[quote] And yes, the anger goes on for years because you feel like they put you through such pain so unnecessarily.

And this is why I chose not to be a “writer”, despite much encouragement to pursue just that path. He mentions how she swore she'd pay him back money he gave her. Or say nothing at all about it?

I am obviously in the minority, but I have never enjoyed Sedaris's family tales. 452, nobody is sticking anything in your mouth here. She talked about her family but she never mentioned that her brother was David Sedaris or her sister was Amy Sedaris. [quote]At the very least he is disrespecting her wishes by writing about her. All you need to know. Of course, we are all products of our childhoods and Sedaris seems as stunted as any narcissist. Has anything been written about possible family sexual abuse against the Sedaris children? I know, or can logically guess at, reasons small and large why she committed suicide.

I have not read much about it outside of here.When I first read the New yorker piece I thought I'm getting my period or something.I googled "David Sedaris sociopath" and got nothing.I came to Datalounge and yes! It's based on abandonment, I thought. It seems to me that between the NYer piece and the Dutch interview that Sedaris might just be beginning to become much more self-aware.

Her leaving behind a box of shredded family photos was an added final "fuck you" to the family from her.

The very personal and seemingly irrational reactions attest to this. R64, I laughed at that myself. Somerville is a very hip suburb these days, and not cheap. In the original essay, he wasn't saying that her smoking weed was the stepping stone to suicide at all, just including it when discussing her life.

[quote]You really think randomly quoting me and adding "This one is CLASSIC" amounts to some sort of point? Especially when most of this story is about Sedaris coming to terms with losing the identity of being part of a 6-child family and his mixed feelings of guilt and pride over his wealth. It's not even interesting enough for a coffee table. She was clearly angry with her siblings and wanted to hurt them after her death. To me, it's like he *defined* Tiffany, rather than allowing her to define herself. R84, Quintana died of pancreatitis. They did play a lot of tricks on each other and everyone else.


Elan never leaves me. Even though I am a perfect gentleman. [quote]I say this with no nastiness: if you're "advocating" for a mentally ill woman (by attacking her family) you don't know and calling her suicide an act of courage, you probably should be seeking out therapy of some sort yourself. I just recently saw the piece.

I'm afraid your contention that participating in a message forum as being somehow indicative of someone's mental health is pretty much exactly the "If I'm crazy, then EVERYONE is!" David Sedaris was a wonderful, heroic, big brother to his poor, crazy sister. I understand his need to grieve, and writing is very helpful. Thanks for making me remember that. You're a cunt defending a cunt in a cunty way. I thought it was a beautiful piece. He does not paint himself well with this story – he makes himself look very poor (especially in flaunting his wealth in comparison to her lack of it) – and we’ve judged him because of it. ... Whatever horrors Tiffany went through at Elan, didn't show in the person I met in the 1980s in Somerville. [quote]Sedaris meticulously crafts his sentences and has no problem painting himself (and at times, his family) as a difficult person to know, if not an outright neurotic mess. Then there was her astounding artwork, willed to another loyal friend from long before I met her. “Doesn’t the blood of every suicide splash back on our faces?” This brilliant sentence makes the whole piece worth it.

Wasn't the Elan School where Michael Skakel was sent as a teenager, and where he confessed something about Martha Moxley to a schoolmate?

Who is to say that a helping hand wouldn't have kept her going to the finish line?

Get a fucking grip. - r369, [quote]You're just taking a break from your good job and debating here ("WHAT A DICK!" I do know. Trying to provoke people? But not bullying. I don't really know what you're asking r103. Are you cute? The [italic]New Yorker[/italic] piece says she OD'd on pills of some sort. You have to shut off all the critical faculties of your brain and react in a purely emotional manner (i.e., OVERreact) in order to believe something like that. Then they act "shocked, just shocked" when one of their utterly alone and detached non-members crashes and burns, as any human being who is alone in this world will do eventually. Everything he's written has been focused on himself.

Then you spend the rest of your adult life looking for a rock and a rope.".

I've seen her have episodes...yes, they are scary, but I've learned how to help her while she's in them. Yes, I do have a very serious neurological disorder that prevents me from comprehending what the hell you're talking about. Fine. You are so invested in this fantasy, R174. I'm sure it will make a fabulous story!!

All to defend his hero / a total stranger. There is something disturbed about this and the rest of your post, to say the least. She is the family scapegoat. [quote] agree absolutely. In the 21st century we are inundated by TMI about people who we really wish would hide away – at least in this case, it’s well written…, “how do you ask a writer/painter/composer/poet to stop from expressing the thoughts and emotions they experience — when that is exactly their raison d’etre?”.

Suicide is preventable.

I remember watching her on Letterman years ago right before New Years when the other guest was Dick Clark, and she was just savage and crazy toward him.

Also: non-profit=no profits. 'What if the woman who wrote that love letter as a kid is alive, and her husband beats her? If I could correct myself, David asked, “Doesn’t the blood…” not his dad.

He says that her act of tearing up the family photos seemed melodramatic, not her death. The loss of a family member is tragic. It takes a long while to really come to the point of view that maybe they couldn't help it. DL always piles on the known quantity (e.g. She's dead. It reminds me of that English teacher in Up the Down Staircase who marked up the pathetic love letter from an obviously troubled female student in his class--then returned it to her. That's tacky, and you cannot convince me otherwise. Get over yourself, Mary.

But maybe that’s just me. His emotional disconnect is a defense mechanism for pain that became too much to tolerate in his dysfunctional family. Did she not go to her mothers funeral? Just sending checks won't cut it.

You are implying David Sedaris killed his mentally ill sister? Then there was the cancer is funny but AIDS isn't story.

NPR hires PR folks for some of their writers. I certainly wouldn't sell a story about it. Particularly when it involves some minor celeb who's a smug prick.

A worker drone who sees absurdity is the person I remember. I believe that while she was alive he respected her request after it had been made, but when she took her own life, as many people who take their own life do, they create such gut wrenching impact on the lives of the people around them that each person struggles to process both their feelings of grief and guilt. The line he did when his father said "a life down to one box" and then "two boxes" - maybe was meant to be poignant or gallows humor or cut the moment, but her life wasn't in the box. Hi Friends! They have the right to talk about it. '. Is respect for the dead s hard? End of story. Hi Friends!

Your understanding of “love” is alien to me. He didn’t realize how much he failed her by not attacking the programs very minute she returned home telling her family what Elan School was really about. It doesn't make them mercenaries from a shadowy cabal, paid to use the "weapons" in their "arsenal" against you and "the truth." "put a lid on it" came later and spike of the horrible reform school her misguided parents put her in. Perhaps you can say I've attacked "DS", but he's not anonymous. I’m aware of their power. Lots of pain all around, natch. Toward the end, it was Lisa, but before that we’d all had our turn. Hang in there. And my observation goes to the apologists as well. Who knows, Why the weird speculation on 'how could she afford Somerville?

She said the only way she could attempt suicide was if her consciousness was altered. It sounds odd but sadly, distancing from the family can happen. Hypocrisy that shines like a supernova. I stand by all my content.

Because whomever disagrees with you is treated like shit by you. Why is that (R200)? Their mother had a scotch and cigarette habit and died from lung cancer.

Family memoirs break taboos – and trust | Em News. I was the last person on this earth to speak with Tiffany Sedaris.

I think her suicide and what they found in her place hurt the family more than any comment he has made. That does not qualify you, however, to censor DL. 'He said he wrote about our pain because we weren't doing anything with it. Because he has no deep well of feeling for anything but himself.

What an aggressive, mean action. If he did this to his own little sister, then he's capable of doing it to anyone.

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