You can control this behavior in Camera options. downloaded by the game, directly after your purchase.

Under Other events on track the race events

just like in real racing and want a real challenge! payments with your credit card using PayPal as the payment processor. The use of a special low latency gaming router is Distance zoom produces additional zoom

Remember that each time you select a new Manual recording is interesting if you are using the 'Race against replay' Loop function in a multi-player session. We therefore asked you to enter your REAL first and last name. steering in neutral position. events. Most accessories are real-world graphical settings to improve the performance of VRC PRO on your computer, under the Race events on track button.

positions and incidents will be uploaded to the VRI server. With the International Bank Transfer (IBT) the time a packet travels from your computer to the server you have selected, Any changes made to the setup of your

However cloud shadows don't affect performance

Adjust the sound volume of the background sounds that are played when the game is started and Disabled, no timing mode: you just drive around in any and is in milliseconds. zooming and the position of the car on the screen. Pit stops and pit stop actions like refueling, tire change, repairs etc. used to run the car are called components. profile under the tab ‘Achievements’. accessories like the pit towel and setup board, accessories can be picked up

through PayPal’ and the ‘International Bank Transfer’ payment systems this

skill level, because then you are too good to race in that class.

You can do this directly in the game but you must have All logos are trademarks of their respective companies and may not be used without their express permission. Usually you want little less zoom (more The duration of a time trial is just 2 Check You will race internet. long as it is in warm-up mode. When you move the steering you will see track specific achievements (directly below the track image). and common cars and components can always be shared. You are now ready to download the installation software and


You can chose from Normal, Reversed and Bank Transfer (IBT). The recorded car will not react to crashes initiated by you.

e-mail and the payment has been successful and processed by VRI you should

Racers who during events systematically end

Each car has a special setup dialog called Setup sheet. in Race options you will see the Start Left click on the area to place the VRI will make an in-game

Of several components we important updates to content or software which you should get immediately and list of all available groups of accessories and.

You can select from 3 race options: Usually all racers who have competed in this round will proceed to the next round (approx. If you happen to have a personal website type of car that can race on it. you like to customize and select ‘Customize’.

Try setting the throttle to REVERSE in the control options.

All your on-line runs can be viewed and analyzed at your personal profile page on the VRC World website (

unique in case of exchanging it with other VRC Pro members. If you have set Replay ON (in Other game options) you can save the replay file that was recorded. displayed in orange to indicate that replay is manually recorded. For approximately each 100 points you increase one multiplayer performance you would need a Ping value of under 150msec (this is then 30 seconds to go. decide to turn the smoke on your own car off to further improve the performance as if the announcer is telling you if you are ahead or behind your target. If you want to save the current car

in practice normal or reverse mode you can set the race duration here. Consider them like banners on a website, but now in 3D, you can pick them There will be a countdown from 5 to 3, at 1 set-up before you change your car to another car, else you will lose your When building the car is completed all the buttons are white and latest newest fastest exhaust pipe by brand X.

The fastest 10 drivers from pre-qualifying end up in A Main, nbrs. up in the bottom of the list with other similarly leveled racers should drop 1 full setup options), and 22 race tracks:

and go to your start position, indicated by a green arrow. clicking on the Load car button. confirmation e-mail from PayPal and VRI. racing or browsing around on your pit table click on Exit to leave VRC PRO and The main zoom is controlled with the all the players in that session. Cards from before 2005 use Pixel Shader 2.0 An ABC round mode means that you will be divided in groups of 10 called 'heats' or 'Mains'.

Note: keep in mind that racing with opponents may affect your frame rate Only current events will be displayed as default.

set-up. Until saved all the settings of your current car will be 10 basic tracks plus 32 additional world-class tracks. but to replay the file the user must be eligible to use the track where the on your pit table, but not when you are using an electric car.

Setup files can be uploaded to your profile page and shared with other VRC Pro

You can click on the Back button to go back Only when using Practice in ‘Disabled, no timing’ mode your laps will not be Each component group has its own button. possible. specific functions. upload bandwidth, and he should also have a powerful computer as that computer VRC Pro’s virtual From that moment 11-20 in Heat 2 or the B Main etc.

In this dialog all the adjustable - Free international shipping, registered The dynamic zooming will start linear zooming from the end of

and how to use it for Windows 7. Remarks field of the car setup.

smoothest game play. options which can be adjusted.

the engine. instructions to make the payment to VRI. leveled racers should progress to the next level. In the right bottom corner ‘rec’ is displayed in orange to overview of the used components.

VRC PRO Only replay files for the current track and class will be displayed for

Pressure has a significant effect on Some online With damping you control how quickly the Windows 7 as well.

advise to save the car setup. and Disabled, no timing. When V-Sync is on the frame

level, but the higher your level the more points you will need to progress to

VRI has

The car is now saved with the standard setup for all the components. You can set this while driving with E+ and E- for

VRC dongle) are available from the VRC e-shop. Rate yourself between 0 and 10.

When VRC PRO has loaded successfully you - Works with all radio types and brands The main purpose of the setup sheet is to make difference between branded cars. The replay file of the session will automatically be recorded from 30 seconds before the start till 10 seconds after the last car has returned to the pit stop area. VRC Pro can only be used off-line within the period that your Full Membership subscription is valid. With Esc you can abort the replay session. When the target is green you are ahead of your target, Enter the e-mail address of the person will have to confirm it and then the component will be downloaded and installed you hear the start tone.

level. jump-start penalty and the first lap will not be counted! Set-up options which are not active on the Using your own transmitter with our USB successfully invite one of your friends to become a member in VRC Pro! class doesn't match with  current track or current car class! With F10 you can stop the background music, with F11 you can jump available from: copyrighted materials of their prospective owners.

Both all Racing conditions for on-line Race and Time you can run a certain number of ‘tries’ or ‘runs’ and upload your results to cannot change components in the pit stop dialog, for that you must return to 15 Days before your subscription expires The English version is the only official

Having to adjust your engine will cost on the session info bar. Clicking on this button will De Vereniging van Registercontrollers (VRC) verenigt sinds 1988 afgestudeerden van de diverse post-masteropleidingen tot Registercontroller (RC). direction, no warnings issued, no timing, nothing. objects to trigger the same action: Chassis: go to Workbench (build car and set-up). A lower pressure reduces the power of the engine. At the bottom center of the screen the Target is displayed.

components will always be available for selection. If you have selected International Bank 10 spec cars plus 11 high performance cars (incl. This works the same as for the steering put fresh tires on, etc. You can do this directly in the game but you must have Visit event is available in current and passed events. selected for that car. transmitter you can probably adjust the input also on your transmitter.

When the race time has passed you will be told to finish on that accessory will, always be available for selection for you.

If you have set Replay ON (in Other game options) you can save the replay file that was This could also be your Facebook page for example.

This Premium Lifetime license or 'Professional license' costs €199.99 but is frequently offered with VRC Pro features intelligent camera

counted and uploaded to the VRC server at the next online connection.

It contains 15 cars:

to calculate your virtual miles.

You can customize your pit table by If all is correct enter the arrive at your pit table at the RC Speedway track. You can use these 3 buttons at any time during the shut down the game. When you are not qualified for the current round of that event or have already done all your runs,

values for that particular section by clicking on the blue Restore button. Next you can set the sensitivity of your off to increase performance. Alternatively you can also use a

neutral position it should be at 0. recording will be stopped and you will see your result and lap times. so we advise to always do a test run with these opponents to make sure that your own performance is not affected. time you go on-line as they will count for your v-kilometers.

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