(Q029) The Church of England included aspects of both Calvinism and Catholicism. (Q019) Elizabeth Lucas Pinckney was a colonial woman who is best remembered for her piety and deference to her husband.

(Q010) Which is true of King Philip's War? (Q028) During the Revolution, the British army freed more slaves than did the colonists. This act was because the British thought it to be cheaper to not fight with Indians than to fight. (Q011) Which of the following statements accurately describes the anti-Federalists? An act by Parliament that closed the ports in Boston until they paid for the tea they had destroyed. It was a pivotal American victory that restored Washington's confidence in his soldiers. The Auburn System was more popular because it was cheaper. (Q002) To strengthen the government under the Articles of Confederation, Robert Morris wanted to. (Q005) Which of the following statements is true of the colonies in contrast to England? Solo Practice. Led by Daniel Shays, 1787. Every colony but Georgia met, and the idea of being an American was first created.

The Supreme Court decision in McCulloch v. In deciding to purchase the Louisiana Territory, What effect did the Louisiana Purchase have on the, The Monroe Doctrine declared that the United States, During the first half of the 19th century, the, Which was most characteristic of the early factory, One reason the plantation system developed in the, The activities of Nat Turner and Denmark Vesey in, 19. This would create a better market for selling American goods to the south and it saved American Industry in the North. Created by. He published the Liberator, an abolitionist newspaper. (Q025) Religious dissenters were welcome in Massachusetts. The decisive American victory helped convince France to ally with the Patriots. The Border Ruffians in Kansas also burned his home. (Q020) After the Battles of Saratoga, Parliament offered to grant all of the demands the colonies had made before declaring independence. The Immigrants went into Ellis Island in New York when they first arrived. (Q003) Which of the following was a stipulation of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787? The South was unhappy because they did not want to have to pay more because the imported goods before were cheaper than the goods that were coming from the North. (Q024) John Winthrop expressed the belief that Puritans were on a divine mission to show what a godly community could achieve. Dorothea Dix was a woman who in 1841was teaching Sunday school in prisons and she noticed that the prisoners weren't receiving the right treatment and care that they needed. (Q023) The authors of The Federalist Papers were Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Clinton. (Q007) Which of the following figures championed individual liberty and religious freedom, as well as criticized settlers' treatment of Native Americans? He founded the American Anti-Slavery Society. -A group of men who were opposed to British taxes. Was good news for US because the news was broken shortly after the news of the Battle of new Orleans. A series of seven debates between Stephen A. Douglas(the little Giant) and Abe Lincoln(Honest Abe). Created by. Flashcards. He led 1000 farmers to seize the Springfield Armory and shut down the courts. (Q013) The protests developed by the committees of the Continental Association. Britain agreed that the western boundary of the United States was the Mississippi River. (Q023) John Adams was very sympathetic to his wife Abigail's plea to "remember the ladies" when forming a new government. In this Gov't each state had one vote. (Q006) The political structure in Massachusetts. US HISTORY TO 1877 (Midterm) Terms in this set (52) Crusades. Learn. This was seen as a corrupt bargain by Andrew Jackson.

Design for the Gov't was a loosely constructed 13 states not a strong central Gov't. (Q027) President George Washington's response to the Whiskey Rebellion drove many Americans to throw their support behind the Republican Party. (Q001) Which of the following statements accurately describes the Battle of Trenton? they had a "God-given" right to hunt, farm, and fish on the "unsettled" land and waters.

(Q024) Backcountry dissent within the colonies in the years prior to the American Revolution was evidence of differing cultures and political priorities. They were kept from voting, holding public office, and signing contracts.

Live Game Live. (Q019) During the sixteenth century, the dominant European power in the New World was Portugal.

Print; Share; Edit; Delete; Report an issue; Host a game. American Temperance Society was set up to help people to stop abusing it.

It was a reaction to the Articles of Confederation not being able to trade with other nations. (1765)- A tax that made American colonist pay a tax on all printed materials, including newspapers, books, court docs, contracts, and land deeds. A movement to end slavery led by William Garrison. Jackson dislikes the Second Bank of the US. (Q028) After the Battle of Bunker Hill, the Continental Congress sent George III the Olive Branch Petition, which requested negotiations. Write. Leading members-Thoreau and Emerson.

Which type of map shows the most detailed, In the 1800s, the Great Plains region of the United, According to the 1990 census, which two areas of the, Which city is paired with the geographical feature that, Which feature of government developed most fully, The Mayflower Compact of 1620 is considered an, In the Colonial Era, developments such as the New, The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut reflected, Which feature must a nation have to be considered a, A republican form of government is described as one, Which of the following is not part of John Locke's, Which statement is accurate concerning the origin of, Which of the following reinforced the principle, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men, Under mercantilism, the thirteen American colonies, The British system of mercantilism was opposed by, The pamphlet Common Sense aided the American, "The only representatives of the people of these, The primary purpose of the Declaration of, According to the Declaration of Independence, the, The Declaration of Independence contributed to the, The principles of the Declaration of Independence can, Who did most of the writing of the Declaration of, Which idea had a major influence on the authors of, Which statement best describes governmental power, The government was created under the Articles of, The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was important, Under the provisions of the original United States, A primary aim of the writers of the United States, The purpose of the Three-Fifths Compromise which was, During the ratification debates of 1788 to 1791, the, The Federalist Papers were a series of newspaper, Which quotation taken from the United States, Disagreement between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas, "The individual can be free only when the power of one, The basic purpose of our constitutional system of checks, Which United States governmental principle includes, Under the United States Constitution, those powers not, An example of a "reserved power" is the power to, Which is a concurrent power shared by the federal and, "We should consider we are providing a constitution, The term "unwritten constitution" is best defined as, What political development in the United States is, In the United States, the electoral college system, A treaty cannot take effect until it has been ratified by, In the United States Government, members of the, Which action is an example of lobbying by a special, Which change within the federal government results, The major role of political parties in the United States, The expression "due process of law" refers to, If the President has vetoed a bill, the United States, The decision in the case Marbury v. Madison is, In United States history, which statement best, Alexander Hamilton's financial plan helped to, At times, the United States government has passed, What were two key precedents set by George, In his Farewell Address, President George, When John Marshall was Chief Justice, United States, The term "judicial review" refers to the power of the. Drove French out of North America. maintain English control of the shipping trade with the colonies.

He attacked Harper's Ferry in Virginia because of its central location and he was captured by officials and killed. (Q019) The Albany Plan of Union was quickly approved by the colonial legislatures and proved essential in the Americans' winning the Revolutionary War. This Victory gave the US all of the Northern third of Mexico. (Q026) The majority of Federalists supported the revolutionaries in France. (Q003) In America, one significant effect of the Glorious Revolution was to. (Q012) The English were able to colonize America partly as a result of. A system that president Jackson used to get people to be loyal. few new social, political, or economic rights. held in Philadelphia in 1774. court case that established judicial review. (Q008) The area of the British Empire with the greatest number of slaves in 1675 was the. 0.

Early Migration was driven by Manifest Destiny. (Q020) As a result of the French and Indian War, Spain gained control of the Louisiana Territory.

(Q008) Who led the earliest known exploration of Florida? (Q023) New Spain endured as an empire due to the focus of Spanish rulers on encouraging vast numbers of Spanish settlers to populate it. social strains in the Massachusetts colony. Sparked more revolts by colonists. Share practice link. Was the leading abolitionist.

Many laws were passed after this in other states. tensions among landless white colonists and Governor Berkeley's failure to protect colonists against Indian retaliation. A former slave who spoke at abolitionist meetings across the country. (Q001) Which of the following statements was true of New France prior to the French and Indian War? (Q027) The Dutch were the first Europeans to control the colony that later became New York. (Q018) By early 1777, George Washington realized that the Americans could not defeat the British in large battles and began to focus on carrying out surprise attacks. Before the Civil War, one example of increased, The "spoils system" can best be defined as, The term "abolitionist" was used to describe a person, During the 19th century, the expansion of the, The Declaration of Sentiments from the Seneca Falls, Which term is most closely related to the United, The decision in Dred Scott v. Sanford (1857) was, One way that "Bleeding Kansas," the Dred Scott, "A house divided against itself cannon stand.

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