Q56) What airline was "Something special in the air"? 5. c) Rosie, the riveter. Answer: The adventures of Superman William Boyd starred in this TV show. So do you fancy yourself an advertising ace or master of marketing?

Life cereal was introduced in 1961 by the Quaker Oats Company. We send trivia questions and personality tests every week to your inbox. Remember when Snapple was all the rage? And how do you use a proper noun? 5.6k. There are 16,000 employees worldwide. trivia questions each weekday plus a unique acrostic puzzle and an original themed quiz on the weekends. Q33) What gas company wants you to "Trust your car to the man who wears the star"?

“Sentimental Journey” c. “Blue Moon”, a. Toot. It was founded in 1971 by Frederick W. Smith. This is the first “older than dirt” trivia quiz…more links below.

Alka-Seltzer's catchy tune may be even more memorable than Pepto-Bismol's "Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!". Amana introduced the first countertop microwave for home use in 1967. What do you remember?

By clicking "Sign Up" you are agreeing to our Q20) What airline's employees "Love to fly and it shows"? Incidentally, this is also a song by the Beastie Boys and a Chinese phrase referring to the act of self-cannibalism.

These wives, mothers, and girlfriends of the men fighting overseas become the deciding factor in the production of war material and share in America’s final victory. "...the perfect mix of Andy Rooney, Dave Barry, and Garrison Keilor, combining knee-slapping humor with useful information and genuine compassion.

What sets apart Suddenly Senior is its blistering honesty and its incomparable encouragement.

Great, up-to-date information on how seniors can save money on drugs. It was first introduced in 1924 and is known for featuring prominent athletes on its box. Hallmark Cards, Incorporated was founded in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1910 by Joyce Hall.

Hard-hitting senior advocacy pieces that get read in high places.

b. Sometimes we explain how stuff works, other times, we ask you, but we’re always exploring in the name of fun! Toot b. Pinocchio c. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Disney Movie Trivia Questions and Answers, a. Ovaltine b. Cracker Jack c. BlackJack Chewing Gum, a. Popsicle sticks b. Which means that I had viewed umpteen million television ads by the time I left home for college.

A cat’s way of curbing bad habits b. Springy projections mounted on a car to let a driver know she’s getting close to the curb c. In the ’30s, “gates” that had to be removed from injection-molded curbs, a. Margaret Whiting b. Doris Day c. Jeanette MacDonald d. Jo Stafford, a. Roy Rogers and his wife, Dale Evans. An extremely famous slogan coined in 1959, Volkswagen revolutionized ad campaigns in a big way. Millions need guidance. Take the Quiz: Classic TV Commercials 50s to 70s. What is an octane rating?

There are 1,606 locations worldwide as of 2017. Important in the days of whitewall tires. See all our buyable TV commercial trivia rounds here.

They debuted on American Bandstand and helped usher in the Rock and Roll age, much to the consternation of parents and clergy worldwide. Since the 1970s, BMW has pushed the exclusivity of its product. “Rock of Ages” b. Wear yellow pants or let your ear hairs grow into a comb-over. 7 Min, 5 Minute Quiz They were originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports from 1964 - 1971. There are currently more than 19,952 worldwide. "Little Mikey" was portrayed by John Gilchrist. It's all at Suddenly Senior.".

Q48) What food brand believes you can "Bake someone happy"? He worked at the Daily Planet as a reporter and had a girlfriend Lois Lane. Sometimes we explain how stuff works, other times, we ask you, but we’re always exploring in the name of fun! Skittles is a brand of fruit-flavored sweets, currently produced and marketed by the Wrigley Company, a division of Mars, Inc. `� ������Na��X>�l�G[-r~*9]ǡK5�TD�E�����d�&!A5��3�ژ�����}pzvxōu�%��Q._L?��<�w��@����*�b{2� ��1���eRLl��k]tpg���$��^�4�� �FE��%C��/�cJ:����h���#{z��� Average score for this quiz is 11 / 15. Trix is a brand of breakfast cereal made by General Mills in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 6 – 9 correct: Pretty good! The company was founded by six Armenian immigrants, including Peter Paul Halajian in 1919. Q37) What specific product did Spuds MacKenzie pitch? It was introduced in 1931. Plenty and Gravel Gertie, named Sparkle Plenty.

Bounty paper towels were first introduced in 1965.

Ad and Commercial Quotes - Random Trivia Questions ... but most of them go back to the golden era of "don't touch that dial" TV commercials. The company was founded in 1922 by George J. Mecherle. It is now owned by Pepsico and is sold all over the world. Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco c. Leisure Strides Make Feet Tingle, a. July 4, 1949 b. September 6, 1951 c. October 1, 1950. a. Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, 1950 b. Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, 1956. c. Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, 1951. a. Paint-by-Number sets. Q2) What product would "Give your kids a fighting chance"?

8. b) 1954. Rice Krispies cereal was introduced in 1927 by Kellogg's. Other Websites pale in comparison to the real-life, intimate look into senior lives. Q5) What beverage wanted you to know, "It's not too sweet"? c. Plane crash over the English Channel. Hair was worn long, greased up, and combed into a V formation at the back of the head. Water pressure was measured in various cities to see when most toilet flushes occurred, thus indicating when the most popular program ran its commercials. 3rd-and-a-Half “Older Than Dirt” Trivia Quiz, Fifth Annual Geezer Test! What is an octane rating? Q8) What product says, "It's the real thing"?

", "Best Senior Site ever on the Web!

The second engagement ring Richard Burton gave Liz Taylor b.

3 0 obj Q25) What champagne's TV commercial features "The Carol of the Bells" punctuated by clinking glasses? It is now owned by General Motors Company with headquarters in Detroit, Michigan.

Whether you liked them or not, these catchy jingles have been stuck in your head for years! A true geezer, he once said, “I can remember anything, whether it happened or not.”. There are now 44,834 restaurants worldwide in 112 countries. Q15) What brand did Morris the Cat help sell? Our award-winning website offers reliable, easy-to-understand explanations about how the world works. b. The famous line was replaced in 1998.

This top-ranked site now has over 4,000 pages of humor, nostalgia, senior advocacy and useful information for seniors 50+.

Mamie Eisenhower adopted this style and, along with her bangs, became the world’s most avid fan of the “New Look.”. Some are older, others are more recent. If you are having trouble loading the game we suggest you try using a different browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox , and make sure your Adobe Flash and Javascript are up-to-date. Q40) What is "The ultimate driving machine"?

Games For Senior Citizens Senior Games Senior Activities Elderly Activities Trivia For Seniors Daily Activities Cognitive Activities Alzheimers Activities Outdoor Activities Our new TV Commercials Trivia game has some easy, some not-so-easy, some current ones and some from the past. This is the first “older than dirt” trivia quiz…more links below.

Because learning is fun, so stick with us! Q53) What beer asks you to "Head for the mountains"? Q44) What product claimed, "If it tasted any fresher it would still be on the tree"? Smucker’s was founded in 1897 in Orrville, Ohio, by Jerome Monroe Smucker, who started out selling apple butter from the back of a horse-drawn wagon. S & H Green Stamps c. 10¢ War Bond Saving Stamps. 10. a) The series, born in 1938 on Chicago’s WGN, was originally sponsored by the Skelly Oil Company, Once it went network in 1940, Ovaltine took over sponsorship.

Q27) Which branch of the U.S. military wanted you to "Be all that you can be"?

All you have to do is name the product. We send trivia questions and personality tests every week to your inbox.

Q36) What company claimed, "We're number two.

Complete with brushes and pots of oil paints, and a picture, with numbers corresponding to the colors, these masterpieces were destined to hang in living rooms all over the country, until, like all fads, it thankfully died out. endobj

When Kaiser asked his Internet audience what else they’d like to see in his columns, many answered “nostalgia” and “trivia.” Always eager to please, he’s writing a column a month for the next few months on nostalgic trivia.

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