He was home! Out of need and necessity. Jim tries to lie again, but the jig is up; he has to tell her the truth. Jim informs the trolls that Angor is on his way because he has a HornGazel, which makes the trolls even more angry with Jim. "Show them," he whispered. Rather than push Draal off the cliff as he is pressured to from the others (and Draal himself), he follows his moral compass and rescues Draal, causing the troll to be shunned by everyone and humiliated. The Trollhunter, who was Jim, was a Changeling who, by his own admission, had had no idea of his true nature. !, Toby, and Draal (now with a mechanical arm) congratulates Jim from his heroism, and Draal gains a newfound admiration and respect for Jim. Elves are unfortunate enough to be trapped on earth, toiling away in the sun, and wasting their lives on petty things such as grudges and revenge.

As Aja realized that the day was repeating, Jim remarked that she remembered as his friends interrupt. A heavy silence fell as he prepared the needle, and Jim could feel Blinky's eyes on him as he double checked that both the thread and needle were clean.

Blinky returned the smile half-heartedly, his lower right hand going to grip the human's hand on his arm. Once she loses consciousness, he rushes her to a hospital in the human world so she can heal properly. Blinky informs Jim that his time as a human has taught about the importance of a strong, human bond and that he needs to console his mother. I'll get a lift back through Trollmarket. Jim leaves the house to go fight Bular and rescue Blinky.

"If you can change one way, you can change the other.

I've also been thinking lately if I should try writing a fic with Troll!Jim, because I figure it'll be cool to write, and maybe it'll even inspire others to try their hand at it too (there's so much that can be done with Troll!Jim, I'm so sad that so far no one's posted a fic with that yet here on ! And I can't go to the hospital without mom finding out, and I usually don't want to come to you or the others because I don't like making you all worry, so I handle it myself.". Seeming to gain some comfort from this, Blinky continued, going on to the second stitch, then the third. Before she can kill Jim, Gunmar stops her and tells her to let him finish off the Trollhunter himself.

's trolls race called "The Kruberas" and their queen, Usurna arrive unexpectedly. The room rumbled slightly as AAARRRGGHH trudged over to them. Both armors have their respective amulets mounted on the left side of the breastplates and occasionally their swords (Daylight and Eclipse) stowed on the backs of the armors.

But it seemed that the Darklands showed you not only what you'd do to survive, but also who you truly were. Our heroes manage to escape into the sewer, but Bular chases Jim to the bridge where Kanjigar died. ""What the fuck?!" "I'm always glad to help. And yeah, Maeve used to be called Vespera, but I changed it because Maeve sounded like a better fit. They were on their own. He sighed, changing back and watching the process. Jim agrees not to hurt Strickler, as long as soon as the spell is reversed, he leaves town for good, to which Strickler agrees. Having found out about Stickler being evil, Jim decides to come up with a plan; he'll keep Strickler occupied while he's having dinner at the Lake's residence and the others will sneak into Strickler's office for some things that could help them get Claire's brother back.

Yeah, he probably looked white as a sheet, with how exhausted he was and the blood he'd lost. Jim knew for a fact that Blinky, the book-loving Troll he was, had read numerous human medical books (and even had a few in his personal book collection). The amulet starts ominously chanting Jim's name, which prompts the boy to pick it up and take it to school. Before they can break him out of his cell, the Gumm-Gumms arrive and take Jim to Gunmar's throne room for the fight. He was never allowed to go outside cause of his father, his mother had died when he was a child.

There were only four fingers, Blinky noticed. Jim cried when he's alone, when he's with others, when he's in the shower, probably – Jim cries so fucking much and I love it, you never see male characters cry, ever. And so when my new master descended below, I truly thought that he had lost his mind.

Enrique makes it back to Earth, but Jim becomes captured by the Gumm-Gumms.

Eventually, when Steve and Eli reveal that they knew about his life as a Trollhunter, Eli says that "[Jim] has a lot of explaining to do.". They arrive there and end up at a place called, "Ojos del Salado", a village underneath a volcano, which is also the home of Gatto, the keeper of the stone. Jim's free hand rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. Bular manages to capture Jim and is about to finish him off, but Jim uses his newly found powers from the armor to turn Bular to stone and send him into the river. When that time comes, I will be proud to fight by your side." Usually I can handle making a few stitches on my own, but with how many I'll need for this...".

As many have noted, there are big problems with displaying images on the site. Jim and Toby go on a field trip with their class to a museum of ancient history. Sorry about that. Every time I saw him again he had gained some more power or learned a new spell. Jim is also a bit of the jealous type since he hated it when Douxie flirted with Claire and when she giggled at his witty comments. Jim slid off the rock to join Aarrrgh and Blinky. -Strickler to Jim in "Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter?". Is-is this going to stick, because I can't go home to my mom like this, she'll freak! He appears as the main protagonist of Trollhunters and a minor character of 3Below. Jim lightly teased, turning to the first aid kit. He, Blinky and AAARRRGGHHH!!! arrives and helps Jim win the game. ", "For Merlin's sake," Blinky growled in frustration, the sound so unusual for the Troll that Jim was a bit taken aback.

Claire and Toby try to attack Porgon again but he starts the loop again before they could succeed. All of a sudden, the goblins show up to attack them and Jim takes her to the woods for safety. Well, like the rock in his face wasn't used to that position. Now that Bular has been taken care of, Jim is still conflicted on whether or not to tell his mother the truth, Claire's brother still being trapped in the Darklands, and Claire now knowing about the world of the trolls.

When Jim can't take it anymore, he screams his head off, runs away, and decides to use the Kairosect to freeze time and make his problems vanish. Jim gets angry and starts blowing up at Rob for his incompetence. Just as they catch up with Porgon, the trickster gets his hands on a strange metal cylinder that causes him to vanish. Nomura, Lorien, and Strickler were busy fighting Gumm-Gumms, Maeve ran off with the Troll Hunters to aid them in their battle to defeat Morgana, but then she strayed away from the group to look for her brother. Jim cries every other episode. Jim turned a pleading gaze onto his mentor. Toby and Claire use this as a metaphor for Jim’s theme: moles. I hope you all like what I have to offer. When AAARRGGHH!!!

Jim tries to fight Angor without seeing him, but it is no use; he has the upper hand and grabs Jim, holding the sword up against his neck. He had curving horns like Strickler, but more subtle, not as well grown. "Is there anything in here to numb the area around the injury? Closing his eyes hid the truth for a little longer, but allowed him to focus anyway. It's unfortunate, I loved tumblr, that's why I created tumbex. Jim is frightened by the two, who explain to him that the amulet is magical and he's been chosen to protect a magical land of trolls from the forces of evil, which causes Jim to faint and the two trolls to leave. A/N: Don't own, wish I did because then we'd have more episodes for Part 2.

Blinky carefully rummaged through the supplies in the first aid kit.

Jim wakes up in the hospital, where he receives a call that the Gumm-Gumm army has kidnapped Blinky for ransom.

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