Sig Nu has held at a steady number four. 884. If Pi Phi can continue to distance themselves from Theta, they could enter the top two in the next few semesters. With a spritied group of sisters, Pi Beta Phi provides various opportunites for sisters from all different backgrounds to come together as a family! Tags.

If things don’t turn around for them this semester, they could drop in the rankings. Blonde, classy, and beautiful. Spring 2020 Sorority Rankings 1. Expect them to remain at a solid #4 unless APhi dramatically improves. VARSITY ATHLETES. Most importantly, unless they can buck their reputation due to repeated incidents at parties and allegations they will struggle to improve or even maintain their sorority relations. A sorority founded by Christ, Alpha Delta Chi focuses on spiritual growth as well as academic success with the help of their sisterhood! USC Greek Insider is dated. Greekrank is useless. Pi Phi has begun to pull away from Theta with another great pledge class, but still have some work to do to climb into the top tier with DG and Kappa.

With a dwindling membership, concerns over AGD’s longevity on the row are very real. Their register was second only to Halloween and their sorority relations are steadily improving. A page dedicated to USC frat ranks, USC frat information, and USC frat news.

Get notified about exclusive offers every week! With the creed Love, Labor, Learning and Loyalty, Gamma Phi Beta have strong values as well as a strong sisterhood! My Panhellenic council monitors ratings (because people are still posting) and reports any that are harmful to Greek life. With AEPi dropping, expect them to rise a spot, although they will have to make big changes to compete with Sig Nu. WORK 10+ HOURS WEEKLY.

Tri Delt should work on improving pledge class quality.

While competition is stiff from other top houses, expect DG to remain top two for the foreseeable future. LXA/SX TKE SNU AEPI SAM/ZBT/PSK PIKE PHI DELT CHI ...Read More. Alpha Gamma Delta prides itself on the history of academic success and philanthropy of their sisters! They’ve made it clear they’re not a party house, but it is also clear that they do not need parties to remain on top.

With a strong suit on the importance of friendship, Tri Delta also promotes an unselfish leadership amongst sisters! Although they are still well above Chi Phi, expect pressure in the coming semesters.

Fraternities. There is wide variety, culturally, from one sorority to another. DG climbs to the top spot after Kappa’s lackluster spring semester, although just by a hair.

Go Greek!

Their sorority relations are unparalleled and recent pledge classes have been stellar as always.

Fraternity reviews, ratings, and rankings for University of Southern California - USC greek life - Greekrank … Their parties are solid but they are severely limited by their house and some lower houses have started having larger parties. USC G R E E K A D V I S O R. Home; Fraternities; Sororities; USC Greek News; 1A) Kappa Kappa Gamma Tier: Top. They’ll need to stay vigilant to remain king of the hill, but as long as they are out of trouble expect them to stay in the top two. Although it is unlikely they will drop with Pike on the decline, they will need a massive overhaul to compete with AEPi or Sammy. They have a ways to go to close the gap with Tri Delt, but things are looking up. Their tailgates and parties in particular were also fantastic in the fall. We all knew this was coming. Sorority reviews, ratings, and rankings in alphabetical order for University of Southern California - USC greek life - Greekrank 128. They sit above DTD, but Chi Phi will likely pull away. A must be destination during the weekends is ‘The Row’. It seems GPhi has been “on the verge” of passing ADPi for a few semesters, but those rumors never come to fruition. 1714. Phi Sig holds #9, although they are steadily rising. 353. AEPi is in trouble, it’s no secret. No upcoming events at the moment . And their sorority relations lean heavily on their nice-guy reputation, making it difficult to make the changes they need to improve their social standings. ZBT has been floundering for a while. We all knew this was coming. USC Greek Insider is dated. Lambda remains in the top echelon, no surprise here. They will need big changes to compete with AXO. They definitely have cool guys but their massive pledge classes have done them no favors as far as consistency.


1948. USC Greek Insider is dated.

Posts; Submit Questions About Greek Life; Spring 2020 Frat rankings; Spring 2020 Sorority Rankings ; Archive; Spring 2020 Sorority Rankings. Greekrank is useless.

Δ Γ. DG climbs to the top spot after Kappa’s lackluster spring semester, although just by a hair. Sammy is finally shedding their nice-guy reputation and are getting closer to being a top tier house. Have some cool guys, but are just shy of irrelevancy. Having secured a house, albeit one not on 28th street will help them. Sigma Chi is and will always be a top house. Tri Delt’s have been relatively consistent for a long time. Sisters in Delta Gamma encourage social responsibility alongside a strong community of sisters who are loyal to their friendships! I'm going to be a freshman this fall at USC and I was wondering what the rankings are at USC for sororities.


They clearly are not at the caliber of the top three houses, but the gap between them and houses below has widened, mostly due to AEPI’s decline. USC G R E E K A D V I S O R. Home. Stay on top of the information you need to navigate the admissions process amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 806. Although the gap between Theta and APhi is the largest on the list so far, Theta has been undeniably on the decline. We all knew this was coming. USC GREEK RANKINGS Greekrank is useless. Whilst joining a sorority is not a necessity, having the ability to join a sisterhood leads to strong bonds between said sisters who have similar ideals and values. The central location of frats and sororities, The Row provides a plethora of opportunities to indulge in Greek life and meet a variety of diverse people!

The newest house on the block. If they can get more organized and throw a TKE/Sammy/SX level register, they will be #1. Very solid spring for Lambda, no surprises that this house remains the hands down best house at USC. With one of the highest GPA’s on campus, Kappa Alpha Theta also encompass loyalty, love and compassion! USC Greek Insider is dated.

A page dedicated to USC sorority ranks, USC sorority information, and USC sorority news.

Alongside the high academic success of the sisters in Alpha Phi, the sisterhood also promotes community service!

Alpha Phi is in a tier of their own, with a large distance between houses above and below. PLAN TO ATTEND GRAD SCHOOL. One of the oldest sorority on campus, Alpha Chi Omega has history of long-lasting friendships and strong connections between sisters and alumni! DG continues to solidify their reputation as the house with some of the most fun and attractive girls. Posts; Submit Questions About Greek Life; Spring 2020 Frat rankings; Spring 2020 Sorority Rankings ; Archive; Spring 2020 Frat rankings.

Sorority reviews, ratings, and rankings for University of South Carolina Columbia - USC greek life - Greekrank In theory, Phi Delt has everything they need to succeed but have still lost ground. Σ Χ. Sigma Chi is and will always be a top house. HOLD/HELD INTERNSHIPS. Their new fall register Snow was also one of the top five registers of past semester.

1050. Blonde, classy, and beautiful. Chi Phi became relevant when they got Sammy’s old house and scooped up Beta. 10 Adorable Gameday Outfits at University of Arizona, The Best Last Minute Study Tips For Final Exams, 10 Cute Gameday Outfits at Kent State University, 10 Things to Know if You’re Rushing a Sorority from a Sorority Girl, 10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re In A Sorority, Great Ways to Find Your Place in College (That Don’t Involve Rushing), You Don’t Have To Be A Girly Girl To Be In A Sorority, 10 Sorority Recruitment Tips For Any Incoming PNM,,,,,,, With Chi Phi now in the mix, KSig has their work cut out for them. If they can keep their momentum, they can be expected to continue to rise in the ranks. The most storied USC sorority, with a history of being number one. Active members know that Greek Rank is trash - but PNMs don’t (and it’s the first thing that pops up when you google best sorority at xyz). Sorority reviews, ratings, and rankings for University of Southern California - USC greek life - Greekrank 223. Hi! Kappa rush is extremely selective, and the sisterhood is some of the best on the row. With a strong focus on community service, Alpha Delta Pi prides itself on their sister’s success and the friendships made! Expect them to hold at #5 for the foreseeable future. Their parties, pledge classes, and sorority relations have improved dramatically over the past several semesters.

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