Monsters really do have different tastes than us. Don't make me float! (Ahem) Anyway, let's get it out of the school at any rate. → I should freeze their legs, no, how about restrain them? The rebellious ones always say things like that. ??? It's not shoddy! Before that: Give. But I've never seen one pitch-black like coal before. Not as a handyman, but as a student? Aren't the tables and chairs on the small side? Saying that again is really embarrassing, will you stop? A guy named Ace. I'm sca... no, just nervous. Recently I'm very into Paradox Live, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Twisted Wonderland. Huuuuh?? It seems the invitation "never arrived" again. By the way, where did the Dean go? Use a bunch of awesome spells~. Choice 1: The monster is caught in the fire tornado! It used to be prosperous, thanks to magic crystal mining but.. Uuuuhh.. Don't worry, my stomach isn't weak like yours. How many times do I have to tell you, I'm not a raccoon! But, there is one condition.

Prepare for a lot of fluff hehe~ Sorry requests not open! That's why you don't eat things off the ground~. Do you understand? That is why, Grim. Spade was correct; in the past, people would scream "ghost!" Just looking gives me goosebumps. I have graciously brought you supper. Next we have the Twisted Wonderland Opening Movie, which has proven to spoil/hint at plot lines before with Azul as the opening movie teases Azul’s overblot form as well as his child self photos.  You said 'conventional wisdom’, but whose conventional wisdom is it? So it is important for magicians to be the center of attention! A supervisor student who is unable to use magic! I have no doubt that your existence is essential to the future of this academy. My goodnesss.. You, what's your grade and name? It was once used as a dormitory in the past so if you can clean it up, you should at least be able to sleep there. I'm going back to do more research. Boom boom boom! Take lots of cool photos for me~. Ffgna! → We had a bit of trouble along the way but this brings the entrance ceremony to a close. And that's why it is now empty. Ok, I got this! This incident confirms it. Ah, found you at last. ??? However, they are of a superior class that makes them prideful and egotistical people Dumb human! Just how ramshackle did you let this place get? Listen up, new students. Aaaah, I know him. → Choice 2: If you're over it, just get it done. Aren't you good at hunting? Make yourselves at home. I'm going light up that fire-head of yours! Don’t be afraid of the power of darkness. Choice 2: Well I do have one idea, but... ....haaaahh.. Fine! Grr!? That's simple! But, other necessities you will have to provide for yourself. Then, what about this man in the big hat? Run away~~!! → Choice 2: Are you friends with the ghosts from yesterday? Pyah! You, the human over there.Give me those clothes!Or else… I’ll roast you whole! ©️Twisted Wonderland I'm not their freakin' familiar! : It’s the room where you woke up - the room with a lot of doors lining up.Every student that enrolled into this room went through that door to come here.Usually, students don’t wake up until we open the door with a special key, but…, → Characters. But, maybe, precisely because you cannot use magic means that you could give instructions to wizards and get them to cooperate. Choice 2: As you can see, I'm empty-handed. Puwah! This is no mere cord. Tuna! Ooooh. What's with this guy? Let's go henchmen!

They're the "fight because they're so close" type. ...I guess making excuses is pretty lame. You are the most beautiful, number one in this world. You were summoned by the Dark Mirror even though you can't use magic, and you, a monster, weren't called but still trespassed. How many times do I have to tell you, I'm not a raccoon! Mirror Chamber - Opening Ceremony Venue Red-Haired Man. Let's go, Extra Large Tempest! Ha. I will support you to the best of my ability. And I'm the principal, appointed to take care of this academy by the board chairman, Dire Crowley. We won't turn you into a stew. This jerk!

Cough! I wanna wear that fancy uniform and be a student! g-g-g-g-ghoooooooooooootts!!! You won't be using any magic until I remove the collar. I still don’t know who my favorite is but Diasomnia dorm and Octavinelle dorm looks super nice. They were paralyzed with fear at the thought of having a photo taken with this camera. I hit it! I'm Deuce. ♡ 1 full body colored ref pose 25$ each ♡ Twisted wonderland chibi 2$ each ♡ Full set ref deal! You wouldn't be able to grip it in your paws, right? It may be a bit old but there is a certain charm to it.

I guess she had the strong will to remain the most beautiful in the world? This is my Lash of Love! Welcome to the unofficial English wiki for the Disney game, Twisted-Wonderland!

Pfft! Most people wouldn't even put a mystery object in their mouth without a thought. After school, meet in the cafeteria. I get it! I quietly completed the paperwork for your expulsion. The entrance ceremony is already well under way. Furthermore, the most interesting part of this magic camera is that the souls of the photographer and the photographed become deeply connected and the Memory in the photo comes jumping out! And I'm the principal, appointed to take care of this academy by the board chairman, Dire Crowley. Choice 2: I'm in a room with floating coffins!? There might be one way to fix the chandelier. Twisted Wonderland Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. What now? Savanaclaw, follow me. We don't have time to deal with them one by one. Listen up, new students. C-come forth! Is it morning already? Choice 2: Did something make a noise just now?

Therefore, they are suited for no dormitory. I just have to do it. → ...Uuugghh.

Your 'normal' and my 'normal' differ in regards to our quirks. Those magicians blessed with a unique aptitude for magic gather from all over the world, here at the most prestigious magical academy in Twisted Wonderland. That Ace guy is sure taking his sweet time. Without a doubt, you have talent as a beast tamer! Now we might... Aaah, fine! Taglist; ... About your oc music challenge, is it still open? It's so nasty! Those 100 windows should be clean in a flash. If you can't imagine it, then it won't materialize. We're all expelled if we don't get back with a magic crystal by tomorrow morning! Where's Ace!

No doubt he is extremely skilled. In the past, she was the queen who lived in the Rose Maze. MC.

Somebody, catch that raccoon! Sure, sure. ??? Please watch Grim closely so he doesn't cause a scene like yesterday. We're done for at this rate!! He's just gonna say that and leave! It was super gross and crazy strong, it was awful!

OOOOOOHHH sob sob sob!! You mean get along and work together. !You, why are you awake already!? You're gonna get pranked. It is already late. It hurts! Aren't you good at hunting? You done? Portraits can speak because they have a mouth. Here you'll find music from the Disney mobile game Twisted Wonderland. Seeing as you have nothing to your name... Fufu, here is my proposition. The game received an official anthology which was released at Comiket prior to the game's release.

Peh! However, hmmmm.... For you two to work together to get rid of them. Choice 1: You might win the Headmaster's favor if you drive them out, Choice 2: I'll give you a can of tuna if you win. That aside, who are you looking for? Hmm? Choice 1: This might be a chance to get into school! ーMirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most…. And you, this is not how you supervise Grim. But didn't it mention a 'stone'!? No way I'm washing a 100 windows. By Draconia... Do they mean "that" Malleus Draconia? Let's hurry and get it. Hey you, wake up!! ???

Nice to meetcha~. Just quiet down for a moment. You think? We're not gonna let you hide away!

Knock it off! You wanna talk about who started it? They were just standing there watching. Gyaaaaaaaa!!!! Could you stop saying weird things? I can't bear it anymore!

This is magical chandelier that uses candles that will burn for eternity. Alright, let's chase them all outta here! ??? I'd like the two of you to show me how you exterminated those ghosts. Hmph!  In other words, I was brought here by force by that carriage!? I can go to this academy too...?

Let’s go to the Mirror Chamber. Cough, cough!! All monsters look up to them!

It happens often enough. the school has to take responsibility as the owners of the Dark Mirror. What’s this string!? Let's go ask them about the mine. I sense not a spark of magic from this one... An Ebony Carriage would absolutely never go to meet someone who can't use magic! The entrance ceremony will soon come to a close.

[1] Tamago, as in a magician-in-the-making. I entrust you with this. I shall watch over the raccoon, step in front of the Dark Mirror. Choice 2: So you're saying that carriage just brought me here on its own!? We're classmates tomorrow, Supervisor, Grim. The magic crystal for this chandelier was mined in the Dwarf's Mine. Do we have an agreement? Today is really not my day.. Now isn't the time for mumbling! I threw out of the school, what are you doing here?

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