And now you know way too much about me... Ironically, I don't even have this carnivorous (are bricks meat?) I believe that's the daughter who opted to wed at the courthouse. But seriously I also like her restful quality and I feel like I have been to a spa after I watch her show. Hello there, I just found your blog and love it. I ... What is venetia's illness. I hope she is okay? Replies. She appears publicly as herself in one of my favorite programs in NKH titled ‘At Home with Venetia in Kyoto’. Reply. I enjoy watching "At Home with Venetia". I have to get up and do dinner now :(... but am jobbing back here to read more asap! ", Stanley-Smith was born in 1950 to an aristocratic family in Britain. I much prefer her outlook and personality to Martha's - she definitely seems more genuine. It makes me sad that Jennifer and Alexis aren't friends anymore.

Her show is about her expertise as a herbalist and her housekeeping and garden tips as illustrated through her traditional Japanese 100 year old home in the outskirts of Kyoto, Japan. [4] Yet John Aubrey’s view of her is the one that has prevailed, such as his report that Digby was supposed to have replied to concerns over Venetia's virtue with the comment that "A handsome lusty man that was discreet might make a virtuous wife out of a brothel-house. Lovely bedroom.

Later he recorded that in 1620, in Angers, France, he caught the eye of Marie de' Medici, queen mother of France.

I do hope you enjoy it from time to time with a nice cuppa! I love this show. In 1971, at the age of 19, Stanley-Smith fled her aristocratic roots in the U.K. to wander the earth searching for a more meaningful purpose in her life. -robyn, Glad you liked Robyn! I think you will like it Danie - it is calming and you can watch before you get creative. Venetia Stanley-Smith was born in England, but now resides in Kyoto, Japan. :), Nice pics!!! For example I would have never considered Hanoi before reading your posts......oooh okay if I must share my ideal home - well if it was an apartment.....oh I can't tell you.....oookay, so if it was an apartment, it would be Mariah Carey's (it appeared on cribs a good few years back) and if it was a house......Kris Jenner's. Venetia's death was a tragedy for Digby, probably the defining event of his life. That is really useful for not just me but most people who are curious - :).

Yes yes yes - it was the closet that swayed me, best I've seen too ha ha!

I concluded that it must be the time, energy and love spent. She loves using herbs and natural fibers in her everyday life, and each episode features either a specific herb or local artisan.

That the craftspeople featured on each show are recruited, not her friends, and that she is more than likely authoritarian and quite businesslike in her daily life, which equates to her being in pursuit of money just like most of you. Following his wishes, no inscription was added to hers. She doesn't bake so much but she does do everything with such intention in the way one bakes I suppose.I now see the corelation with the Bel Air - you are right that she loved the hotel so much - she poached their head concierge to be her private Montecito concierge...I would love to go to the refurbished Bel Air and have a look - I heard it is amazing - apparently a million dollars spent per room or something just as exorbitant! In each episode, she shows off her eco-friendly and people-friendly way of life there. Nonetheless, it is probably the best current visual resource. I have to google her house. Am curious now! I have been trying to analyze what it is about her house and garden that I am trying to imbibe. I am finding that I still struggle writing to nobody in particular - which one does, I suppose when blogging. Hi there!You can actually watch At Home with Venetia in Kyoto on NHK World.If you don't have NHK World on TV/Cable you can watch a live stream on it's website, (or just Google NHK World)The live stream is on the top right of the homepage The whole website is in English.

We introduce her eco- and people-friendly way of life. Reply Delete. Mad Men - Season 6, Episode one and two review. x, Thank you for sharing<3http://everythingsalwayssunny.comKristinxx, very beautiful pictures dear !, I used to watch Whatever Martha religiously. )I'm not an expat, but my Japan born wife and I have a second home in Habikino City. Venetia Stanley-Smith. At some point around this time she re-encountered Kenelm Digby, whom she had known in childhood, and they fell in love, exchanging a lock of hair of Venetia's for a diamond ring from Digby.

xx, Wow venetia's show is amazing very poignant in that distinct Japanese way. Is that kk's mum? Sounds a bit kooky I know but let me Google some mathematical formula that eventually proves this some other time.

I would never begrudge her the wealth she has accrued as there are 100's of people who have benefitted from her collecting, designing, writing, and run-ins with the law. The exterior of Oprah's house is horrendous, so overdone, I think she copied the decor of the old Hotel Bel Air, I used to see her a lot there and it was her favourite hotel, the peach and celadon was great in their suites but no, not really her.

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