Growing viburnums include fragrant springtime blooms, attractive autumn and showy berries that welcome songbirds to your garden. Non-flowering viburnums can be a huge disappointment, however. Prevention & Control: As with other foliar diseases, downy mildew can be prevented by keeping the foliage as dry as possible. Infected branches die back and when the branch dies small fruiting bodies appear as brackets on the dead wood. Downy mildew disease is different from powdery mildew in that the fungal growth is observed on the lower rather than on the upper leaf surface. Stem: Stem Color: Brown/Copper Gray/Silver Find your closest retailer. Prevention & Control: Water shrubs weekly during the growing season if insufficient rainfall occurs (see HGIC 1056, Watering Shrubs & Trees). Soil in the immediate vicinity should also be removed. Native to Europe, VLB was accidentally introduced to North America sometime in the last century. On the lower leaf surfaces downy grayish white fungal growth appears. Learn more here. Insecticides labeled for homeowner use against scale crawlers include acephate, malathion, bifenthrin, cyhalothrin, and cyfluthrin (see Table 1 for specific products). Plant growth may become stunted, and the foliage may become pale green or yellow. These miticides should be applied when mites are present and again in 7 to 10 days. Viburnums can be sprayed with insecticidal soap or horticultural oil to control aphids. A variety of leaf spots are caused by the fungi Cercospora spp., Phoma spp., and Phyllosticta spp. With a light infestation, their feeding causes leaves to have silvery speckles or streaks.

Click here to learn more. To prevent foliar injury, apply horticultural oils for powdery mildew control only if temperatures are below 85 °F. Viburnum species may become diseased with powdery mildew, caused by the fungus, Erysiphe sparsa (formerly Microsphaera sparsa). Click this article for information on viburnum leaf beetle control. Prune overhanging trees around diseased shrubs to reduce humidity levels and speed the drying of foliage. Viburnums are well-behaved me… Shop Now, ©2020 Kiwicare • Proudly made in New Zealand. Check surrounding hedges and other shrubs/trees for silvered trees and silver leaf fruiting bodies and remove and burn. Alternatively, a soil application of a product containing dinotefuran may be applied for scale control on viburnums. Armored scales, such as the oystershell scale (Lepidosaphes ulmi), can infest viburnum and cause branch dieback. If fungicides are necessary, sprays should adequately cover both the upper and lower leaf surfaces. Along with the foliar applications, also treat the surface of the soil or mulch immediately beneath the plants (as a spray, not a drench) because this is where the adults will hide during the day. Initially, this disease appears as light green spots on the upper leaf surfaces. Why do viburnum leaves turn brown? Read here for growing info. Dispose of all prunings, as this plant material is a potential source of disease for viburnums, as well as other woody shrubs. Powdery mildew can be controlled with sprays of fungicides containing myclobutanil, propiconazole, thiophanate-methyl, or horticultural oil (see Table 1 for specific products).

Spray with horticultural oil in the spring after the plants begin growing and the danger of cold weather has passed. However, getting rid of viburnum leaf beetles is far from easy. Monitor the crawler emergence in the spring with sticky cards, double-faced tape wrapped around a branch, or by putting an infested shoot or leaf into a baggie and watching for crawler movement. It?s definitely a shrub to consider planting if you live in USDA zone 8 or warmer. Above-ground parts of the shrub generally appear stunted and yellowed and leaves may drop.

Prevention & Control: Spider mites can be removed with strong sprays of water, if applied on a regular basis. Prevention & Control: Provide good growing conditions for the viburnum, especially additional water during droughts, good soil drainage, and proper fertilization. To see these fast-moving pests, you need a magnifying lens. Possumhaw viburnum shrubs are especially at home in a carefree natural planting. Houseplant Advice Downy mildew on viburnum is caused by the fungus, Plasmopara viburni. Fungal leaf spots typically occur during warm, moist … Find more info on Koreanspice viburnum here. The spots enlarge to form angular patches between the leaf veins. Root weevil adults, such as the black vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus), feed on foliage, and the injury shows up as ragged notches on the leaf edges. For Blackhaw tree facts as well as tips on growing a Blackhaw viburnum, this article will help. Apply when symptoms first appear and repeat every 10 to 14 days as needed. David Brittain - Author and home pest and gardening expert at Kiwicare AHM Group. Mulching shrubs helps to avoid mechanical injury to trunk and limbs by weed trimmers and lawn mowers. Developing leaves may be deformed by severe infections. When planting viburnum or other nearby plants, allow for adequate plant spacing. The southern red mite (Oligonychus illicis) is a dark reddish or brown-colored mite that is a common pest in the eastern US. Prune back adjacent shrubs or overhanging tree limbs. Armillaria root rot is also known as shoestring root rot, mushroom root rot, and oak root rot. If Armillaria is responsible for the plants decline, white felt-like fungal growth can be seen under the bark if the bark is carefully peeled back. Although sulfur is sometimes used for powdery mildew control, it is not recommended for sulfur-sensitive plants, such as viburnums. If you are looking for a flowering shrub that will add beauty to your landscape, one of the popular Viburnum shrubs may be a great addition. Find out the difference between viburnum and hydrangea snowball shrubs in this article. Click this article for more Japanese snowball information, including how to plant a Japanese snowball tree. By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer, By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist. It might surprise you to learn that the American highbush cranberry isn?t a member of the cranberry family. Spray when thrips are present and again in 7 to 10 days. The following information will help you plant, grow and care for viburnum shrubs. Growing sweet viburnum bushes adds the delightful element of fragrance to your garden. Follow all directions, precautions and restrictions that are listed. Powdery mildew is worse on plants in the shade. Leaf undersides are spotted with tiny black specks of excrement.

There are over 150 species of viburnum, as well as countless cultivars of viburnum. These strands may often be seen between the bark and the wood, or on the surface of the roots, or in the nearby soil. Learn more about pruning in this article. Water movement is stopped beyond that point and results in a rapid wilting or browning of foliage. Occasionally disease or insect pest problems do occur, and usually it is during those times that the plants are under stress or growing in less than ideal conditions. Healthy plants are much more resistant to infection by Botryosphaeria spp., as they will wall off the fungus and prevent its spread through the branch. All recommendations are for South Carolina conditions and may not apply to other areas. Prevention & Control: Many foliar problems can be prevented by keeping leaves as dry as possible. As an added bonus, Southern Arrowwood shrub care is a breeze. Any thrips present will move around on the paper. Click the My Kiwicare in Only apply horticultural oils or insecticidal soaps if temperatures are below 85 °F. Click this article to learn about some of the common viburnum varieties and what sets them apart.

Propagating viburnum from cuttings is the most effective way to replicate the bush. David viburnum is a showy evergreen shrub that displays attractive, glossy, blue-green foliage year round with clusters of small white flowers in spring and metallic blue berries later in the season. These steps will improve air circulation around the plants and aid in the drying of foliage. With so much variety, it may be hard to sort through the pros and cons of each viburnum. No fungicides are recommended for the control of fungal cankers, but pruning wounds may be sprayed for protection with a benzimidazole fungicide, such as thiophanate methyl (see Table 1 for specific products). Rake up and destroy infected fallen leaves. If this document didn’t answer your questions, please contact HGIC at [email protected] or 1-888-656-9988. Damage to the foliage begins on the lower leaf surface where feeding begins, but as populations increase, the upper leaf surface is fed upon as well. Bayer BioAdvanced 3-in-1 Insect, Disease & Mite Control Conc. When a shrub dies from Armillaria root rot, the large roots in the vicinity of the trunk as well as the trunk itself should be removed and destroyed. Often the spots appear raised and velvety with feathered edges. COVID-19 Extension Updates and Resources ... More Information », Factsheet | HGIC 2057 | Updated: Jan 13, 2020 | Print | Download (PDF).

Prevention & Control: For successful control, treatments should be directed at the adult weevils. Virburnum, available in both evergreen and deciduous forms, is a popular shrub that offers many benefits for home gardeners.

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