigurat's Cat hairband, but i've found easter scene with Iridia! ", "After nine years in development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait. Overtime! Solves all problems. ", The Gun Mettle update introduced reskins for many of the non-melee stock weapons, similar to the Arms Deal update from. "...Question. doing a flip on the chair with the rope around his neck, they're laughing their butts off at the suffering of the characters present. If you have $3 per month or $25 per year to spare, please consider becoming a Supporter today! Post reply. Please note, that not every report is actionable. The "End of the Line" update, or EOTL, was originally planned to have, amongst other things, a new map named CP_Snowplow, but was ultimately removed from that specific update due to Valve deeming the map "too confusing for new players". The "Medic!" Now used for. Afterwards, there are quite a few videos and images that show, or imply, the Scout crying at the sight of a rainbow (and. A series of videos involving a Mere saying they like something to Medic, only for the Medic to badmouth it. One of the Heavy's "Grand Duchess" set voice lines.

Actually a slightly modified version of the motto of the USA Marines, it is used as a general.

(achieved by using the "Spy!" A YouTube Role-Playing community fad involving a large group of people with a deformed scout face (from ", On videos featuring weapons or non-weapon objects doing improbable things, fake stats are written up for them in the comments, to parody the game's stat balances. There are no words, on gods green earth that can describe how intensely erect I am. The scene then cuts to a flashback of the Scout hitting on a girl at a fried chicken joint with this line. ", "I have done nothing but [action] [noun] for three days. If a control point is being captured just as the time limit runs out, the Announcer will declare "Overtime" and not end the game.

The class will either have his name changed to something similar sounding or similar functioning. Hi! A snowclone from "Meet the Pyro", based upon Heavy's description of Pyro (wherein [X] is "man"). Does anyone have a save up to that point? In late July 2019, an update was added to the game that, One of Spy's lines at thee end of the Square Dance taunt is "And we're done - off to hang myself!". The Spy repeatedly tries to teach Scout how to talk to a woman in Expiration Date. The manga now is way too random to enjoy peacefully like it was at start. lines, which are sometimes mashed into such lines as "I / was / loud and ugly, and now / I'm / DEAD!

THERE ARE NO WORDS ON GODS GREEN EARTH THAT CAN DESCRIBE HO SPECTACULARLY ERECT I AM. ...Unless it's a farm!". Examples include "How to fly as demonstration man", "How to focus as rifle hunter", and "How to go see-through as secret agent.

that teaches new players to learn that a popped uber is better than a wasted one, a replacement for the Medic and Heavy's Meet the Medic and Schadenfreude taunt, the main attraction here isn't the voice clips. Quickly turned into a snowclone used to explain the difference between two things, with the first thing being made fun of due to the setup of the line. Another quote from Gaben. accidentally made certain crates always drop unusuals. 2/28. ", which has taken a similar life of its own as "Seeldier". The fans have had a lot of fun with this, ranging from the Sniper literally marrying a kangaroo to being wed to an, A line used when Heavy is being Ubercharged. So it makes you grow legs, and if you already got legs, you grow a third leg.

The original sentence is "Some people think they can outsmart me. Depicting the Spy with octopus tentacles instead of legs. elenavutierrezcarrasco138. Medic discovers one of his pet doves, Archimedes, playing in the wound and shoos the bird away with this line.

Well the difference being one is a job and the other is mental sickness! When Valve eventually added Snowplow to the Gun Mettle update, it all but confirmed the EotL team's suspicions that Valve hadn't actually seen the later release candidates and were judging the earlier, more terrible builds of Snowplow. Because I really don't want to do the tedious stuff like rescuing the town again. The spy's strategy is mostly backstabbing people and to do such, one must go behind the enemy player just to get the backstab. Maybe. From the "Meet the Spy" video, the warning that the BLU Spy gives to the BLU team about the RED Spy. found ON 2019-12-19 23:50:16 BY ME.ME 4w 2 likes Reply. Being able to quote "Meet the Engineer" in its entirety is pretty much a requisite for most players. Each video is set to the music "Intruder Alert." A pun on Bernie Sanders, one of Trump's competitors in the election. Just jumping in here since this is the point I'm currently at in reading, even though I know there's more. - The ocean is an angry beast that will tame any who try to control it. Predictably the lines were taken out of context and used for many jokes, particularly regarding Spy's Casanova reputation. ", The Nope exclamation itself has become something of a meme even outside of, There are no words on God's green earth that can describe how, "Spy's sappin' mah sentry!" The Engineer running up to the camera, his helmet inexplicably levitating, him saying "Nope. funny chapter, one day i hope they lose weight , I love these "i will get my revenge" plots if they keep bringing the girls together for another beach trip , this artist definitely has drawn some hentai, There are no words on God’s green earth that can describe how spectacularly erect I am. ), Jill, a developer at Valve and the one who was managing the current Competitive Beta prior to its release in Meet Your Match update, made a post on Facepunch about the next, Due to the game being starved for content updates in recent years, players sarcastically began citing the localization files (which appear at the end of, A comment snowcloned from the kick/ban note by fans, which is used for ironically pointing out the Animated, A slang for "Solo Rage" invented by the players from the. For instance, ", "They're gonna have to bury what's left of you in a. ", This has gotten a few videos turning that phrase around: ", "I'm not a [X], I'm a [Y]. 54260. One of the sounds a Scout makes when scoring a melee kill. "The next update is going to be neato. When the High Five! A snowclone based on one of Soldier's lines.

Each video basically sums up each map in under a minute. Random crits are largely hated for making the game more about luck and less about actual skill.

One of the Medic's lines for Mann vs. Machine upon sighting the money dropped from destroyed robots. If you don't like a particular user's posts, consider blocking (from their profile page) instead. The meme[[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary[[/labelnote]]. Users have taken to spamming this command to annoy friendly Engineers, and numerous videos, parodies, and references appears in many other videos. prompted yet another.

Soldier's affection for the bucket quickly led to jokes and/or shipping. People will often quote this whenever they get killed by one, or even sometimes when they get kills with them. elenavutierrezcarrasco138. There's also "Yeah! In his earliest known appearance in a video by J16FOX, Vagineer became an, A fad which starts with a class saying something along the lines of "(Class) is (thing)!" shoot jump crate, shoot jump crate, shoot jump spy crate. Whenever a poorly-skilled enemy team is seen in a YouTube video, most players will claim that they were made up of poorly-skilled newcomers who joined when the game became free to play, or "F2P" for short. Be polite. BONUS DUCKS! Or, as a certain memetic Texan might put it, "there are no words on gods green earth to describe how spectacularly erect I am." You are not weak or irresponsible for having an abortion. I'm going to gut you like a cornish Gaben. There is no surety in life nor should there be surety on anything else in the creation, especially risk capital. unintendedly looks like that he is performing buttsex on the victim. ", the opposite version where the Engineer's neck squashes downwards. Joke lampooning the very slow release of updates, with players suggesting that those two are the only things left running the game. Love to see uncensored version. Usually. A trend of videos with titles that typically go along the lines of "sexual_class.filetype". call, usually taken from the Medic, with the first syllable edited to cycle forward and reverse. Valve fixed the glitch, but gave servers the option to reequip it if they liked. ©Copyright 1995-2020 Newgrounds, Inc. All rights reserved. homeward for these, no sweet day of return; the god had turned his face from them.-The Odyssey, Homer Read the passage. "We both got buckets of chicken, wanna do it? and then, Youtube videos will infrequently feature the first bit of Engineer's "Yeehaw" voiceline played over a hyper sped-up version of the Square Dance song, accompanied with a similarly sped-up Engineer doing the Kazotsky Kick, and typically followed by. It didn't take long for some fanart to show up depicting that familiar scene, only replacing the actual bullet with a figurine of said female fighter.

"WE ARE IN THE BEAM" or "THE ENEMY IS IN THE BEAM", Gibus Engineer Wildlife Protectors (G.E.W.P), "You were good, son. I've yet to meet anyone who can outsmart [insert another noun here]! Flanderized by the fanbase to make the Medic, One of the Soldier's domination lines over the Sniper is "I will send my condolences to your kangaroo wife!"

", Now that the Source Filmmaker is released, remixing the Meet the Team videos to feature different characters or more characters is becoming popular. datbear978 2020-06-07 06:11:23. Are we just gonna ignore the fact that the satyre admitted trying to flirt with our boy.

The Engineer's line when his Sentries are sapped, it has become an internet-wide snowclone used in nearly any conceivable situation, as long as someone is doing something to something.

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