My application was fully completed (transcript and everything) nearly 3 weeks ago. computer science- coop  grade 11 average: 84.75 and top 6 grade 11 (89.5), Program and post-secondary institution: Ryerson for Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting and Finance Date of application: December 6 Date of offer: December 13  Admission average: Grade 11 average was 89.9% with a 91% in Advanced Functions  Province you're applying from: OntarioAny other information you'd like to add: Even though it is my last choice for school, it's relieving knowing I won't be trapped at high school for another year, Uni:  BrockProgram:  B.Acc (Coop)Admission Average: 91%Date of Offer: 11th NovProvince:  ON, Accepted to UOttawa Honours Computer Science with Co-Op. margin-left:10px; text-align: center; Hi there, I am a first year Science student at UBC.
.alert-icon { Date of application: November 4, 2018 They've got a lot of apps to go through. Thanks! Global top 40 university. max-width: 1170px; From the UBC page, I see that it only requires a second language 11 (other than English). Typically, students apply for and enroll in first year Applied Science directly from Grade 12, and apply to the Engineering Physics Program during the first year of studies at UBC. Students entering from Science may lack certain courses, which can be made up within the program schedule. Experience.

In Engineering Physics we strongly believe that marks and written statements alone do not provide us with the full picture of whether a student is suited for our program, or whether the Program is the best one to achieve a particular student’s goals.

width: 90%; While filling UBC application i din't find any fields to report high school grades like 9th 10, 11 and 12th.

Date of offer: Feb 18 // Feb 22 // Feb 20 // Mar 15 }
School: Brock University, BSc in KinesiologyDate of application: November 7Date of offer: December 11Grade 11 Average: 87.8%Grade 12 Sem 1 Average: 90.0%Province: OntarioAdditional Info: Brock doesn't require a supplementary application! I am applying for fall 2019 at UBC and completing my class 12 by April 2019. Accepted on the 22nd of Feb, Program and post-secondary institution: UofT Life Science // Waterloo Life Science I asked them couple days ago and they said they will send out first round on January. Admission Average: 90%+ 5. }

The minimum average grade for entry depends on the grades of the entire group of applicants in a given year.  Date applied – 11/18 Date of offer – 12/18 *Sorry I'm just really anxious ://*. Admissions average – Grade 11 94% Please direct inquiries concerning placement into engineering programs to Engineering Student Services, Faculty of Applied Science, the Fred Kaiser Building, 2332 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4,  phone 604 822-6556. /*-->*/. © Copyright 2020, © 2001-2020 All rights reserved worldwide. Other useful facts and statistics for UBC, Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture, Master of Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture, Master of Community and Regional Planning, Dual program Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Policy Studies and the Master of Arts in Planning, Chemical Engineering / Chemical and Biological Engineering, Master of Public Health and Master of Science in Nursing.  Date applied – 11/18

Accepted to Queen's ComputingApplied from OntarioGrade 11 Average: 95 %+Date Applied: October 27Date Accepted: December 19, Program and post-secondary institution: Brock medical science, Laurier health scienceDate of application: Around first week of NovemberDate of offer: December 11, 14Grade 11 average: 85Grade 12 first semester mid terms: 91Province applying from: Ontario, Program and post-secondary institutions: Arts and Humanities at UOttawa, Queens, and WesternApplied in late November  Date of offer: late November for Ottawa, and December 18th from Western and Queens  Admission average is around 95Province: Ontario, Program and post-secondary institution: Western – General Sciences and Medical Science, Queens – ScienceDate of application: November 23Date of offer: Western – December 18, Queens – December 19Admission average: 95%Province you're applying from: Ontario, Program and post-secondary institution: Queen's Concurrent Education (Arts) Date of application: December 7Date of offer: December 19Grade 11 average: 95.5% Grade 12 midterms average: 94%Province: Ontario. For more details, consult the UBC Engineering admissions pages. University applications are open! .alert-content .alert-message { #block-weatheradvisory {

Possibly - but it depends on a couple of factors: 1. Date of offer: March 5 // December 18

float:none; Please consult Engineering Student Services for assistance in such cases. } All rights reserved. font-size: 150%; .alert-content { color: #3894bc; I think it’s january, March, and may. York – Psychology (BSc)Applied early NovemberAccepted December 18thAverage: 84From Ontario, Program and post-secondary institution: OttawaU- Political Science and History joint honours.Date of application: November 27thDate of offer: December 7thAdmission average: Grade 11 marks (top six 87 average, all eight, 83 average) I'm not sure what they used.

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