October. “As I finally got past that section, I remember thinking, ‘Oh my god, I really hope Jeff can do that,’” says Shone. Shone reached a point where he could step to the side of the torrent. The rumble grew, like a freight train hurtling through a tunnel.

Two cavers make their way through the shaft where, approximately a week later, water suddenly plummeted into the chambers below.

Veryovkina became the second super deep cave (over 2 km (1.2 mi)) and the deepest accessible without diving equipment. The team, now reunited, spent the next 16 hours at the camp. “I will never forget that sound.”.

That’s when they realized they had no idea if the same could be said for the Russians. It led into a body-sized chimney of rock, through which the flood furiously pumped. The driving water was punishing.

Shone is planning to return to Veryovkina with the Russians next June. He tucked his chin and breathed from a pocket of air formed by the space created beneath his helmet brim.

Roman Zverev leads Natalia Sizikova along a traverse above a small pool of water inside Veryovkina. Demidov had used Shone’s extended tripod to fish clothing and other belongings out of the water.

Veryovkina had only recently been named the world’s deepest cave. August 2016 – a joint expedition of the "Perovo-speleo" team and the "Perovo" speleoclub reached the depth of 1,010 m (3,310 ft). Jeff, we have to leave now!”, “I’m coming, I’m coming!” Wade called back through the dark.

“But I also knew I hadn't gone far enough yet.

Epic flood sends cavers scrambling for their lives, Photograph by Robbie Shone, National Geographic. This page was last edited on 20 October 2020, at 08:16. Their camp was safely adjacent to the main vertical shaft that was currently spewing an unfathomable volume of water.

“I just thought, ‘You’re joking. The 2,200-meter camp—the cave’s lowest camp—is a flat, sandy spot in a horizontal tunnel. In September, Shone and his photo assistant Jeff Wade, both Brits who live abroad—Austria and France, respectively—joined a Russian expedition to explore and photograph Veryovkina, the deepest-known cave on Earth. The entire time, the flood continued to rumble. 1986–2000: work in the cave did not take place. Slow down! The ensuing flood pulse can last a few minutes, even a few hours, but it eventually subsides. In 1968, the cave was assigned the name S-115 which was later replaced by P1-7, and in 1986 it was renamed after Alexander Verëvkin. With this flood, that pseudo-siphon would’ve been completely choked with water.

(Andrey Sizikov, Roman Zverev, and Natalia Sizikova were also part of the expedition, but they had gone up before the flood.). After a few hours of pacing, however, Shone relaxed somewhat.

On the way out, they had reached a camp halfway up the cave, at 1,300 meters below the surface, when they saw the flood pulse.

The team had already spend three days bivied here, launching explorations into new corridors, collecting invertebrate specimens, and creating photographs. Veryovkina Cave (also spelled Verëvkina Cave, Abkhazian: ... Its entrance is situated 2,285 meters (7,497 ft) above sea level in Abkhazia, Georgia. “In hindsight, I'm so glad it was almost like the weakest one went first and Pavel, the strongest one, came last,” says Shone. “And I just thought, ‘Oh my goodness.

Like his teammates, Shone was dressed in fleece under-gear, his breakfast bowl still in his hands.

The long horizontal tunnel was normally half-filled with water, and, under typical circumstances, the only way to get through it is to crawl. Zyznikov shook his head.

The next day Evgenyj Kuzmin climbed over the wall of boulders and found the head of the Babatunda pit. 10, 2018, "ОТКРЫТИЕ И ИСТОРИЯ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯ ПЕЩЕРЫ им. The depth of the entrance shaft is 32 meters (105 ft).[7]. An ancient collector of the karst aquifer system with extensive horizontal tunnels, not typical for the Arabica massif, was discovered. August 2015 – cavers from the speleoclub "Perovo" finally discovered a new shaft, but could not explore it because they did not have the rope. “Jeff’s face was white and he had massive eyes,” says Shone. 1986–2000: work in the cave did not take place. They surveyed the pit, that was some 30m deep and a small system of passages below.

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