Run and any other line quality tests and present logs (in pretty pictures) of the failures to the support team.

This setup would use Wi-Fi feature on own separate router without extra monthly fee (usually $5) as well as its features (such as USB storage for LAN network share if your own router has it). and other router settings as necessary. One of the options in the list was "router mode". P.S. My guess would be that if you cannot find an option to configure it differently via its web interface, it will not function as a router only. Anyone has any other thoughts? I did not have interenet on my computer which was hardlined into the router.

1. You can take the "free" cable modem from Specrtum, then buy your own wireless router.

Wireless: Supports 8 SSIDs per radio, 802.11b/g/n/ac compliant with link speeds up to 1750 Mbps (450 Mbps @ 2.4GHz + 1300 Mbps @ 5GHz), beam forming technology and high powered amplifiers to extend Wi-Fi range, 3 Tx and 3 Rx antennas with dual-band concurrent, high power radios; CE/FCC Class B, Energy Star Certified, WiFi Alliance Certified

In your web browser, open the page to access the wireless router setup. ... Uncheck the Enable Wireless box and click on Apply to save the changes.

So you posted to the wireless group - are the TV and laptop connecting wirelessly? Track users' IT needs, easily, and with only the features you need. My wireless however is no joke slow as heck. Click the Edit button next to the access point that you want to modify.

If so, check what channel the new router is set to.

Once connected, go to the gateway web page settings (check the label on the device for that information) and login.

Yes i can, but TWC IT stated specifically that using bridge mode will lock me out from using internet. I called Spectrum to give them the mac address for the new router as i remember being told in the past if I got a new router I would have to do. by

If you do not have the username and passcode for your WiFi-enabled Internet modem, you can try using the default equipment settings found in the table below. My laptop is getting 0.51 Mbps to 2 Mbps on average and is having an extremely hard time connecting through to websites.

I am sure the cost of a router is much less than the cost of a combo-unit. The default password is “password”, in lower case letters. I bought an Ubee DVW32CB router to use with my service so that I didn't have to pay for WIFI. Particularly because the other option is to argue with Comcast which is basically the equivalent of arguing with a brick wall. While in the Basic tab, toggle the Enable 2.4GHz Wireless to OFF; Click on Apply; Repeat the previous three steps for the 5GHz.

On the Gateway menu, click Connection and then click WiFi. Uncheck the Enable Wireless box and click on Apply to save the changes.

You might need to redo the wireless one last time.".

here the cable modem can work cause the network does not provide the service. Get a technician to run their tests and compare notes. Disable the wireless on the Ubee and plug the WAN port of your old router into the Ubee. Can't even load app store.

For any issues with Bitdefender you can always contact us using this form, How to activate the Bitdefender subscription, How to install Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, How to install Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS, 3.

Tell the manager that if you don't have a resolution within a week you are going to complain to the regulatory agencies. My main, large desktop (which i'm using for this post) is receiving a very solid speed: I actually decided to wait and call TWC.

I have come to agree and in the future I will buy seperate equipment. I never use the isp equipment for anything other than passing through the traffic if I can help it.

While you can have your "free" Spectrum Ubee all-in-one set to "bridge" mode (where it acts like a modem only; only one LAN port will function), I do not know if you can turn the one you bought from an all-in-one into a wireless router w/o being a modem, too.

- I tried my old iPod and that's just completely gone.

I dont feel right taking this router back if there isn't anything wrong with it though. To continue this discussion, please

I didnt think much of it when I was on the phone with the tech that got the internet going ( i wish i would have). Many prefer to keep the cable modem and the router as separate items. Upon initially hooking up the router all of the lights came on eventually except the "online" light. Are you connecting to the old router's wireless? That will usually get you some attention, these guys hate government attention. It that doesn't work tell Comcast you want to get a technician to come out to the site to perform testing on the circuit.

Ubee Interactive Understanding Safety and Regulatory Information Ubee DVW32CB Advanced Wireless Voice Gateway Subscriber User Guide • October 2015 2 Follow basic safety precautions to reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, and injury.

Configure your own router with accessing web page settings and login (again, check the label for that separate information).

3. From there, Disable Wi-Fi and configure for Bridge Mode (search online for more info on this, some scenarios disable DHCP on Spectrum-issued one). Install Bitdefender BOX as a standalone router. 5. 4.

He said someone failed in activating this router properly on their end. I was not told this. If you start a new one, you will probably get help pretty quick. Check the power like Antonio said because goofy volts may make for strange device performance. My Internet TV box constantly keeps buffering and runs very slowly.

NOTE: The default user name is “admin”.

You may need to interact with them to do this and if they ask why you are doing it just say corporate policy or some other nonsense. I would like to get this one to work. It allows for greater flexibility, more freedom, and should your modem crap the bed, you can simply swap it out and you won't have to reconfigure your home LAN/Wi-Fi.

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