Please I need support for this problem. "Sorry. Kindly resolve the issues asap. This is perfect.

Brother, I am with you.


Thank you s…. It keeps crashing at launch.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

I have the newest box and the latest update. I’ll qualify that to say that you can play, but not pause. But I have been working on those game design muscles this year. @udemy your server is down again this morning. I deleted the app and reinstalled. How do you expect me to feel? @obelixtwit Listen to courses in audio-only mode. Waiting on a response from support re some courses I've purchased but unable to access. @be_machiavelli @udemy AGAIN!!!!! @udemy The issue is still persisting, able to logon but unable to access courses. @udemy I am facing some problem and your support is not working.. kindly check and let me know how can I contact.. your DM is not available. These exist in a full Internet browser, and are very useful. Now I need to figure out how to authorize with this API, but at least the first call is working perfectly. has anyone else had issues with udemy videos not loading? In purchased courses, a simple button/link which goes instructor profile can be put in the “more” section. And it doesn’t seem to be a temporary problem. udemy server is down.

@udemy is the site down?

@udemy @swetshilpi The issue is that your servers are no longer working. @udemy

I often use my phone for watching lectures though so I can multitask when the lecture doesn’t require a hands on activity - then I go back to my laptop when needed. Rest sites and videos are working fine , only problem in udemy.

@udemy your Apple TV app is totally broken at the moment, the app won’t even open, hope you can fix it soon! In fact, it's not working. They haven’t been available for two days now. @kittjosef No videos are playing , and very slow and buffering. @AmbikaNanda5 Don't do this guys.


@czechmate1976 • YouTube Don't do this guys. It opens the video but instead of playing it gives a black screen where the video should be, I disabled all of my extensions and tested the videos again and they worked.

If I close & reopen the app, it refreshes and I see my courses. By law, we are required to ask your consent to show the content that is normally displayed here. @udemy Well here we are, it's 8 hours later and the sites still having issues... any eta on when things will be back up? udemy server is down. Did you mean a day or two? There is no issue in my internet connection, as other online courses are working properly in my mobile. any idea when it will be up and running.

2 years ago. #UdemyDown, @walpraj8

#100daysofcodechallenge #100DaysOfCode So this review is just for the iPhone app.

At least "over here" it's like this since yesterday evening. Which means there is a very big table of contents page. No internet issue is there.

Hey @udemy I'm having a bit of a trouble playing my course's videos from the morning. Thanks . Now I need to figure out how to authorize with this API, but at least the first call is working perfectly. @homerboo They haven’t been available for two days now. When will you up again? Not any actual code though. • Google @udemy Again server down. If there is a lot of section, it says after showing some section, “There is 19 more section”. @udemy Is the website slow anyone facing issues.

Yes, sure. @udemy Dear Udemy Team "Sorry.

Are you okay @udemy ? Are @udemy still having issues? What's the issue? Free and paid courses available in:- Development: web development, programming languages (Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Swift, C# & more), game development, coding basics, coding bootcamps, etc.- Business: Finance, financial analysis, entrepreneurship, public speaking, presentation skills, writing, etc. Hello, It would be helpful if a stream could be downloaded while watching to save time.

Udemy y’all are killing me with these issues.

I am not able to access any course on it . @udemy I can't log in the site... it keeps loading and loading before and then it just displays an error: Apple TV. Udemy is down again :( Creators spend lot of time and effort.

So it was probably a localhost related issue, but happy to have it working so far. @AckermannAus Turns out, @Udemy has been having issues today. Already opened ticket to udemy support.

• Udemy @udemy Is the website down? @udemy your webpage is not working :-(.

Though, I am still working my daily problems from #JetbrainsAcademy alongside with this web dev course on #udemy. 503" 503" Rest sites and videos are working fine , only problem in udemy. Brother, I am with you.

So what is happening at the TV cable level is happening online, as more content emerges, Day #54 of #100DaysOfCode, little update to my back, my healing process went backwards and it has worsened since last week. @Vishal46892760 Is this going to be a regular occurence? Emailed the concern but to no avail.

@shaheeradka @udemy The site is down again. Already opened ticket to udemy support. I guess it wasn't as useless as I thought XD. @bolof2000 @udemy Why did it take you guys 8 hours to acknowledge the issues? @imraja92 I think the app doesn’t gracefully handle being connected/disconnected from Internet access and then doesn’t properly display content.Deficiency: You can’t bookmark or see bookmarks in the app. @AZ_Sweetpixels

Annoying. @udemy, @udemy Was working till Now and its down right now, @udemy Still offline whilst our promotion is running meaning all our students are not able to access our courses! - When you look for a new course, you can see the curriculum in extendable way. This happens even when I have the video downloaded. Please try to resolve this early. That's 'lifetime intermittent access'. @udemy I can’t reach your website or login to the app is there an issue? @heregosumtweets It has a couple of quirks, though, and one deficiency.Quirk 1: you can’t play/pause using Bluetooth. What's the issue?

Good Job Udemy . Even though you're working with AWS and cloud (not a programmer) you still have to learn to code huh? Not any actual code though. I purchased a course on 4th Nov 2020 through Udemy App, transaction was successfully done through Netbanking but still did not receive any confirmation from your end.

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