Be sure to read up about the models features and style on our research and comparison pages. Fuel economy is obviously not as good as the TDI, but pretty respectable. Take a look at the 2017 Wolfsburg trim.

We'd see 550-600 mile range on the TDI, but the TSI is giving us about 350-400 miles. In more technical terms, the TSI stands for “turbocharged stratified injection,” while TDI stands for “turbocharged direct injection. It's packed with a ton of features for the price. I haven't driven the Golf 1.8T (just the GSW), so I would expect it to be a little peppier due in fact to the 300lb or so weight difference. As a former TDI owner, that would be my pick with the current gas prices. When you’re standing outside the TDI and TSI Volkswagen models, you’ll notice that they look exactly the same. With the TSI there is a sweet spot for throttle input if you want excellent fuel economy. A little faster off the line, a little slower in highway pulls, but not a deal-breaker in my opinion.

a pari allestimento il TDI costa 1.200 euro in più,ma quello che mi preoccupa di più sono le numerose problematiche sul FAP e DPF presenti sui motori diesel. The A3's DSG was simply silky smooth and it's noticeable when going back to it from the TSI.

I have gone from upwards of 500 mile tanks to about 385. Regarding the transmission, I feel that VW have programmed the 6AT mated to the TSI to behave a lot like the DSG. First impressions is that off the line it is a little quicker, and generally performs close to my DSG TDI. If you can get a good deal, I'd get the TSI. Conosci la Redazione, Le prove degli ultimi modelli con dati e statistiche. I will, just waiting for my dealership to get the 2017s in stock. EDIT: also note that the TSI with 6AT tends to try to spend as little time as possible in 1st gear.

I can't recall how many times I would be waiting in line at a gas station for a diesel pump when there were 4 other stations open but people just happened to pull up to the two pumps that have a diesel option when filling their regular gasoline cars. The TSI model trim has a gas engine, while the TDI trim has a diesel engine. The A3 TDI shifting with the DSG is noticeably smoother compared to the Golf's even if the TSI automatic is "adequate" for the job. TL;DR: TSI vs TDI performance is not much different in the grand scheme. And the 6AT isn't a bad unit at all for an automatic. My wife drives a 2014 Jetta TSI with the 6 speed automatic. I like it, better off line than my Jetta and better tech package. Engaging sport mode seems to mitigate this (as well as in the DSG).

I think my TDI tends to string out 1st a little more, but could be due to the throttle input. It compares fairly well with the TDI. What are the Trim Options of the 2019 VW Jetta? I'm looking at the Golf TSI Wolfsburg on trade-in and am interested to hear from those of you whom have already test driven the TSI. Interior Technologies of the 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI. In more technical terms, the TSI stands for “turbocharged stratified injection,” while TDI stands for “turbocharged direct injection. I programmi ufficiali delle case - Come smacherare i trucchi - Che cosa controllare ... Avviamento - Climatizzazione - Freni - Frizione - Interni - Luce - Rumori auto - ... La revisione periodica - Costi e sanzioni, Il centro protesi INAIL - Guida - Acquisto - Traposto - Domande frequenti, Totale: 456 (membri: 8, ospiti: 379, robots: 69), (Per rispondere devi entrare o registrarti. In general, just feels easier to get the performance out of the TDI. What Exterior Color Options are on the 2020 Volkswagen Arteon? Fuel economy so far is better than expected (only 4 fill-ups so far though). - opinioni e discussioni sul Forum di Quattroruote. cosi mi hanno detto in concessionaria WW,poi i km stimati sarebbere ttra i 15000 /18000 all'anno, e l'auto vorrei tenerla per un bel pò. You can skip to the end and leave a response. On long trips we've been able to achieve the EPA specified 36 MPG highway. Noise and vibration levels TSI - when idling, nice and quiet, no vibration in the vehicle. Cookies help us deliver our Services. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. ), Tutti i diritti riservati - All rights reserved. Granted, I think the DSG is slightly quicker with shifts, but it doesn't hamper the 6AT at all. We'd see 550-600 mile range on the TDI, but the TSI is giving us about 350-400 miles.

The TSI model trim has a gas engine, while the TDI trim has a diesel engine.

The TSI doesn't have as much torque, but it accelerates quicker than the TDI due to the extra horsepower. The added horsepower and the traditional gasoline engine that comes on the 2016 Golf TSI makes it a perfect vehicle for small families and adventurous drivers.

This is exactly what I was hoping to hear! Funny thing, i drove it once, and on a spirited start i noticed a little torque steer, which is surprising since my TDI with the DSG (and was tuned at one point) didn't experience torque steer. Here are my observations thus far: The only major difference I notice in terms of powertrain is the DSG. 2013 Volkswagen Passat: What's the Difference Between the Passat TSI and TDI? Test drove a tsi about a week ago. I have driven many other cars with automatic transmissions, and most all seem to be much more delayed in shifting. Ma IL 1.2 105 CV si puo avere su ordinazione!!! These are the differences between the TDI and TSI trim levels of the Volkswagen lineup, and what it means for you. BUT, the fuel tank is smaller! The 2016 Golf TDI on the other hand, offers more torque. If you look at the 2016 Golf TSI model, it is more affordable than the TDI and offers slightly more horsepower. Read More: Horsepower and Torque for 2016 Volkswagen Golf R. If you are interested in taking the 2016 Volkswagen Golf for a test drive, we are here to help! Usa le virgolette per cercare frasi complete (es. Watch Queue Queue. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. "Prove su strada Quattroruote"). Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! Granted, this 1.8T is having to haul around the extra weight of the wagon vs. the hatchback, but still seems competent in normal driving.

You definitely got more mpg and more miles per tank than I got in my 2011 Golf TDI, so I'm hoping the difference is the TSI is even less noticeable. December 23, 2013.

My wife will primarily be driving it until I turn the Jetta in in mid-2018 but I have driven it around and we took it on a road trip with the kids. I went from a 2011 Audi A3 TDI to the 2016 Golf TSI 1.8L. This video is unavailable. The trim levels and options can make shopping confusing, so we are here to help. Read More: 2016 vs 2015 Golf. Watch Queue Queue What Trim Levels are on the 2020 Volkswagen Arteon? on Sunday, June 5th, 2016 at 10:26 pm and is filed under Comparisons.

My husband and I both have Golf TDI's (2011, one DSG and one 6MT). While it may sound like I am somewhat neutral when comparing the two, overall I am much happier in the new TSI for its up to date features compared to my 2011 Audi A3 TDI, the quieter and more comfortable ride, and being able to use any darn gas pump I want. Fuel economy is less, but not that much less if you don't lead foot and drive like a "sane" human being. Even if the fuel economy is only perhaps 15% less than the TDI, the TSI's tank is also smaller than my A3. the 6AT seems to shift smooth and effortless. uso la macchina prevalentemente in città con percorsi brevi e frequenti,e sono sui 15.000 km. I bought a 2016 Passat tsi to replace my 2013 Jetta. Home » Comparisons » Differences Between Volkswagen TDI and TSI Trim. When you have a hard time remembering which one is which, think of the D in TDI meaning that it has the diesel engine.

This is pretty conservative driving. I don't feel like the Golf lacks anything in power or acceleration in everyday driving compared to the TDI. BUT, the fuel tank is smaller!

But normal driving? Convinced me that I'll most likely have one in my next VW. The differences are found under the hood. With so many different Volkswagen vehicles available these days, it can be tough to decide which one is the right fit for you. TSI o TDI? I was considering going GTI for DSG, but I don't think it'll be worth the $5k more price tag. The EA888 1.8T is a fine engine. At first glance it might look as though our two Passats are identical. Higher gear pulls (like a 5-6 pull on the highway) are not as fast as in the TDI (not as much torque), but it's really not that noticeable. What Color Options are on the 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI? I got a 2014 Jetta TSI as a rental car for a week or two, and this pretty much sums up my overall experience as well.

Doesn't need to be revved as hard. When it comes to engine specs, there are a variety of differences between the diesel and gasoline engines, but we’ll use the 2016 Volkswagen Golf as an example.

Scopri i contenuti del numero in edicola >, Clicca qui per accedere ai contatti Separa i nomi degli utenti con una virgola. Don't bury the throttle at every start and the fuel economy will be there. He just bought a 2015 Golf SportWagen with the 1.8T and 6AT and parked his TDI. I miss the range of the TDI.

The GSW has a 13.2 gal tank, while the Golf TDI has a 14.5 gal tank. Total range of the car, though is noticeably less. What are the New Trim Levels of the 2019 Volkswagen Passat? Here is my fuelly, doing mostly back road and highway driving, though some of that highway driving can still end up being in stop and go traffic. The GSW has a 13.2 gal tank, while the Golf TDI has a 14.5 gal tank.

Read on to see which trim is the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

It's a nice engine. Going from a 140hp/240tq engine to a 170hp/200tq engine, did you notice the difference in power? è il solito dilemma che mi perseguita da quando ho deciso che ta qualche mese prenderò la polo,TSI o TDI? If you slam the throttle from dead stop, you will see that slight hesitation that is experienced in the DSG (from the engaging clutch packs).

We're seeing about 32-37mpg in mixed driving (vs. 38-44mpg of the TDI). Note that we are using premium gas (as recommended by VW). Differences Between Volkswagen TDI and TSI Trim. When revved hard, gets very noisy compared to the TDI. TDI - when idling a little vibration can be felt but is really quiet for a diesel inside the cabin. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. diciamo la verità non ne posso piu per i consumi esagerati. The differences are found under the hood. We want to help you drive home in the perfect car for you, and it all starts with a test drive here at VW of Kingston. Regarding the transmission, I feel that VW have programmed the 6AT mated to the TSI to behave a lot like the DSG. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

My Golf feels much more refined overall and is a smoother and much quieter ride. In normal city driving, it'll get to about 2k-2.5k RPM and then shift to 2nd. How was the gas mileage compared to your TDI? Wow, what a great detailed review. This entry was posted 3 Tips to Prepare Your Model for Winter 2020 in Kingston NY. It's still a very capable highway car. This makes me happy to hear. Pinging is currently not allowed. I may get one assuming VW offers a decent incentive to stick with the brand once the buybacks start. Total range of the car, though is noticeably less. Swing by a dealer and take one for a spin.

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