The perfect companion for Rean, Jusis, Laura, Sara, Sharon...any character who.

You'll rarely use it, since it's better for emergencies, but man it helps greatly in those cases. Fragile Mage with the weakness to prove it. Found in the Stargazer's Tower (星見の塔). Giliath and Kasia Osborne with their newborn son, Rean. ABUSE Deadly Cross! Since you have no Stacking when she joins, her versatility in terms of ARCUS slots will allow you to create a truly balanced, ready-for-all character who can deliver whatever you need her during her time with the party.

Useless against bosses if they aren't vulnerable to Blind. As much Str and Spd as Rean, so she will be going toe to toe with him.

Has decent Str and Dex too, so she can help those Fighters.

After battling the Nameless One, the purpose behind Altina's capture is made clear; she, along with Millium, is one of two beings created by the Black Workshop who is suitable for being destroyed to unleash the curse.

Plus, it increases Spd. Instead, he helps out the Towa Herschel-led student council with requests from both the academy and in Trista. Found on Bryonia Island, 2nd half (ブリオニア島・後半). The problem with Mr. Regnitz is that he does not work well when you try to balance him in both crafts and arts, since you have to sacrifice valuable slots. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

Has the moves.

Monster level is 93. The Student Council president. This is the DEAL! You are lumped with mandatory members both before and after Commencing operation. the right Food Item and Force MQ's auto CP Regen). Want to be even nastier to the enemy? Not that Angie can't do her thing, but if I have to choose between the two of them... give me my Sword Maiden, please. Plus EVA makes her one of the most useful characters for Link attacks, even against those only vulnerable to Strike type. Make matters worse for the enemy with this. ... 100% Achievement - Comprehensive Walkthrough.

He is placed in Class VII and is sent to various locations as a part of his field studies. He has feared that since he was a child. All formations that require someone at the very back row. Hello there, beautiful. Since Special Characters only appear in battle, they bear no relevance whenever you get out of the Old School House.

Do you depend on Link attacks? Chests are listed by number, chapter, location and content.

He resumes his duties at Thors Branch Campus and attends at the wedding of Olivert Reise Arnor and Scherazard Harvey.

), she is, What more can I say?

During the time you have her, and even on the Reverie Corridor, she will be a very good Bait. During Giliath Osborne's national address regarding the disappearance of the Garrelia Fortress, Towa along with the rest of the school see how Crow assassinates Osborne. He can have enough turns but will never monopolize the action like Fie or Rean. You'll see him steal the spotlight on the Divertissement, and he does a fine job at that too if you use him in the Reverie Corridor. Rixia can do just as fine and packs more power. Petit but powerful is her motto. Requires Rean, Alisa, Fie and Jusis. Adequately high Def, too. Requires Rean and Altina. Those S-Crafts of hers are the perfect complement to any 4 S-Craft Rush and are just as useful for S-Breaking those all-important bonus turns. Baron Schwarzer took Rean into his household and raised the boy with his wife Lucia and their three-year-old daughter, Elise. I'm sorry, Rean. Since Rean had no memory prior to his abandonment, he had no idea whether he was born a noble, commoner, or even an Erebonian to begin with. Takes place at least 15 days after Class VII resumes their duties. Here is a guide I made to help other Linux users play trails games on Linux.

In the final field study at Heimdallr, Emperor Eugent Reise Arnor III informs Rean of the truth about the Erebonian Curse, a malicious presence in the country responsible for much of its militaristic history. Seal is a useful status effect which can save you from dangerous attacks. As an added perk, it gives them Str 50% debuff so if something is still alive they will not be that damaging anymore. Sleep is good, especially Stacked, but Nightmare (status) is better.

Yes, he can inflict a lot of status effects, especially Petrify. Make damn sure she is linked to someone with looooots of Str. She then becomes shocked as she sees that Crow had been working for the Imperial Liberation Front this whole time. Nice indeed. She may have the Ats, but not the EP. Seriously, arts have so many uses, and high Ats guarantees they will be coming out fast even without Bell quartz.

You'll likely ignore him where arts are concerned except for Impassion, which the Force MQ includes. 7 ToCS III Game Now Out on Steam & GoG! Aries MQ and Seraphic Ring make this one not as useful when you only bring one age with you. Now we are talking! Useful when doing a 4x S-Craft rush (yes, I copy-pasted). As the saga unfolds, he learns the details surrounding his birth, how he ended up as the baron's adopted son and about the unknown power that dwells inside him, which, at the mercy of fate, contribute to his growth as a person. Delay + Faint?

Rean occasionally exhibits a beast-like power when he loses control of himself. It works like this, you use it (Lose 50 CP, they are worth it), and you. Perfect compliment for Rean and Elliot.

CP Battery (Blessed Arrow / Heavenly Gift). Best damn useful craft in his arsenal. Well, he certainly retains all the charm he packed when he had his turn at the spotlight (in ALL the ways, you'll see ;) ). She does deliver while she is around, but you need to decide and prepare beforehand to use her. You need someone that can cover all areas (seems like a trademark of many playable Bracers). With status Stacks, preferably. Otherwise, use in tandem with a blind stack.

And Towa is here to demonstrate it. [11][Note 4], Rean's peaceful life at the academy falls apart on 30 October, S.1204. However, Towa also shows an independent streak and has the habit of over-working herself and taking on more jobs than a ordinary person can do by herself to the point that she sometimes forgoes sleep to do it. You'll soon forget he actually has art with him (well, maybe Tempest Roar -Lost Art- is worth his EP), since his crafts, coupled with the 10 CP Regen from the Mirror will make him deadly. Millium 2.0 is just the right Cherry on top of the broken Special characters. Rean, returning from the Ymir Canyon, reacts to the situation by unleashing his ogre power until he is stopped by Elise. Tough and Strong. In-between the second and third field studies, two more students are transferred to Rean's class: Musse Egret, a well-informed noble girl with a large crush on Rean; and Ash Carbide, a wise but arrogant young man with an agenda.

Following the start of the Great Twilight, Towa was placed into custody and held at the Cayenne mansion at Ordis. Hits twice. He also meets with Cassius, who informs him of an upcoming trial given to him by the master which he will address when the time was right. (Trails of Cold Steel II), Giliath Osborne praying for Rean's well-being. Even Royal Cheer. In Trails in the Sky, Tita is a twelve-year-old girl with blonde hair covered by a red beret and goggles. Deadlier if you do some Stacking, and she just so happens to have the ARCUS slots for this particular job. Period.

It is the political unrest in Erebonia that motivates her to continue her professional career as the Instructor of Class IX at Thors Branch Campus, where she wishes to spread the original spirit of her own alma mater, Thors Military Academy. Towa's grandfather was a famous astronomer and director of the Imperial Museum in the Leica District.

Not one of my favorites. He is introduced as a member of Thors Military Academy's Class VII. The Ultimate Mage. Rejoins at Reverie Corridor. can hope to touch Fie at 90-100% EVA with Insight on her. 《灰の騎神》の起動者に選ばれた青年。シュバルツァー男爵家の養子であり、東方剣術《八葉一刀流》の中伝を修める。. Very useful to remove Boss allies from the picture, especially when mixed with Arc Slash and other Impede/Delay crafts.

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