Among the candidates in the crowded race are Joel Engardio, a journalist who owns a home with his husband at Park Merced and who is active in an anti-crime group and with SF Moderates and has the past support of the Yimbys; and Myrna Melgar, executive director of the Jamestown Community Center who was president of the Planning Commission but is stepping down to run for office. The pandemic has helped remind all of us how important every type of family is to our city. If Nguyen’s main selling point to District 7 is his 10-year residency there and that appears to be fiction, then what was the purpose of the recent move from District 11? DONATE.

Nguyen told the crowd that “the rumors about me are true: I am a public defender.” He said that “I am against crime,” and that the justice system works best when the prosecution, the defense, and the judiciary all do their jobs to work for justice.


Vilaska Nguyen for Supervisor 2020 is responsible for this Page. Our neighborhoods are singular and architecturally unique and need to be preserved for future generations. In a February 13, 2020 48hills piece, editor Tim Redmond wrote that Vilaska Nguyen, a “public defender who coaches girls’ basketball at a Catholic school and has lived in D7 (District 7) for ten years announced today that’s he’s running for supervisor.” Nguyen has assembled a big … she oversaw, and recently applauded, the choice of Rich Hillis, Foreign Correspondent: Reaction to coronavirus is overblown. Alida Fisher for Board of Education 2020. Sup. Brandon Harami, CDP Progressive Caucus Bay Area Vice Chair. Vilaska’s parents fled the communist army during the fall of Saigon and emigrated to the United States.

A public defender who coaches girls’ basketball at a Catholic school announced today that’s he’s running for supervisor. There’s one problem: the Otsego Avenue address is in District 11, conflicting with the 10-year District 7 standing that Nguyen proudly touts. The rents just keep rising, homelessness keeps getting worse, petty crime is on the rise, and now we’re hearing about corruption scandals in City Hall from the very people who have failed to keep the streets clean. Since Avalos and Nguyen see eye-to-eye on city issues, it would also be politically beneficial should they both be victorious. Related Pages.


It’s a stretch to say someone like Nguyen knows more about what District 7 needs after residing there (presumably) for six months than a candidate who has lived there for years or even decades. The Public School teachers have endorsed him because he'll prioritize reopening our schools safely, equitably, and as quickly as possible.

Without strong, healthy families we won’t have a strong, healthy city. The codification of district elections was also designed to weaken large, well-funded citywide campaigns that were dominating the Board of Supervisors’ races at the expense of community interests. On August 28, 2018, Nguyen contributed to Jeff Adachi’s campaign for Public Defender listing he resided in the 94112 zip code. He told the crowd that when he came up with that slogan, “a lot of people said it sounded conservative. As a city employee, Nguyen received his employee mail at the Otsego Avenue address.

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Paid for by Vilaska Nguyen for Supervisor 2020  Financial disclosures are available at Yet he has obtained the top SF Labor Council endorsement and a host of others from labor groups, including CNA, SEIU 1021, AFT 2121, United Educators of San Francisco, and Teamsters Joint Council 7.

Norman Yee will leave office due to term limits, and the D7 seat will be a crucial battleground: Yee has often worked with the progressives, who now have a super-majority on the board.

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In a February 13, 2020 48hills piece, editor Tim Redmond wrote that Vilaska Nguyen, a “public defender who coaches girls’ basketball at a Catholic school and has lived in D7 (District 7) for ten years announced today that’s he’s running for supervisor.”. is the official publication of the non-profit San Francisco Progressive Media Center. Politician.

Carpetbagging – Seeking political election in an area where one has no local connections. 48hills is proud to host the SF Bay Guardian Best of the Bay 2019! He moved in less than a year ago.

The city family is a Machiavellian tragedy. I asked Nguyen what he thought about Mayor Breed’s new planning director, and he told me that the decision was “abhorrent.

Public Figure. Vilaska Nguyen While I knew of Murase based on her school board tenure, I never even heard of Vilaska Nguyen prior to seeing his candidate announcement.

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