Third, the United States’ views toward drugs are one of the main causes that U.S. prisons are being overpopulated.

In Ron Paul’s farewell speech to the congress in 2012, he asks, “Why haven’t we given up on the drug war since it’s an obvious failure and violates the people’s rights? The War on Drugs, declared in the 1970s by President Richard Nixon, primarily targeted nonviolent drug offenders and resulted in unprecedented growth of the U.S. penal system and has been criticized for […], Economic Effects of the War on Drugs on Poor Minority Families Introduction Since the onset of the war on drugs, the U.S. has held one of the world’s highest rate of incarceration, with over 41.6% of inmates under a federal drug offense sentence (Federal Bureau of Prisons, 2018). Why Is Marijuana Legalized In Some States And Not Others? Copyright © 2020 - IvyPanda is a trading name of Edustream Technologies LLC, a company registered in Wyoming, USA. The war on drugs that the United States government tends to use on its own citizens has proven that war is not an applicable option anymore. Each time, I heard a shot. Today’s Drug laws seem to do more harm than good. Outline Thesis Statement: There is no doubt that the usage and misusage of drugs can alter the lives of users and others around them. Drugs Issues in the United States . Has nobody noticed that the authorities can’t even keep drugs out of the prisons?”. This essay on America’s War on Drugs was written and submitted by your fellow student.

Drugs have always been prevalent in the United States, however the epidemic became an all-out war during the 1960’s when former President Richard M. Nixon was in office ( Several researches have proven the mistakes of the government in classifying cannabis as illegal with no medicinal value and attacking it by a war it’s not supposed to be in. C. Criminal justice system problems. In 2017, over 72,000 Americans died due to drug overdose (National Institute on Drug Abuse).

Sexual Slavery and Prostitution During WWII and US Occupation in Japan, Terrorists and the Left and Right: Definitions & Examples. Essay Sample: This research titled 'The impact of Duterte's war on drugs on the perceived safety of Filipino inhabitants and the impact on the regime's legitimacy' is a Free essays Find topic What makes this people’s claim irrelevant is that the market is full of other legal drugs that can alleviate pain. It has also been an ineffective deterrence of any kind. One-third of state prison inmates have committed drug-related offenses. As discussed previously, a controlled, organized and studied format can prove that marijuana legalization holds benefits over the alleged disadvantages. This is just a sample. Drugs have been around since prehistoric times as “times lacking written history”, the first drugs known to historians were alcohol and marijuana.

It increases problems like crime and punishment and problems between countries.

Remember. However, their efforts have been hampered by people who claim that banning the drugs goes against the constitution call for the protection of human rights. 28 May. 63 million arrests in 2010. However, the “War on Drugs” is more of a failure than success and one of the most effective solutions is, ironically, legalizing the light drug, marijuana, and distinguishing it from other illicit drugs being sold on the streets. Adding to that, the incarceration of first time drug possessors could lead to serious repercussion of the violator and the family members. As for the problems that rise from the criminal justice system, Ron Paul questions “ How can making our entire society a prison solve the problem?

By organizing demonstrations to call for the legalization of drugs, what these people are trying to do is to take the attention of the authorities off their back. This is what the war […], Thesis: The war on drugs has disproportionately incarcerated people of color. The war on drugs has yet to reduce the amount of drugs on the street and reduce drug use.

As for the society’s sacrifice in that war, many casualties have been reported due to some errors and/or corruption in the system of the law enforcement directed towards the handling of the drug war. After that reformation, placing the marijuana system in a similar way, controlling it from its production till its dispersal and everything that goes in between to developing an alarming attitude and public awareness towards the exploitation and first use of this drug, would work. . … I said, Sir, please! Over half of imprisoned […], Abstract   This media analysis paper will follow the war on drugs, sweeping across our nation. Since taking office on June 30, 2016, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has carried out a “war on drugs” that has led to the deaths of over 12,000 Filipinos to date, mostly urban poor. Today various failures, whether it is the huge amount of money being spent erroneously or the increasing number of crimes and users, one thing is for sure; the war on drugs has fallen short. After this awareness citizens from all over the world have been fighting their governments demanding a reform on policies towards the failing drug war. I believe that the government can look for other ways of raising revenue without legalizing the harmful drugs.

Though the Justice Department is cracking down on drug dealers, some cities and states […], Abstract The war on drugs hasn’t just started, but the time is now to get it under control.

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